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In Governor Phil Murphy’s latest assault on gun rights in one of America’s most restrictive states, New Jersey is rushing to push through a dozen new gun control measures. Fresh off an unexpectedly close call at the polls, Murphy now wants to . . .

  • Set aside $10 million in the current budget to fund gun violence intervention programs
  • Require gun permit applicants to first pass as safety course
  • Mandate that all guns not in use be kept in a lockbox or gun safe
  • Increase the purchasing age for a firearm to 21, from 18
  • Mandate microstamping technology so that fired rounds can be traced
  • Require ammunition sales to be tracked electronically
  • Ban .50-caliber weapons
  • Close what Murphy called a loophole that allows those moving to the state to not have to meet New Jersey’s requirements to get a gun
  • Make it easier to hold gun manufacturers liable for violence stemming from the use of firearms
  • Direct the state Education Department to overhaul active shooter drills to minimize the stress on students
  • Hold a gun safety summit among governors
  • Convene a gun safety commission within the state

Among the list of new restrictions, the “New Jersey Safe Storage of Firearms Act” would require that Jerseyites “store or secure a firearm that is not in use,” and “store ammunition, SEPARATELY, in a securely locked box,” when they are in your home.

S3757 and the state assembly version of the bill, A5647, would ensure that criminals are the only people in the Garden State with easy access to their guns. In a nutshell, your home protection firearm will need to stay locked up when “not in use.”

Those three words — “not in use” — leave a lot open to interpretation and potentially make law-abiding citizens criminals in their own homes.

Phil Murphy
New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy (AP Photo/Seth Wenig)

The scenario would go something like this. As a home invader kicks down your door, you need to unlock one box to access your gun and then a second box for your ammunition. If it then isn’t too late, you’ll then be ready to protect yourself and your family.

In short, if Governor Murphy and New Jersey’s legislature get their way, they’ll make it easier for an intruder to have a loaded gun in your home than it will be for you.

Governor Phil Murphy has stated he will sign the legislation which could be voted on as soon as Monday. You don’t have much time to voice your opposition.

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  1. OK and last month Democratic New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy narrowly won his re-election. That should tell him that he needs to change direction. Yet they still want to pass more gun control?? I used to think these people were crazy. There not crazy they are part of a Cult that just wants to end American Citizenship and the rights enabled by the constitution.

    • Welcome to the “Gavin Newsom School of Election Survival” class.

      I see how the bullet points outlined in the article for NJ are already law in CA:

      * Require gun permit applicants to first pass as safety course
      * Mandate that all guns not in use be kept in a lockbox or gun safe
      * Increase the purchasing age for a firearm to 21, from 18
      * Mandate microstamping technology so that fired rounds can be traced
      * Require ammunition sales to be tracked electronically
      * Ban .50-caliber weapons

      Methinks Gov Murphy wants to be just like Gov Newsom when he grows up.

        • Hmm. I might need some clarification as to what a “permit” means in NJ. Here in CA, a simple test (as you state) is required before the purchase of a gun. However, to get a permit (generally known as a CCW in CA), you must pass a safety course. I had to take such a course earlier this year. My fifth such course in 2021 alone due to various applications and reasons.

          CA just sux, period.

        • LEAVE. limitless available jobs in every free state in the US. There is NO valid reason to squat in Kommiefornia (for the last 30yrs)

  2. There is a little bit of good news on this.
    According to the ANJRPC (New Jersey’s rifle and pistol association) today,
    “December 16, 2021. In response to a sustained outcry from gun owners, the Senate Law and Public Safety Committee today dropped the so-called “safe storage” bill from its agenda, signaling that support for that horrific bill is waning among legislators. The bill (S3757) blocked self-defense inside the home and blatantly violated the Supreme Court’s ruling in the Heller case, which both affirmed and protected that fundamental right.”

    However, there are still a dozen more of Governor Murphy’s anti-gun bills in progress. He’s probably preparing himself to run for president as the “anti-gun-est” of all the anti-gun Democrats, even more anti-gun than Commiefornia governor Gavin Newsom or disgraced NY ex-governor Andrew Cuomo!

  3. So does anyone make a lock box big enough for my pallets of ammunition? Oh never mind I forgot I don’t live in or will visit New Jersey ever again.

    • “So does anyone make a lock box big enough for my pallets of ammunition?”

      Where do you live, and when are you not home? (Shamelessly stolen from Ralph)… 😉

    • Good. Stay out. We don’t want you here. Same goes for you Geoff PR. We have enough fat, mentally deficient dotards already!

      • “Good. Stay out. We don’t want you here.”

        You lose, as usual. I was there a few weeks back, and will return in a few months.

