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Considering the popularity of the duty-sized HK VP9 — TTAG gave it a solid Four Stars — it was only a matter of time before a compact version designed for concealed carry was released. Actually, it took longer than I expected! But the VP9SK is finally here, and there’s lots of info in the following press release . . .

Heckler & Koch’s Striker Fired VP9SK Introduced 

Heckler & Koch’s eagerly anticipated striker fired subcompact debuts at the 2017 NRA Exhibition in Atlanta, Georgia. The VP9SK (9 mm) has all of the sought-after characteristics of the larger frame VP models but in a more compact design.

With a retail price of $719, the VP9SK continues HK’s trend of affordability in a superior quality handgun. The VP9SK is made in Germany and carries HK’s Lifetime Warranty.

A small-scale version of the completely adjustable VP grip feature -consisting of interchangeable backstraps and lateral grip panels -is present in the compact grip frame of the VP9SK. This allows the pistol to be easily modified to fit any individual user and is a feature found only on Heckler & Koch handguns. Molded finger grooves in the front of the pistol’s grip also instinctively position an operator’s hand for optimal shooting.

The highly-rated HK VP precision strike trigger is also part of the VP9SK. The VP trigger surpasses those found on competitors. It has a short, light take-up with a solid, single action break followed by a short positive reset. The result is trigger quality unmatched in most production striker fired pistols.

“The VP9SK is the right combination of compact size and firepower for a subcompact -and it’s loaded with unique HK features like our adjustable ergonomic grip -the only grip in the industry that can be customized to fit any shooter,” said Michael Holley, HK-USA Vice President for Commercial Sales and Marketing. “The VP9SK possesses the accuracy and durability that shooters know they can expect from a Heckler & Koch pistol.”

The VP9SK has all the features of the latest, state-of-the-art handgun. Every control is completely ambidextrous. Slide releases are present on both sides of the frame and the paddle style magazine release can be easily activated by left- or right-handed shooters.

HK’s patented charging supports, introduced on full size VP pistols, are also present on the VP9SK. The charging supports are simple, polymer inserts that are mounted on each side of the rear of the slide and provide better gripping leverage for racking the slide rearward. The charging supports speed reloading and make operating VP series handguns easier for shooters with reduced hand strength.

VP9SK pistols have an abbreviated Picatinny MIL-STD-1913 rail molded into their polymer frame for mounting lights and accessories. A proprietary captive flat recoil spring helps VP9SK pistols reduce the recoil forces affecting the operator and the handgun, improving shooter control during rapid firing and prolonging component life span.

VP9SK pistols can use a variety of proven HK magazines, including compact double stack 10-rounders with flat or hooked, ergonomic floorplates. New 13-round and 15-round magazines with magazine sleeves that replicate the grip profile of the full size VP will also be available later in the year.

VP9SK pistols are available and shipping now from HK’s Columbus, Georgia facility.

About Heckler & Koch 

Heckler & Koch is the world’s premier small arms systems company and a major supplier to global military, law enforcement agencies, and civilian shooters. An innovative leader in design and manufacturing, Heckler & Koch provides technologically advanced firearms, logistical support, training, and specialized services with the highest standards of innovation and reliability to its customer base. Heckler & Koch’s well-known range of products include the MP5 submachine gun, the MP7 Personal Defense Weapon, the G36 weapon system, the HK416 enhanced carbine, and VP, HK45, USP, and P30 series pistols.

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  1. I’ll wait for the compact version of the PPQ. It’s more or less the same and it’s a little more affordable.

    • Yep. I’ll stick with my P2000sk. HK makes such great firearms that if you own one, there’s really no need to replace it.

      • I will say that I appreciate that the VP9 uses the same mags as the P30S – and that they will lock into and feed the P30SK. I 3D printed a nifty little spacer and have 15+1 for my P30SK’s reload mags. 🙂

    • I had one and could never get used to the vast difference between DA and SA trigger pull. Thwt’s The primary reason I’ll get a VPsk

  2. I want it. I’m not sure why. But I do.

    I usually carry a G19 or Shield 9mm. So it really doesn’t fit a need of mine.

    And yet I still want it. AFTER I get my p30 though.

