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Are you one of those who looks at the GLOCK 42 with thinly veiled contempt? Someone who wouldn’t carry anything smaller than a 9mm and can’t stand the smell of polycarbonate in the morning – or any other time? You’re in luck then. Guncrafter Industries has expanded their CCO line of commander-sized 1911s, adding a model in 9×19. You’ll want to save your shekels (or intercept that tax refund check before the spousal unit sees it) though. All that custom goodness doesn’t come cheap. MSRP is $2,945. Press release after the jump . . .


Huntsville, AR – Guncrafter Industries expands on the newly added “CCO” line to include the 9mm, making it the ideal choice for all who are looking for the perfect custom carry pistol.

The “CCO” is Guncrafter Industries take on an old favorite. For daily carry the “CCO” gives you the best choices for conceal-ability and accuracy with the sight radius of a “Commander” (4.25” Barrel) and the concealable grip of an “Officers” model making it the best choice for the pistol that is nicely tucked into the IWB holster. This combination is known to the old school gunmen as the perfect combination for daily work, now it is time to show the concept to a whole new generation of 1911 fans.

The CCO comes to you with Guncrafter’s Tritium sights both front and rear for low light work. This specimen is finished in the standard Black Melonite for extreme use and protection and in 9mm, but it is available in other finishes and calibers of you’re choosing. The front strap and mainspring housing are treated with 15 LPI x 90 degree checkering to offer a secure hold for ultimate controllability in the fight, yet the rounded profile of the housing makes it quite comfortable for all day carry. This pistol was built in 9mm but can also be had in .45acp. The “CCO” is another masterpiece from Zimmermann’s small band of artisans in the woods of Northwest Arkansas that is Guncrafter Industries.

About Guncrafter Industries:

Guncrafter Industries was founded in 2004 by Alex Zimmermann with one mission, to make the most effective custom pistol for self-defense, the .50GI.  After introducing the .50GI to the world, Alex and his small band of “Guncrafters” have been building one of the finest custom pistols for discriminating 1911 aficionados all over the world.  Always looking to improve his lineup, the addition of only the most reliable and effective combinations are acceptable to his demanding requirements.  When you start with four models in .50GI, add six more models in .45acp, and throw in models available in 9mm, 10mm, and .38 Super, Guncrafter Industries can make the perfect place to help you discover your next pistol.  Simple principals are the guiding force, exceptional quality, exceptional reliability, and exceptional customer service, Guncrafter Industries just exceptional.

To find out more about the CCO email us at [email protected] or visit us at

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  1. Is it a doublestack?

    I like 1911s and other old pistols but for serious work I like having doublestack magazines. Who am I kidding? I would never buy this, though it seems well designed.

  2. Looks nice, but way too expensive for me and I never really “got” the idea of a 9MM 1911.

    if I really wanted to carry an all steel JMB-designed 9mm I’d either carry a Hi-Power or an FM Detective.

  3. Doesn’t say (that I saw) on the webpage, so I’m guessing singlestack.

    The RIA 22TCM/9mm convertible is a 17-round doublestack on the 1911 platform, if you’re looking for one.

    • It appears as though they simply forgot to install the wooly mammoth bone grip panels. Are you sure this isn’t the $1,400 model?

    • It’s so, at least they say so! They won’t be having me as a customer, that much is for sure.
      3 grand for a pistol? I thought a Sig P229 .40 Elite was a bit much, but I’d never spend three thousand for my carry pistol.

  4. $3k? what?

    I’m not really a 1911 fanboy but I would actually love a short-grip single-stack 9mm 1911 with a poly lower – but I think that pretty much is getting close to just being a SIG.

    Something about 9mm 1911s has always appealed to me, and I don’t know why.

    • I have a Sig C3 1911, officer frame with commander slide and it rocks! Not as fancy as this but it also was a fraction of the cost.

      • The Officers grip and Commander slide is a great idea. But when they leave off part of the grip, I wouldn’t expect the cost to go up. Why should it? Is there an accuracy guarantee, perhaps?

    • I have that same gun, C3 with Sig installed ambi safety and ramp polish. I adore the CCO sized 1911’s. Funny enough, the only malfunctions I’ve had were with my (weird metal follower) 6 round Wilson Combat mags early on. Past 250 rounds its been perfect though, with most of them hollow points. CMC match mags with power+ followers have been flawless in feeding though.

