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The H&K competition shooting team has been using MR556 rifles all year long, but more of a hodge-podge configuration using aftermarket supplies than anything “factory fresh.” Now H&K is releasing a competition version of their MR556A1 rifle with all the bells and whistles you want… for $2,947. It’s right up there with FN’s SCAR rifle in terms of price, for comparison’s sake. There are a couple minor changes which make it “new,” mainly the muzzle brake from OSS, the keymod forend and the Magpul stock. And my pet peeve about “new” guns continues.

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    • True, but it’s not the same and the exportation and important regs are what’s drives up the cost.

        • Because they are cheap commie stamped metal garbage. (As opposed to proper teutonic stamped metal awesome sauce.)

        • The German gov owns the patents and they need to get permission. Also the sporting regs are tighter. As for the commie stuff, those are imported as single-stack and what-not then they are converted to normal mags and finished off with American made parts for compliance. It’s the same stupid rules that have made the previous Glock .380 illegal to sell to the masses over here unless you are LEO. I’m not defending the rules, just stating they are a factor in price and availability. If you want to argue for argument’s sake, go ahead, but it’s not going to make what you say anymore true.

    • I think you’d only get about 2.3 Stags for that price. I will also say I love my Stag S3G, and I’m fairly picky. The accuracy, trigger, balance are each very good. The BCG they put in it was better than is standard for Stag. Zero complaints and zero problems with it.

  1. Did they fix the weight issue? I ordered a MR556 as soon as I could and when I got it, my first reaction was that I would need to hit the gym to build up some arm strength.

    Hopefully the key mod rail and a better barrel profile have shed about 2 pounds off the damn thing…

    • found a newer used sig in .556 with comp.barrel in 223 wylde ,shoots about 3/4 inch at 100 yds tight chamber though ,fussy about some brands of ammo ,loves fd match .paid 1600 for this rifle now to find a good used h&k in 556 looking all over nobodys letting one go just yet ,will be my 47th ar platform ,have been collecting/building for about 20 yrs .still like my colts best .

  2. ARs have become the equivalent of Barbie Dolls for men. You can dress them up any way you want or just display them. Or you can load them up with do much crap they are to heavy to carry or accurately shoot.

  3. This piece is over priced (yes i can afford it i have 2 custom wilson ar’s billet) i own a lot of HK stuff but The wait for the MR556 was so long i dropped my order for one. when i checked one out 3 years later i didn’t feel like i was missing anything. What i can figure out is why does it take so long for them to get anything to market and into the local gun shop . Why can’t we get a competitive priced rifle from HK. It is on my wish list but won’t go over 2k for one I would rather spend a little more on a christnsen arms reaper or a noveske rifle. When i heard they we having money issue the first thing i though was maybe if you were to make your weapons available at a competitive price you issues would be over I am afraid to see how much their new rifle will be this is just a rehash of an old one

    • You wonder why they take so long to get stuff to the market. Cause they just don’t put half ass products out. Not like FN and the piece of crap SCARs. And I rather have them not lowering they price and quality any just to try and compete in mid range price market.

      • i understand HK i own a lot of their stuff Sig Sauer doesn’t seem to take nowhere near as long to get stuff to market and it is actually in the store. i would trust my life to that gun too plus i can actually find magazines for them.

  4. the h&k ump .45 is listed at $1599, that’s about 4 mechtech uppers (w/ S&H) or probably 6 or 7 Hi-Point variants in same caliber…the least h&k could do for the ump is have a glock mag conversion included at that price…

  5. Like the Previous Reviewer Above said, If its Lighter than the MR556 than I might buy this thing? But till then Im sticking w/ my PWS Mark 114 and Mark 116 !!!

  6. Its no accident Special Forces, Socom and Elite Forces the world over choose this particular firearm. When you choose H&K, Your choosing the best. Enough said.

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