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It’s often said that New Jersey is the most corrupt state in the United States. While it has some stiff competition from the Land of Lincoln, it should be pointed out that corruption doesn’t just refer to politicians and bureaucrats accepting bribes, political patronage and kickbacks. A government is also corrupt when it muzzles the people who [supposedly] give them the power to make and enforce laws. As is the case here, where IBEW union employee and Garden State Senator Donald Norcross ejects a citizen testifying against civilian disarmament. No props to the State troopers who did Donnie’s bidding. Twice. I know there are good people in New Jersey, some of them gun owners. God—and the U.S. Supreme Court—help them. For I fear nothing else will.

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    • I got choked up inside on that one we the people have to start voting these ass-clowns out of office and when they lie thru their teeth to get in office…. then we must impeach…

      • … I got choked up inside on that one …

        Me too. I really feel hopeless a lot of times. None of my friends or family see this stuff, they’re all so unaware.

      • Yuo, sure do, since the last two elections have gone so well, we’d may as well keep hitting the same spot on the wall.

        • I generally don’t harbor I’ll will towards most folks. Geez, even the serial killer I helped put away. Sure he was a psycho, but I didn’t wish him dead…
          That said, I sincerely hope every one of those politician/tyrants at that meeting suffer horribly soon.
          Don’t flame me. I know it’s not Christian of me, but I’m really pissed off at what I saw in that video.

      • When hanging politicians is legalized, I can visualize this dude on the end of a rope via many of his constituents. .

        • Nothing like good old-fashion incitements to violence to convince people we’re right!

        • Nothing like a bit of wussy whining like a little girl over one sentence of Zero Hedge-inspired fatalistic humor on the Internet.

    • So let me get this straight. An elected politician doesn’t like that a citizen disagrees with him, so he silences him by having him forced out of the chamber by a policeman wearing a uniform that is eerily similar to a Nazi SS uniform. The symbolism is uncanny.

      • “…wearing a uniform that is eerily similar to a Nazi SS uniform.”

        You mean, similar in that it was a uniform? And it had a hat?

      • The uniforms of the SS were designed by Hugo Boss, at the specific request of Himmler.

    • That was my first thought too.

      My second thought was the video of the dozens of members of Saddam Hussein’s parliament who walked out the session in protest and were assassinated that night.

      This is why, throughout history, people were thrown onto Guillotines, executed with their family in the woods and dragged through the streets on meat hooks.

      • “This is why, throughout history, people were thrown onto Guillotines, executed with their family in the woods and dragged through the streets on meat hooks.”

        believe me, such a fate is deserved by those ilk.

        • Sometimes I wonder how they’ve survived this long. And then I realize that we’re too nice. We actually have moral convictions. They don’t.

      • No, I think they were applauding that he was being removed. Otherwise, I think we would have heard more objections from the crowd when the trooper first showed up

        • I think you’re wrong, and Davis Thompson is right. I’m fairly certain that they were applauding for him, hence the boos when the chairman tried to shut him down. Notice that the people who were applauding in the first (headline) video are the same people who spontaneously broke out into the Pledge of Allegiance in the second video. I don’t see a bunch of Citizen Disarmament Movement supporters doing that.

      • They were absolutely applauding him. You can see all the people that stood to cheer did so as he left (not as he was being asked to leave) and turned to watch him go, cheering him on.

        Also, to all you violent uprising masturbators: stop. For the love of god, stop.

        • Why stop? Stop because the threat is idle? Stop because the threat is a poor tactic? Stop because violence is never the answer? You should have your say, but you need to be more explicit in your position.

          The action in this video is an outrage. It is tyranny, and without a response tyranny wins the round. The tyrants are getting bolder (and they are getting increasing numbers of votes).

          The second amendment is a statement of the right to bear arms, but it is also a reminder that there are times when bearing must give way to using.

          I’m not saying that this is such a time. I think the republic might still be saved (for a time) peacefully. On the other hand, it might be time for these nascent tyrants to be reminded that violence awaits on their present course, that they are pressing those who value liberty into a corner where violence is their only available response. Threatening rhetoric is one means by which to communicate this idea.