        What are you gonna do about it, little boy with nothing between his spindly legs? 😉

      • A Proud Jersey Resident Not to worry. We know you are mentally deficient. Just look at who you elected as a “governor.” He brings “retard” a whole brand new meaning.
        Tell us how your gin control laws stop crime. ROFLMAOBT!

    • Good. Stay out. We don’t want you here. Same goes for you Geoff. We have enough fat, mentally deficient dotards already!

      • You live in Jersey?

        I’d like to buy you a beer in a few weeks when I’m up there.

        Got the balls to meet me in person? 🙂

        • Why, do you want to kick them? Tell me where and when, and I’ll be there! But I don’t drink because unlike you I admit I’m an alcoholic.

      • A Proud Jersey Resident I suggest that you get some medication for your paranoia. The state of “New Jersey” is a vile, corrupt place. Crossing over from NYC, you can detect the difference in the air. It stinks. I can tell you that I don’t go to “New Jersey” under any circumstances. Your laws border on ludicrious. Tell me how your “gun control” laws prevent crime?

    • The ammunition question makes me laugh. Do these fools understand that some folks will take their freshly bought ammo right out and shoot it all up within a year? Do they know that other people will put that shiny new ammo into a safe, where it will stay for the next 30 years? And best of all, do they understand that in either case there will be no notification to those keeping all these “records”? I’d guess that after 10 years or so, they would be maintaining these magical records on over a trillion rounds of ammo, most of which has already been consumed, never to be seen again. But the records would live on forever. A stupider goal is difficult to imagine. After 20-30 years, the cost of maintaining trillions of records which have never prevented a crime and have never solved a crime, will topple the system and that will be that. But it would cost hundreds of billions of dollars of taxpayer money to get there, unless you simply THINK for a damn minute, and discover how stupid the idea is.

  4. “Among the list of new restrictions, the “New Jersey Safe Storage of Firearms Act” would require that Jerseyites “store or secure a firearm that is not in use,” and “store ammunition, SEPARATELY, in a securely locked box,” when they are in your home.”

    Or, you could think of it as; They want people to carry their guns at home so they will be in use.


    • a firearm remaining prepared and available for self/home defense is a firearm in use. So, for example, a firearm in the bedside table drawer not in a ‘secured’ locked storage container at night while you roam around dreamland is a firearm in use but a firearm that is locked away in ‘secure’ storage is not a firearm in use.

      • Some version of that concept is often in use up here in NY, typically a holster is about all that is needed but knowing your county/municipal police/prosecutor’s opinions is a good idea to minimize questions to answer.

      • This bill was probably modeled in part on a San Francisco ordinance (that passed muster with the Ninth Circuit–no surprise there–and was denied review by SCOTUS) provided that the firearm had to be on one’s person in order to qualify as “in use.” (LA has a very similar ordinance.) So to be in compliance, you literally have to wear your gun to bed and take it with you into the shower. Also, the ordinance, which is intended to keep firearms out of the hands of minors, applies even to people who have no children in or visiting the home, and even to single people.

      • And ammunition which the ammunition manufacturer sealed with lacquer, varnish, or similar (for shower carry).

        Yes, ammunition manufacturers make such ammunition. The idea behind such ammunition is to maximize its reliability for hunting or self-defense in a firearm that is subject to humidity, fog, rain, and even sweat.

        • Clear nail polish does the trick too.
          I’ve done a few dives in Florida where Glock 17s and Walther PPQs were used to reduce the invasive Lionfish infestation.
          Vids of shooting lionfish are available on YouTube.

      • Right. If you are carrying it, you are using it. The Right to Keep and BEAR Arms is the point. Apparently Murphy’s staff failed to read the Constitution. It doesn’t say the Right to Shoot People You Disagree With. Unfortunately in some cases, maybe that should have been written, but, alas, it’s not there. Because the 1A was written and included first. At least, however, we use it too, which is exactly how we defend our 2A rights. If you are reading this, you are actually doing that – right now.

        Not shooting a computer or cell phone in disagreement. ; )

        Much of MURPHY’S LAWS will not be enacted simply because they are out of bounds with current case law and would overturn a lot of other allied issues. Keep your ammo locked up in a safe? Then the safety nazis can demand that Rx drugs, under the sink chemicals, gasoline, even rope be locked up. Someone might make a noose or something, and as we know, that is now called political violence. Many of these bills are political grandstanding and playing to the voter base, like, MO passing a No Cooperating with the Feds on Gun Laws. I’m old enough to know what is really happening and that one is just window dressing. So are many of Murphy’s Laws.

        “Murphy’s Laws” needs to be used in NJ to characterize this pandering.

  5. Need a bill that will hold politicians liable for the purported affect of their bills. Parents also need to be liable for the actions of their underage offspring……ala Kenosha, WI parents now in jail under charges.