  5. Holy shit Batman! 15LPI on the front strap will bit like a farrier’s hoof rasp. Better stock up on some QuikClot for your first range trip!

    • Uh, yea, that caught my eye as well. Ouch.

      “Secure grip…” yea, I’ll bet that no one could pull it out of your hand without leaving a bloody trail…

  6. Although now I often carry an XD model, I’ve long carried 1911 format pistols in various forms. I became a big fan of the Para Ordnance (now Para USA) LDA system, which to me provided a safer carry mode (than a regular 1911), 1911 ergos, and no particular downside.

    The Para PDA has turned out to be a great carry pistol. Mine, in 9mm is a 8+1 model, and size-wise compares quite favorably with the new crop of subcompacts, like the XDs (which I also own). If you like 1911 goodness, the PDA (now called the “LDA Agent” I believe) is worth a look, and at an MSRP of $1025 is a solid value.

    • I agree with you on the goodness of Para Ordnance. Unfortunately, they have been acquired by Freedom Group. Now the prices have increased and the quality has predictably decreased on the now Para USA firearms. I say that from Personal experience from my own Before/After models, as well as my range buddy’s and, apparently, many others.

  7. Nice. But a Glock with $2400 worth of ammo and mods is nicer. I can’t afford nice, nor safe queens. When the pinheads at the lottery get around to drawing the correct numbers (mine) I’ll take a dozen.

    • For argument sake, how do you know the DW is BETTER? I’m betting you have never handled, shot or owned a Guncrafters 1911. If you had you would not make such an ignorant statement. Cheaper yes, BETTER nope.

      • In fact, I have shot and handled a Model 3. If one is make assumptions, well…. you know the rest.

        “Better” is a subjective term in the 1911 world. Although there are facts, I can agree that ‘better’ may have been the wrong world. The way you replied, you must have a vested interest in Guncrafters…

        The quality of DW FOR WHAT YOU GET puts it above many 1911 makers out there (lack of MIM, excellent lapping of frames/slides, etc.). FWIW, I currently own guns made by Yost, Dave Williams, O’Hara, Severns, and a few off shelf 1911s like Les Baer and WC. I carry a LB Custom Carry for duty.

        • No vested interest in GC. Own a few along with many other 1911’s, which is one of my favorite platforms.

          I agree that the DW is a great value, but they are not as well finished as GC, Wilson Combat, Ed Brown and Baer. And then the true custom 1911’s are on even another level.

          This is of course my opinion and we all know what they say about those.

        • The quality of Dan Wesson’s ECO is superb. And the nine and .45 are the same size so why the nine for that matter – go all out and get a .45. The .45 ECO is one soft shooting small gun, even with ASYM +P 185 grain Barnes . Small, easier to conceal than a GLOCK 27, nice custom touches, and it eats everything and has never jammed. All for around $1400. Not the low price of a GLOCK but shoot both and then let me know what you think. I shot it and a GLOCK 27 side by side. No comparison.

  8. A Colt New Agent has the same 1911 goodness in 9mm at a third the price of this puppy. So I have to ask why anyone would pay this much for one, or for that matter carry such an expensive gun for self-defense; should you ever have to use it, you will probably never see it again. Then again, I guess there are enough wealthy people for who status is more important that money…

    • What status would it give? That goes right by me. But I’ve finally realized why I’m not interested in high-priced 1911’s, though I like the basic well-made ones that seem to be under $1,500: I just don’t care about another 1/2 inch of accuracy at 7 yards. I’m never going to shoot slowly enough for it to matter in a DGU. I shouldn’t criticize items that people with a different view of handguns like.

      “If you like this sort of thing, this is exactly the sort of thing you’ll like.” -Abraham Lincoln

  9. I’m willing to pay a little more for better quality… but not that price for this. If I were competing in olympic shooting then 3,000 would be fine but this still wouldn’t be the gun.

  10. OK, I love 1911s of all types. Shoot them like a champ and even carried one many years ago. However, I fail to understand why anyone who is serious about concealed carrying a gun for self defense would ever chose a 1911 of any caliber or flavor. Any of the major manufacturer polymer guns are a better choice due to reliability, capacity, weight, and cost. If you have to use the gun to defend yourself it is likely that you will never see it again which really highlights cost as an issue for me. By a Glock 17(or 19), M&P9 and XDM and use the $1500 in ammo to figure which one works best for you.