          What do you suggest should be the response in this case? The First Amendment was just trampled upon. What say you?

    • Yeah, that’s the point I would have made – Sure, we can blame the politicians, but the audience in that chamber – citizens I assume applauding as Kaleda is ejected pretty much confirms in my mind that NJ is a lost cause. I, too feel sorry for the pro-gun residents of that state, but at some point, you have to acknowledge that the ship is taking on too much water and you can’t bail it out fast enough. Time to jump said ship.

      • Jim… wrong assumption.. The people in the audience were 90% gun RIGHTS activists and applauding the speaker. Shortly after that the room broke out in a simultaneous (and loud) rendition of the Pledge of Allegiance. Go to haggz51 utube channel and watch MORE of the proceedings.

        • “So this is how liberty dies… with thunderous applause”. Padme Amidala, Star Wars Episode III

          Pretty decent parallel actually.

    • The audience was applauding the SPEAKER for what he said… not the Senator…..

  1. I think (maybe its hope?) that they were applauding the American Citizen standing up to this kangaroo court concerning our inalienable right to protect ourselves…..

    • I think they we’re too. Like the booing when the polichik told him he was out of order. It was in favor of the citizen.

    • Maybe instead of applauding, they should have rushed the petty tyrant and taken him out to the street to tar and feather him, like Americans are supposed to.

      Do we even deserve to be called Americans anymore?

      • Yes, I think that would be the rational and appropriate response. These “legislators” are a venal and invasive species. They need to be sent packing to the Rohizald Quandrant, where these vermin came from.

        Seldom have I seen anything that made me feel so filthy and heartsick. Not since the ’68 Chicago riots, in fact. These hateful control addicts belong on a spaceship, with the controls locked into the heart of the Sun.

      • they should have burnt that f^cking place to the ground, tarred and feathered norcross, and shoved a american flag down him and the police officers’ throats.

        • I would …. They should…. We will…. Really. Just a lot of gum flapping and venting from the closet commandos. Easy to find out when the next meeting is, put up or shut up.

        • “Easy to find out when the next meeting is, put up or shut up.”

          The time will come. Its not here yet.

          It will make the French Revolution look like a sunday picnic unfortunately.

        • “Easy to find out when the next meeting is, put up or shut up.”

          They don’t have meetings with this kind of garbage in my state.

        • Of course it would. Reading the posts, they just sound unhinged. In the real world they are most likely the “yes officer, no officer” type. But after the encounter, “that bastard is lucky I gotta pick up diapers or I woulda…blah, blah, blah.

  2. Left NJ years ago, glad to see I made the right decision. F YOU NJ Pols!!!! ESAD!!!

    • Just wait til the MASS SHOOTINGS start in NJ (Gun Free Zones) and there is NO ONE THERE to defend the VICTOMS,,, Police don’t defend they just respond to violence, and count victoms…

      • This is the weird thing though: there hasn’t been a mass shooting in NJ in quite a long time. Yet the legislature sees fit to further make the gun control laws worse.

        • They are doing everything except foaming at the mouth to have the “best” gun laws in the country. Literally, some of the first words out of their pie-holes that morning was something along those lines, and directly referenced events and legislation that have happened in other states (ahem… CT… CO… NY…)

          The editors here frequently talk about a “race to the bottom”. It is NOT sarcasm when they say that. It’s truly how these people think.

    • What was the reason given for his ejection. Could not understand the first words of the fascist. Was it a time limit thing? Surely it wasn’t because he didn’t like what he was saying…

      • Apparently, it was because he wasn’t staying on the topic of the Bill.

        Now here is the real rub: the gun control folks were allowed to testify multiple times (because only a handful showed up), while the gun rights crowd was limited in their discussion.