    • If parents are liable for their poorly-behaved children’s actions, then aren’t politicians liable for poorly-behaved citizens’ actions?

      Lock ‘em up, I say.

    • The purpose of the bill is to ban all new semiauto pistols from being sold, since no pistols containing microstamping technology exist, even though California passed a similar bill that went into effect in May 2013. I seem to recall, though, that NJ already has a microstamping law on the books, one that requires all pistols to incorporate microstamping when ANY pistol with microstamping is generally available for sale anywhere in the US.

  6. Gun owners should march on Murphy’s private residence and then see how quickly he calls his security detail to protect himself. Then they should point out that they don’t have the luxury of having a security detail and since the police can almost never respond in a timely fashion that is why they need their own firearms.

  7. The micro stamping and tracking ammo is bad, the rest we could work around .
    Gunms not in use need to be locked up.
    Most of mine are holding down the floor or a novelty decoration.
    The thing I see is if one gets stole or used in a bad then youd better have a busted safe when they check you out, elsewise your tit will be in a wringer.

  8. The Sig P-220 within arms reach, the S&W 442 in my pocket as well as all other firearms in my house outside my safe ARE in use. Defending my home.

  9. NJ Gov. Phil Murphy is a raving lunatic. Not one of these proposals will do a damn thing to prevent “gun violence”. First of all a gun is an inanimate object incapable of violence. Second, we do not have a ‘gun violence” problem. We DO have a violent people problem.
    The solution? Strict enforcement of the law. Enhanced sentences made MANDATORY for any crime where the perpetrator used any kind of firearm.

  10. Guess I’m an ignorant, unsofisticated old fart out here in flyover country. But, can anyone explaine how any of these proposed laws will somehow prevent anyone of criminal mindset from getting a gun or other weapon? Or somehow prevent said criminal from committing an act of violence?

    • The bad laws and political mandates do nothing but hamstring legal owners. Good laws and mandates only work when the law-abiding decide to obey them. Bad laws are made to be ignored by good people and in this situation, Murphy’s bureaucratic laws and mandates do nothing but create a situation that incentivizes lawlessness while punishing the good and moral people out there.
      The kicker? Murphy doesn’t care and he’s said so himself it’s all about the agenda, citizens be damned. “People of the gun” who DO care and have the means should leave NJ and never look back.

  11. I have relatives that are stuck behind enemy lines in NJ, unfortunately the business they own is not one you can easily pick up and move.

    • At some point it may come to picking up and leaving – at a loss.
      Murphy doesn’t care, he’s a privileged billionaire with international properties who doesn’t give a tin sh*t about small business or privately-owned enterprises outside the ones that contribute fees to the government or put cash in his kickback racket. COVID rules and lockdowns proved that, as well as his statements about not caring if citizens left as the cost of living increased.
      Unfortunately, I live here but I won’t be retiring in NJ. I will eventually leave and enjoy watching from afar as the “Garbage State” implodes financially. Someone else can pay the taxes and fees in my stead.

  12. Does a remote controlled shotgun on a Rumba count being in use? Asking for a friend behind enemy lines.

  13. NJ has an ignorant voter problem. The nerve of those people voting again for a sicko kkk nazi Gun Control pos.

  14. The Left has always wanted to control what you can and can’t do in your own bedroom. And the same thing goes for every other room in your home.

  15. I don’t care what NJ or those other Un-American States inflict on their citizens. It’s their problem, not mine. The resident sheeple could fix it if they wanted to, but apparently they don’t.

  16. All safe storage laws are a violation of the rights of parents. No one has a right to tell parents whether or not they can expose their children to firearms. And allow them access tothe guns when the parents believe their own children are mature enough.

    Most Parents allow their children to store deadly weapons in their own room. And there is nothing wrong with that. When the children have been educated, and disciplined with love, and the parents believe their children are mature enough for that responsibility.

  17. “New Jersey Safe Storage of Firearms Act”

    I’m totally surprised he didn’t just call it “Murphy’s Law”.

  18. I despise the storage laws. The Commierado legislature recently passed one too.
    Funny thing is, my guns are in a safe, and have been for years because I used to spend long periods away from home.
    I keep my staged guns in quick access boxes, 4 in total through the house.
    I am against anything our Overlords pronounce. Phuck ’em

  19. It seems to me that you’re all missing a wonderful opportunity.
    Add an amendment to the safe storage act requiring it to apply to all protection details. Maybe, the guard could have his sidearm on his person, but the ammunition must be secured in a locked box in the locked trunk of his locked car. Right? After all, we wouldn’t want any unfortunate unintended discharges to occur while in the presence of hizonor.

  20. Prepare a motion to enjoin this law, should it be passed, from being enforced based upon SCOTUS precedent having already held such a mandate unconstitutional.


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