  11. Wow. I’m sorry, but I can’t get over what else almost $3k would buy. Even if I could afford it, I wouldn’t want one.

  12. Never seen anything from this company in person, so I don’t want to be critical of the product, but a Springfield EMP is a pretty nice gun for about $1k. Got one for my wife, actually, and she loves it. Now if I could just get her to carry the thing…

  13. Still holding out for a Sig Sauer 1911 Reverse Two Tone. If only they made it in the Carry size…though I’m sure if I threw enough money at their Custom Shop they could do it for me.

  14. I love fine guns. I make some nice looking guns. I love buying walnut stock blanks while imagining what they’ll look like turned into rifle stocks. My taste in shotguns would leave most here wondering why I want to spend that much money on a gun that needs to be reloaded every two rounds.

    But where my CCW piece is concerned? I keep it simple, reliable and cheap: Glock. If the 5-0 take my piece, another six portraits of Benjamin the Fondler of French Women gets me another one, pronto, and it will be just like the one I had to fork over to the 5-0 earlier that day. That’s really the only reason why I carry a Glock. They’re (relatively) inexpensive and widely available – as in “right now, today!” available.

    If I could design my perfect CCW piece, it would be a Glock with a grip safety and a better trigger that is just as available as a normal Glock. Alas, there’s nothing I’ve seen yet that meets those criteria; almost everything fails on the availability issue, even here in Wyoming, where we own lots and lots and lots of guns.

  15. $3000 for a gun that’s been around and developed and refined for over 100 years?

    If it isn’t gold-plated, screw that noise.

  16. I know GunCrafter pistols are high. I’m a retired NCO from the Army. I was medical retired with almost 23 yrs. this past Dec 2010. My body just gave out with all the punishment of my great career choice and I would do it all again. I have three pistols from GunCrafter and another being built with my specifications. This one is the CCO 45 cal. The biggest difference between GunCrafter and any mass produced name brand out there….GunCrafter starts the build of your pistol upon your order. I can make a long list of the things GunCrafter does that most other gun makers don’t. One of the top is, they still do things by hand, buy using there expertise in hand fitting all components. There not afraid of using a file for that best fit. You can pick up a GunCrafter, then a Kimber, H&K, or any other mass produce pistol and know right up front your handling a piece of art. When you shoot a GunCrafter pistol and then anyone else’s, you feel the difference, hear the difference, and know the difference. I can go on and on about how GunCrafters build a better pistol. But no matter what I say; until you lay your hands on one, until you stand on that firing line and pull that trigger, you will never understand what your missing.
    I have many different brands, models; calibers, and in my 23 years of shooting many different firearms in many different parts of the world, I stand beside GunCrafters and I know you would to if you gave them a chance as I did. I have another 6-7 months before I will have my new CCO paid in full. That moment I do, the moment I receive my new pistol I will have a bigger smile on my face, pride in my step in knowing I have one of the best pistols out there for sport shooting, hunting and Protecting My Family.
    All I can say is give them a try and you will have few pistols in your gun cabinet knowing you have the best.

  17. Guncrafter makes a VERY nice gun. Actual human beings spend time building their guns by hand. You can complain about the price all you want but some people place value on fine craftsmanship and are willing to pay for it.

    I own a guncrafter no name and it is hands down the best pistol I have ever owned.

  18. Guncrafter Industries is the best! Better than Wilson combat, better then les baer, and better then nighthawk, and Ed brown, and better then Dan wesson.

    In today’s world, and market of technology and cheaper ways to make everything, like (MIM) Mold injected metal, cast frames, cast everything ,there’s a lot of cheap guns out there. Go pick of a Ruger SR1911 it’s the cheapest gun I’ve ever seen. It looks like it would be sold by family dollar.

    When you pay $2.7k to $4,000k on a Guncrafter pistol, you are paying for only the best in the world.

    Everything is made from Barstock, tool steel, and forged one piece at a time, them handfitted, checked, then checked again, then again. Your paying for the best quality you can buy.

    It’s a shame because, we have done it to our selves, you can lie to your self saying your $800 1911 is quality and it is not.

    We are required to pay it least $3,000 to get quality in today’s time. Which is sad, but a Guncrafter will provide it for you.

    Everything is about making something faster, and cheaper.

    Guncrafter builds the gun, and comes up wits a price later lol.

    You will not be disappointed with it.


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