      • He said, “You said you want to do something, that you must do something…The only right thing to do, the only option before you…” and he’s cut off as not talking about the bill: “You will not be debating that and you will not be hollering at us…we will not take that from you”

        • (grin) By that time of the day, I do believe he was a tad bit tired of being lectured on the OBVIOUS.. Their intent was to get all these bills through quickly. We showed up and blew out 2 overflow rooms AND had people outside.
          Go to the haggz51 channel on UTUBE and you can watch all the testimony.. There were a number of us who got hour hooks set into their skin. I got mine in, for sure, and within the allotted 2 minutes. (grin)

          They know, we know, this is nothing but a political charade right before PRIMARY time. Naked they were in the light of truth and squirming on their hot seats having to listen to it. Crooks don’t like being told they are CROOKS…
          All 120 seats in the NJ Legislature are up for election at once, this year, with Christie’s reelection campaign. These guys are the political pandering princes and princesses of the PLANET.. It’s JERSEY… how not?
          Our NRA folk cross party lines and NONE of them are happy. They were still scurring around trying to amend bad bills when the Senate passed them at the voting session this Monday.

          Another dog and pony show. The GOP (minority) refused to vote at all as their votes were utterly meaningless in light of the DEM majority.

  3. Welcome the the PRNJ (People’s Republic of New Jersey). I loved it when I used to drive from NJ to PA along the northwestern corridor. The sign read, as I entered PA: “Welcome to Pennsylvania. America Starts Here!” I loved that sign and wish they did not remove it because it is still true. Their firearms laws are a joke there as are most of their political bobbleheads.

    • No, the joke is that Maryland is the Free State. More like the state that lets a gangster treat the jail like a Holiday Inn and make babies with the guards and 250k per year selling drugs to inmates, gives a child rapist convicted with DNA evidence of raping a 13 year old repeatedly 4 life sentences instead of the bullet he deserves, all while asking law abiding citizens to fork over fingerprints to own a handgun.

  4. While the applause does sound like they are cheering his removal, there simply weren’t enough anti’s there to make that much noise.

    I was in the overflow room, so we didn’t see the troopers actually escort him out (and the feed was muted during that time) but we did hear his testimony up to that point.

    The Senator declaring him “out of order” is Norcross, and some of the legislation being debated (and shat upon by the pro-2A crowd) was written by him. That explains his grumpiness.

    • They were cheering him exercising his free speech. Pro-2A’s outnumbered anti’s 3:1 at least, and the anti’s barely let out a peep all day.

      I believe this was late in the day, and the grabbers had dwindled down to a few stragglers by then.

  5. Civil rights take awhile. Blacks got kicked in the teeth for many years. Wouldn’t it be nice if this man could sue for civil rights discrimination with lawyers lining up to take the case on contingency like would happen if he were told to leave because he was black? I think we are doing quite well considering, Randy

    • Blacks weren’t given the right to vote because it was the right thing to do, or because they won a battle, they were given the right to vote purely as a political move to prop up the Democrat party. The Civil Rights Act was passed in 1964, and afterwards President Johnson was quoted as saying “I’ll have those niggers voting Democratic for the next 200 years.”

      Just as they were not freed from slavery because it was the right thing to do, or because they somehow won their freedom. Lincoln was quoted as saying “My paramount object in this struggle is to save the Union, and it is not either to save or destroy slavery. If I could save the Union without freeing any slave, I would do it”

        • Are you serious? The Lincoln quote is from an actual letter. Ignoring things doesn’t make you any smarter. Where does Matt mention white power?

        • @Azman Matt gets a bad rap here because of his racial bias, but his entire message should not be ignored. I get similar treatment in other circles being so anti-statist that I seem almost an anarchist.

        • Yeah, I don’t like the guy personally; I think he’s often a purposeful colossal jackass when there’s no reason to be, but the quotes he listed above are not incorrect. Possibly out of context, especially considering they’re distilling very complex events down to a single sentence, but they’re not fake.

      • Thank you Matt for stating the truth. Obviously not popular with the bleeding hearts but still the truth.

