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New Jersey isn’t the most restrictive state in the union where firearms freedom is concerned, but according to, they’re number three. With a bullet. Garden State gun grabbers have a raft of new bills moving toward Governor Phil Murphy’s desk which would further crack down on the state’s residents exercising their natural, civil and constitutional right to keep and bear arms.

But Governor Murphy is going the extra mile. He too has a phone and a pen and has issued a new executive order. Call it Murphy’s ‘Law.’

Starting in May, the New Jersey State Police and attorney general will post monthly reports online summarizing the prior month’s gun crimes. And every three months, they’ll publish information showing where guns trafficked into New Jersey came from.

Gov. Phil Murphy says the information is already collected and used internally by law enforcement but that residents will be able to see the direct impact on gun violence.

“And as painful as that may be, we’re going to shine a light on the data, at long last,” Murphy said at a Friday event at Martin Luther King Jr. Middle School.

New Jersey claims that 80% of the firearms used in crimes there come from other states. How does the Gov see the newly published data affecting other states that are fingered as sources of these guns?

“My gut tells me that if they’re on this list as a high source state, that that’s going to be a tough conversation between the chief executives,” Murphy said.

Maybe Murphy intends to prowl National Governors Association meetings, cameras in tow, buttonholing the governors of the offending states. That ought-a learn ’em.

Carole Stiller, president of the New Jersey Million Mom March chapters, said 90 percent of the guns used in crimes come from 5 percent of gun dealers. She said the Brady Campaign has tried for years to pressure them to change their practices and that the forthcoming data would help those efforts.

“When you have a gun dealer that all of a sudden his records for the ATF are showing that 200 and some guns are missing, those guns didn’t just walk out the door. They know what’s going on,” Stiller said. “So we’ve got to go after the gun dealers. So I think it’s going to be a big effect.”

Only one problem with Stiller’s “bad apple” gun dealer analysis. A federal firearms licensees that loses track of 20 guns — let alone 200 — doen’t stay in business long. They have their ticket pulled. Guns don’t just “fall off of trucks” or walk out the back door.

To the extent that other states’ guns end up in New Jersey, we’d lay odds that 98% of them were either stolen or the result of straw purchases (those crimes that the ATF has been simply too busy to do much about under the previous administration). Now, however, that may change.

Murphy, making his announcement in front of a captive middle school audience, tried to gin up his own mini Parkland kiddie movement.

Murphy said he’d be pleased if the availability of the gun-violence data spurred another round of activism by young people, as has happened around the country since the Feb. 14 shooting at a high school in Parkland, Florida.

“If it was done safely and the superintendent of the local school district or the principal weren’t upset, I sure wouldn’t mind seeing some of the young activism showing up at the state capitol and standing on their front step and saying, ‘Enough already,’” Murphy said. “That wouldn’t bother me, again if it was done safely and moms and dads were OK with that.”

Can’t you just see it? Sixth, seventh and eighth graders clamoring for…even more data! Your tax dollars at work, New Jersey.

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  1. How about we do a list of our own? Criminals with histories of gun crime and gun violence who are released on bond, paroled from prison, or given reduced sentences by having the gun charges thrown out…..who then go out and use guns to murder people….after democrat prosecutors and judges let them go….lets make that list and name the prosecutor and judges by name, and by state….that is the biggest factor in gun crime, not law abiding gun owners. According to actual research 90% of murderers have long histories of crime and violence, and 70-80% of their gun murder victims are also criminal with long histories of crime and violence…..and democrats keep letting these people out of jail….
    Lets make that list, shall we?

    That might be a nice new feature for Truth About guns…a running list of gun criminals released by democrat judges and prosecutors who then go out and murder people….

    • “…said 90 percent of the guns used in crimes come from 5 percent of gun dealers”

      Yep, the same group of folks who swore by the 40% with no background check figure, which has been quite debunked.

      Moral of the story: Keep lying until it is accepted as truth.

  2. A tough conversation between chief executives? How about this:

    “Dude, tell your folks to stop stealing our guns!!”

  3. Go ahead.

    And I’ll keep pointing out how Wyoming has the highest rate of firearms ownership and one of the lowest rates of crime (of any sort) in the 50 states.

    Two can play this game.

    • How did you folks manage to keep all of the blue-state carpet-baggers out? Your freedom loving neighbors to the North would like to know.

      • The blue state predators have actually taken over much of Cheyenne (capital), Laramie (university), and threaten the few other cities in Wyoming. They don’t care for the rest of the state pretty much because it is EMPTY, COLD, and the “boom and bust” economy keeps them off balance. They need a dependent, whiny and uneducated population base to keep their influence going. Wyoming people are much too busy minding their own business; working hard and taking care of their families and communities.