    • 40 cal is yesterdays news, bud. Gunshops cannot even give them away these days. All LEO agencies are ditching theirs too. You may want to ditch yours before the value goes to zero!

      • It’s jackass close-minded 9MM fanboys like you that piss me off. You want to live this fantasy where 9×19 is “just as good”, but the cold hard fact is that it’ll never be as powerful or as effective as .40 S&W. You’re just another lost sheep believing WHATEVER they’re told, the only way to get the power of a full size caliber…is to own a full size caliber. It’s an opinion and ONLY an opinion that 9×19 is “just as good”, because modern 9×19 projectiles aren’t worth a fuck against anything other than ballistics gel. Do me favor and check out Paul Harrell’s in-depth comparison “Police Handguns: 9mm vs .40 S&W”, you’ll be left with eyes wide open Just because 9×19 is popular now, doesn’t mean that it will be two years from now. So fuck off.

        • So the 357 sig and the 10mm both have more ass than a 40s/w according to you this makes them better than 40s/w l don’t know about you but l wouldn’t want to be shot with 22lr much less a 9mm plenty of dead people from rounds smaller tha 40s/w

  3. That gun has a big butt. I’d have to see what the smaller grip profile looks like, but that looks like a little too much junk in the trunk for a concealment gun.

    • Winter carry?

      Compacts just don’t conceal like single stacks but damn if they arnt sexy with them thick posteriors.

  4. I’d love to read a head-to-head with the FNS 9c.

    HK’s listed width is 1.31″. the Fabrique Nationale d’Herstal’s 9c is 1.35″ at the hips. either of those would print on me like Gannett.

    VP9sk capacity is 10, FNS 9c is 12.

  5. Schweet!

    I have to say this is the first new “plastic pistol” to come out that’s excited me in a long, long time! I’m stoked.

    ( Calm down… I used that ” plastic pistol ” term tongue in aging cheek- since that’s how we of the old skool detrimentally referred to the Glocks when they first hit the market. )

    I’m an old school, steel and blued, 1911 kinda guy; and that’s the manual of arms I’m most comfortable with.

    My German foreparents blessed me with both a dry sense of humor and schnitzel like fingers with small palms, so finding a double stack that’s both comfortable for me and naturally pointing is tough. Very tough. I’ve owned, and shot, many,many models.
    The VP series ( I have about 4000 rounds or so through my full size) LOOKS a lot like many other pistols of similar design in the case – but shoots and handles a whole world differently IMO. My full sized VP is so comfortable shooting, accurate, and such a beauty queen smooth trigger; that I’ve tried it as an EDC on more than one occasion. She’s just bulky.
    If this pistol is truly a slightly smaller, lighter, smaller grip sized version of Das full sizer; sign me up for one- maybe TWO! Yeah, I have a lovely wife ….but she may not even notice the extra hardware in the safe…..just another pistol in an already saturated gunsafe!

  6. The new SK has almost the EXACT dimensions as the Sig P320 Nitron sub compact. The Sig is a bit heavier but this is due to a 12 round mag and is $40 cheaper at retail. Should be a very interesting comparison when the SK hits the market. I’m an HK guy but like what I’m seeing from Sig; 6.5 lb trigger pull, custom fit back strap and no need to pull the trigger on take down.

  7. I have a VP9 and really like it, so I pre-ordered as SK version when my local gun store started taking pre-orders. I was fortunately enough to get one last week. I alreayd hit the range with it and am very impressed so far. Granted it’s not as nice as my P30, but it’s still a nice gun for the $.

    My challenge has been finding a leather holster for it? I see kydex on the market but I really prefer leather. I ended up buying one here:, and it should be here in the next few weeks. I’ll try to come back and post a follow-up about it.

  8. It’s frustrating how few options there are in regards to holsters for this gun, at least anything other than leather or cheap kydex holsters. I passionately despise cheap kydex holsters. I remember when the original VP9 first came out certain holster manufacturers were hesitant to release a holster for it. They piddled around and waited and lost out on sales, then once they realized it was selling they finally decided to make a holster for it like two years after the fact causing me to go with other holster brands that I’m not as fond of. Yeah, real good guys, you just caused a lot of VP9 owners to buy holsters elsewhere by dillying around too long. You figured with the VP9’s popularity they would have learned their lesson and been having holsters ready to go for this gun by now.


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