  6. And the tree of freedom starts to wither, one leaf at a time…

    I weep for generations to come…

  7. Citizens are incrementally disempowered. When they have the valor to stand up to be heard and DARE say something anathema to those in power, are essentially told to STFU and FOAD. This is something that is being repeated time and again across the country, for this phenomena is not exclusive to NJ. So goes the idea that elected officials are servants to the populace. So go the rights of the people.

  8. We are watching a death of a nation! A few will fight with all their might most will do nothing.

    • Not SO… You wait there are many of us with serious “Jersey Attitudes” and, my friend… WE HAVE JUST BEGUN TO FIGHT!…. (grin) go watch all the utubes at that channel haggz51.. We intend to work very hard this year to unseat the Dem majority..
      YOU (all of you) can help. Our state is one of the two with odd year races. You can help contribute to our GOP or specific legislative candidates, we need HELP here in Jersey, and ain’t too proud to ask for it.. All our conservative candidates run under the GOP banner and contributing to the GOP Senate candidates running in currently in DEM held districts.
      Our primaries are June 4th… After that shake-out.. HELP this blue state turn RED if you can do it… We’ll thank you for it.

  9. The founding fathers would be shooting by now.

    Violent overthrow of that state’s government wouldn’t have taken more than a moment’s pause for them to endorse.

    • Actually, it took several decades for the dissatisfaction of the Colonists to reach a point where they were ready to fight. Obama is doing a great job of pissing off one group of people at a time, and eventually, if Obama is not stopped, our country will have that “critical mass”. This may take months and years, but frankly, it is good that we wait until the level of despotism reaches a point where there are no other alternatives. For now, vote, protest, recruit, write politicians, run for office, start firearm businesses, and train people to properly use firearms to defend themselves and the country. Being a history buff, I think we are watching one of the most significant historical events of all time happen right in front of us. Being human, I find it a bit too surreal, and would rather be reading about it in a history book about another time period.

      • Bob,

        Excellent viewpoint and I agree 100%. It’s scary that I’m more “afraid” (I use that term not in the physical sense, yet… but rather philosophically) of our own government than any foreign country, street thug, or dangerous activity I can think of. Some others testified to that affect at these hearings and were declared, you guessed it, “out of order”.

        It’s kind of surreal knowing that what we’re going through has many parallels to the founding of this country.

  10. I know many great people from New Jersey. Of course, they had already left.

    This does illustrate how little respect the enemies of the 2A actually have for the 1A.

    • It’d be a good idea to use this video to show fence-sitting antis and media brainwashed antis to prove how gun control is not about guns, but rather a total agenda of control. No amendments are safe from tyrants.

      • Agreed. And there really needs to be a consequence for this, because the bully will keep doing it till he gets a bloody nose.

        • If history is any indication, the anti-Bill of Right people will face justice. I bet these IRS agents who are now facing potential jail time never thought it would happen. The crimes these guys commit cannot be undone; however, leaders come and go, and once these guys have no one to shield them, they will face justice.

  11. That video will be used in some future history class about the time leading up to the Second American Civil War…

  12. How much is that overpaid Trooper making “Not to be there” when a crime occurs.More reason never going to spend a red cent in that Libtard State.

  13. As an NJ resident and gun owner, I’m afraid the fix is in on these stupid bills. After hearing the open mic comments from idiots like Weinberg & Greestein calling for confiscation I can only hope & pray that the Gov. will have enough sense to veto the most eggreous of the 22 the Assembly passed. Some are so stupid, they defy logic but that’s the Progressive mentality. These “laws” will save no lives, they will only extend the control over us that these slobs want.

  14. OK, so they cut off public testimony at 4; the question I had is how much testimony they actually allowed? I mean, if it was none by the pro-gun crowd, that would be pretty raw display of “we don’t care what you have to say.” No that they do, but appearances count.

    • Despite far outnumbering the anti’s they got first dibs at the mic, and it was basically a 50/50 time split for testimony throughout the day, if you don’t count the overwhelming use of the mute button when pro-2A people even slightly veered off any purely technical criticism of the bills. Anti’s were allowed to talk about feelings and emotions (that’s all they have) but we weren’t.