        • I wouldn’t call them predators…more like parasites. Or invaders. They’re the cultural equivalent of kudzu.

  4. Hopefully they will post the pictures of the “Gun Crime” perps. Let the public see the faces of those who are flooding New jersey with guns right there in black and…brown.

  5. I’d be surprised if most guns didn’t originate from other states because New Jersey is small and has low legal gun ownership rates. It’s not easy to rob a gun store, even though such are on the rise. I’d expect most guns to come from PA, Va, and Ny. Of course, it doesn’t really matter because “gun violence” is a moral and cultural thing. It’s almost like these Demoncrats believe it when they imply all would be rivers of chocolate and rainbows if all guns disappeared tomorrow. Which they never will.

  6. Hmmm… Methinks this may just shoot the good governor in the foot. Once he figures out most of those guns are stolen or straw purchased and then once he figures out most of the guys getting collared are repeat offenders…. lol nevermind this is Jersey we’re talkin about we already know that list is going to point the blame everywhere else and make no mention of how the gun was actually acquired just that it was sold in another state. We should go on and prepare for him to try to lump criminals with guns and gun owners together because we already know it’s gonna happen.

    • Do you really think he’s going to analyze that data and report on it? Please. Just look at the comment, yes not by him, blaming bad apple dealers. It will fit the narrative so much better to just utilize raw numbers withiout so much as a hint of analysis as to how the firearms were acquired. You achieve your goal, you don’t have to do any additional work, and no one in the media will call you out. It’s win all around.

  7. Suggested script for any governor.: I am proud of the fact that my state is far more free, and call on the New Jersey governor to abandon his unconstitutional attempts to damage the 2nd Amendment, and destroy freedom within his state.

  8. So, New Jersey is going to start identifying and promoting the states you’d want to move to?

    Truly clever.

  9. What’d the doofus governor do…call Chiraq?!? The same refrain is trumpeted-“Indiana and others are responsible for all of our shootings”. Why isn’t Indiana awash in crime??? They have pretty good gun laws(for NOW).

    • Downtown Indy is really bad for drug gang violence, elsewhere things are more calm. Of course all of those Hoosiers are busy collecting guns, putting them in vans, and sending them to Chi Congo to boys in da hood free of charge. Hoosiers are all checking their white privilege.

  10. The liberals made prison a country club, cable tv, computer tablet, wifi, and revolving door policy. Let’s not forget voting rights restored in some states. They have suffered enough get them out early

    • They call it “Criminal Justice Reform” meaning that the criminals become the victims and the victims get victimized all over again. It’s progressive!

  11. This is the same song by Cuomo and DiBlasio in NY. “The IRON PIPELINE”!!! It’s not our criminals fault for buying guns out of car trunks, it’s Vt. Va. ; etc. for having gun stores!

    • Remind you of anything? Like the failure to blame De Jesus Cruz for Parkland? No, it’s not the perps fault. The evil gun made him do it…
      How is one to have a conversation with such idiocy? Might as well talk to a fence post.

      • But guns aren’t evil. Triggers are evil. Triggers seduce your poor innocent finger into lovingly stroking it, trying to coax its evil, desired happy ending…

    • Sounds like California previously.

      I haven’t heard that from Cali since the 94% figure came out (94% of the guns used in crimes in California were originally sold legally in California).

  12. While the anti’s did not go this far today in Harrisburg , there was plenty of — ” We Must Do Something ….. I got all these calls from people saying we need Australia style gun bans.”
    ( Rep. Pam Delissio ).
    —– The Bloomberg funded gun grab machine is firing on all cylinders , and visiting State houses , everywhere …. ARE WE ?

    Additional hearings — Tues & Wed. at 10 AM and next week , Mon. at 11 , Tues , at 9am.

    Replays and more live hearings here ;

  13. It’s easy for a leftist radical to convince a crowd of children to act as puppets. Its actually criminal in my opinion. They are just hitting puberty. Have no real ideals ,other than what game they are going to play after school. Easy prey for this type of rhetoric , easily influenced, and should not be used in this manner. And they are being used. Shame on this absurdity.

  14. So… if firearms are so easily available in other states contributing to the “Iron Pipeline”, (I recall Virginia being singled out in the past), then why are those states’ crime rates lower than New Jersey’s? I can only assume that New Jersey has a higher per capita rate of violent criminals roaming the streets – and that’s not a reason to restrict the rights people in other states, or even New Jersey for that matter.

  15. I’ve often said that NY was a piss ant POS MFn (D) state that packs a whole lotta POS stupid communist MFrs into it.

    NJ is the same but smaller.

  16. How much to build a wall between PA and NJ?

    I have some free time to lay block…..

    So now its MY fault that guns are leaving PA and getting into NJ? Right…..

    Crime wouldn’t be so easy to pull off if you allowed your NJ residents to carry outside of their homes.