  15. I live here, have most all of my life, save for a few years of college in PA… my father is a retired police commander of some pretty well known repute… Was always a decent guy but always a “company man” and didn’t tolerate even a bit of anti-establishmentarianism …. ; HOWEVER, even he now, 6-7 years post retirement, sees how things have changed, New Jersey gets WORSE AND WORSE, and there was real chances in early 2013 we would all lose a large portion of our firearms and therefore civil rights.

    This was some shameful sheeeeeaaat above, by a NJSP Staff Sergeant you would think is on the job long enough to know better. NJ is passing even more laws and requiring home inspections, psychology evaluations, etc. It’s time to get out, move down south (Florida baby!). First thing I’m doing is buying an HK MR762 and perhaps a few handguns right off the rack. You know, the stuff you can’t do here.

    • Come on Down Samson, as I did from NYC. You will come to feel that in reference to the 2nd A the northeast and south are not two separate areas, but two distinct and separate countries. In Florida the right to keep and bear arms is not just about guns. We have concealed WEAPONS permits here.

    • … First thing I’m doing is buying an HK MR762 and perhaps a few handguns right off the rack. …

      You can drive across the Delaware River into Pennsylvania and do that too.

      • Maybe you can, but can you drive back with your new purchase without the threat of prison?

  16. I don’t know what’s more disturbing, the blatant tyranny or the applause of it…

    • Your impression is backwards. Those cheering are wearing camo, military (veteran), and NRA hats/T-shirts. Read comments above.

      • I’m not being sarcastic, I’m glad you made those posts. I really couldn’t tell from the video above. I feel a little bit better about our country knowing that at least some people are still out there fighting the good fight.

      • What NJ is trying to do is a blatant violation of the 2nd. amendment. Stand down against any ruling that infringes on
        the right to own and bear arms.

  17. when TSHTF will they be clapping then ..for they will not have any firearms to protect themselves…ignorant people will expire with a stunned look on their face….

  18. Truly disgusting. He was not out of order, his testimony was pertinent to the whole concept of why all of the laws they wanted to pass were hot garbage. He still have about 30 seconds left to speak that was interrupted by an elected ruler in NJ. Utterly disgraceful!

  19. The trooper should turn in his badge. An unlawful order doesn’t have to be followed. The guy speaking was in no way violent or hostile the person who should have been removed was the POLITICIAN. I keep asking the same question WHO works for WHO?

    • Cops in NJ work for their pay checks and pensions. Probably everywhere else as well. Don’t count on Gov employees in your contingency planning.

      • Please don’t make the assumption that all cops are like that.
        Not that I personally take offense, it just makes you sound like an idiot.

        • Im calling sheer and utter horseshit Tom.
          I take it from your post that you are part of the LEO crowd, if you we’re assigned to that court room and ordered to eject that man, with fear of being charged with contempt and having your “professional” abilities questioned, you would have yanked him as quick as the next. This is our problem, they have you by the ear and you’re not willing to cut it off for the betterment of the group.

  20. it will be a bit chilly tonight

    ill have to reach in my box, pull out a new a new jersey flag from my collection and use it for fire tender.

  21. Wheres the ACLU? This seems like the type of thing that should be right up their alley…guess the NJ ACLU isint so worried about freedom for CERTAIN types of people…

    • The ACLU has officially stated many times (it’s even right up front on their website) that they do NOT accept the Second Amendment and do not think anyone outside the government has the right to bear arms.

      • Not exactly true. For many years, they accepted the proposition that the Second Amendment protected only a common right in connection with service in a militia, but not an individual right to keep and bear arms (as did the minority in Heller). Since Heller, however, there have been increasing calls within the organization to step up to the plate on these issues, and in some limited areas they have done so on the local level, just not as national policy.
        But ConLaw is a strange field. The ACLU defends free speech, the separation of church and state, due process rights of accused, rights that usually run afoul of right wing conservatives running on a law and order, tough on crime ticket or who seek to invest government with a very Christian bent; hence the ACLU is generally associated with “left leaning” causes. The Conservatives on the other hand are the defenders of the Second Amendment, but are always attacking the others. To criticize the ACLU for not defending the 2A is hypocritical of the right wing elements that refuse to support the others.

    • Q: how does an ACLU lawyer count to ten?

      A: one, three, four, five…

      Actually heard that one from a longtime martial arts training partner who is, guess what, an ACLU lawyer.

  22. Why aren’t injuctions being filed against these bills. The Heller judgement has everything laid out.

    My interpretation is that it was written so as to read our right to bare arms was not to be infringed in our homes. Also it made clear no “Jurisdictional red-taping” to disallow non-disallowed, by court order for criminal acts, not resultant from violations of said laws, so as to delay or deminish ones capability to defend ones home by ANY MODERN TECHNOLOGICAL ADVANCEMENT KNOWN!

    They put modern arm deffense entitled by the 2nd amendment transcends time developed advancemt in technologies.

    It was termed that multiple courts have up-help multiple other ammendment protections in modern terms & technologies. Examples being personal property protection in software & internet development. So in their decission how could it not apply to the 2nd as well.

    The judgement went on to say that the idea that “arms” types can be restricted is against the basis of the 2nd A.

    • I don’t think NJ is lucky enough to have an expert NRA lobbiest like we do in Illinois. If not for Todd our NRA Lobbiest we would be the New Jersey of the mid west for gun rights by now.

  23. Haggz51 has a lot of these videos I posted a comment on another article here about his videos. If yoy watch the alexander roubian video towards the end the camera turns to the senators and those asshats could care less they’re stairing at the wall or talking on their phone. They really need to hit the road and I will be voting against them. Oh and I got an email from rush holt’s office some long winded gun grabber garbage ending with him disagreeing with the heller decision.

    • Btw nice job RF and there are plenty of good people here they’ve just been beaten down feeling that its a lost cause but I try to awake and inform as many as I can everyday

    • Legislative jurisdiction can not be found “disagreeing” with the supreme courts decision.

      The language made it quite clear any further actions “Disagreeing” would be treated the same. There-fore it is the State Polices, job to uphold the Courts ruling. If they fail to, they made it quite clear, that it is to that, in-which, 2nd Amendment was meant for.

      • In its 2008 decision in the Heller vs. District of Columbia case, the Supreme Court affirmed that “The Second Amendment protects an individual right to possess a firearm unconnected with service in a militia, and to use that arm for traditionally lawful purposes, such as self-defense within the home.”  Although I have long opposed this interpretation of the Second Amendment to the Constitution and I think the Court’s decision was mistaken, I want to point out that “Like most rights, the Second Amendment right is not unlimited.”  I am pleased that the Supreme Court has recognized the legitimacy of efforts by states and localities to regulate the sale of handguns and to place limits on where those guns can be taken and used outside of a person’s home, as well as on the apparent validity of licensing requirements and whether convicted felons can own firearms.  – rush holt

  24. Awwww hell no… Disarm another northern state. We can give our violent criminals free tickets to Jersey.

  25. I was a member of IBEW Local 640. Something like this is absolutely no surprise. Even in a right to work state like Arizona the underhanded and shady shit that goes on is staggering. I joined in good faith truly believing in the union cause and ended up leaving after having seen the reality of it. Went straight to a big non-union shop and was treated fair and square. I made my advancements not on who I knew but on my own merit.

    • I believe there may have been some disagreement about the definition of “on topic.” The Senator seemed to be defining off topic as “stuff I disagree with.”

  26. The first thing that went through my head after seeing those videos was a short scene/phrase from The Hunt for Red October:

    “This business will get out of control. It’ll get out of control and we’ll be lucky to live through it.”

  27. I pledge allegiance to das flag… Und der United States of America.

    These Nazis need an ass-kicking. I’m not much for words, but “Don’t Tread On Me” seems to say it all.

  28. Someone in the government shuts up a citizen testifying about our 2nd amendment right. That right is meant among other things to prevent such tyranny. An armed NJ trooper comes to escort the citizen out. Everything happening in the country on a larger scale played itself out in that small room in a matter of minutes! Unreal.