    We gave you the tools, just because you like to keep the toolbox locked, don’t blame us for failure.

    • As Freebird keeps sayin’; the Pennsylvania Legislature is currently flooded with gun control bills.

      Contact your state representative and senator.

      We may have to build that wall on the West Virginia side of the Mason-Dixon line.

      The only thing we might have going for us is that the Republicans have a super-majority in the Pennsylvania Legislature and a substantial portion of the state is strongly pro-gun.

      Even the Democrat that just won the US House seat had to run on a pro-gun platform.

  17. I live in New Jersey, so I can tell you it isn’t #3 for stupidest firearm laws, it’s #2 now, second-only to NY State after NY Governor Andrew Cuomo (who thinks he’s a king because his father was also NY governor) passed his (un)SAFE Act. I could list examples, but it would take me many pages, so suffice it to say that New Jersey bans all guns (including BB guns and slingshots!), then the state carves out certain very specific exemptions (which require citizens to apply for a license to buy any weapon, including BB guns and slingshots, I’m not kidding, which in NJ require fingerprints, references, fees, months-long waits to get an FPID card, etc.).
    New Jersey is truly where gun rights go to die… and now Governor Murphy wants to pass a whole new bunch of unconstitutional hoplophobic laws — he said he’s never seen an anti-gun bill that he’s not willing to sign!

    And don’t tell me, “Move to a free state,” unless you’re willing to provide jobs for both me and my wife. As a two-income family, we’re stuck here for the duration. We shouldn’t have to give up our Constitutional rights as an American just because we live in a shithole state! We still have one major gun manufacturer in New Jersey, Henry Firearms, but I think Governor Murphy only tolerates them because they build lever-action and single-shot rifles, not the “evil scary AR-15 assault weapon of mass destruction with the shoulder thing that goes up, capable of firing 30 clips per second in fully-semi-automatic mode!”

    Among his other plans for infringing on our rights, Gov. Murphy plans on banning 15-round magazines with no grandfather clause and no buy-back, making NJ gun owners felons unless they destroy their magazines! How is it legal for the government to pass an ex-post-facto law that bans items that citizens have legally purchased, and doesn’t compensate citizens for their loss? But unfortunately, Federal courts in this area are stacked with anti-gun judges who have consistently upheld even the strictest and stupidest NJ anti-gun laws, so unless the Supreme Court takes up a NJ gun case (which they haven’t yet), we NJ citizens are stuck living behind the iron curtain of an unfree state.

    • You know what happened the last time common folks felt the mighty squeeze of an infringing government?

      I can’t vote your rulers out of office, but I can come help throw them out.

      • Would that have been April 19th, 1775?

        Around Lexington and Concord?

        Some good shootin’ skills there.

      • What does it mean, then?

        The only definition I’m familiar with involves retroactively imposing penalties for an action (such as buying a firearm) that was legal at the time it was taken. Seems to me that “your possessions are now illegal, hand them over” fits the bill.

        • You have the rule right, just not the application. If the government said “we’re a charging you for purchasing that gun before the law was passed,” that would be ex post facto. Saying “the thing you bought is now illegal, give up without compensation” is not ex post facto, but an illegal taking. You had that part right.

    • If you move to a state with a lower cost of living and lower taxes, your family may not need two incomes. Just an idea. There are plenty of jobs outside of New Jersey.

      • I am trapped behind the NJ iron curtain too. I work for the USPS and tried to get a transfer to WV and VA. I have an Excellent work record, and the local Postmasters said they would LOVE to have someone of my caliber work for them. Unfortunately, the Appalachian District has refused all my attempts, saying they have enough local people to fill all job openings. So much for working for the Federal Gov’t., where you are supposed to be able to work anywhere in the US. Good news is, in another few years I’ll be eligible for early retirement, which everyone who ‘has it on the ball’, grabs and goes, leaving all of the dullards behind to work another 10-20 years.

  18. Will they also be posting the crime rate statistics from the States from which the illegal guns come from?

  19. “…And every three months, they’ll publish information showing where guns trafficked into New Jersey came from.”

    And I bet there will be one column missing in that particular spreadsheet….. how long ago the firearm was reported as missing/stolen.

    A gun that was stolen a decade ago from someone in Florida doesn’t exact point to the so-called Iron Pipeline being a pipe with a lot of flow, does it?

  20. “…And every three months, they’ll publish information showing where guns trafficked into New Jersey came from.”

    So, every three months they’ll publish information showing how badly interdiction works, as if drug interdictions weren’t enough demonstration.

  21. “New Jersey claims that 80% of the firearms used in crimes there come from other states”

    Of those crimes, how many are committed by NJ residents? 95-100%. Maybe the people of NJ are the problem and we should’t allow them to visit bordering states?

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