  29. I am REALLY getting sick and tired of the the people that run the State that I live in. That was absolutely disgusting. Norcross wants to get all “we will have order” and “don’t yell at us, we’re not yelling at you” when all they are doing is yelling at us with their legislation.

    He is just another member of the ruling class watching over the rest of us on the road to serfdom. If it were some gun-grabbing-pinko-commie-puke sitting there they would be allowed to throw-up their talking points at will with not even a hint of a time limits.

    “Don’t yell at us”… grow some thicker skin you frigging rights-grabbing piece of crap!!!!

  30. I’m speachless. Stuff like this, and like the IRS disaster, is right out in the open. No subtle differences of oppinion, no debate to be had concerning value judgments. It’s clearly wrong, and has no place in America.

  31. “God—and the U.S. Supreme Court—help them. For I fear nothing else will.”

    I’m sure if SCOTUS fails us, we still have other alternatives…

      • There are things we cannot tolerate if we want to continue to call ourselves Americans, and we are getting a heaping plateful of them right now.

        That said, for the sake of the republic and the rule of law which maintains it, we really need to exhaust all peaceful options. Many argue that we are already past the point where rule of constitutional law can be restored to the USA without a forced reboot. They may be right. However, I’m starting to feel like America may finally be waking up. Let’s see where the political and judicial action wave crest before we start talking about options of last resort.

  32. Refer back to the original comment by Tom “I’m having real problems accepting what I just saw.
    Despicable.” That said it all. It was very disturbing to watch. I cannot believe the sheeple sat there and allowed the speaker to be escorted out, they should have risen as one and blocked the POS officer from exiting. Have to draw a line somewhere. Speaker was excellent, very articulate and factual.

    • We did NOT just sit there —-> We did the best we could to get the message across and they for SURE heard us. They just don’t give a hoot except about their liberal agenda… One thing you do NOT do in the State House is argue with the State Police… not wise.

  33. I hope he sues New Jersey all the way up to the supreme court. With a judge who still believes in the Constitution, I can see New Jersey and that police officer losing millions off of it. It is my hope that the tyrant preciding over that hearing will face justice some time in the future. The memory of the citizenry is long and patient.

  34. Tough talking “official” when he’s got the popo there to help. That “official” never met me.

  35. I hope you enjoy preaching to the choir, because this constant “slave state” non-sense convinces absolutely no one.

  36. Saw this happen a couple of times, not in relation to gun control, at Toledo Public School Board meetings. “We recognize you, Citizen X, you have two minutes to talk about anything you want to” *30 seconds in, not liking what they’re hearing* “Citizen X you are violating policy/yelling/your 2 minutes are up, step aside….oh, not stepping down and knowing your place? Get the police”

  37. I wish I could have seen the whole tape. When the people were “allowed” to speak, were they given some kind of time limit? Because if they were given some kind of time limit ahead of time in order to allow very one to speak, I could understand that. But he was “given the floor” then everyone in that room should have stopped any kind of interference from keeping him speak.

  38. Its both funny and depressing to watch the sheep gleefully cheer and clap their hands together in celebration of the removal of a man protesting for protection and rights of the sheep.

    I feel ashamed to be an American. This truly is… a nation of idiots.

    • Speaking of idiots…

      Go back and watch the video again. Then read the comments above pointing out the mistake that you (and others made). Then watch it again.

    • Actually, we had a very GOOD day. Fantastic public turn out. Believe me, none of us going to those hearings thought for one minute anything we said was going to even put a hitch in their gallop to ram these through.
      But… none of THEM went home that night NOT knowing the level of contempt the public felt for them. That’s not exactly a normal day in Trenton for them (or their peers observing).
      Operation Jersey = To be as in-your-face as possible to those SOB’s at every opportunity this election year. Their jobs are on the line. Any help for our legislative candidates you can give in the Dem held districts is appreciated. We really want their….. chairs… (grin)

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