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New GLOCK 43 80% Frame Will Let You Use SIG P365 10, 15-Round Magazines in your G43 [VIDEO]

GLOCK 43 SIG P365 frame

Courtesy Andrew Tuohy

Do you own a GLOCK 43 like I do? Do you wish it held more than 6+1 rounds? Of course you do.

Check this out.


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The frame in the video is a 3D printed prototype.

GLOCK 43 SIG P365 frame

Courtesy Andrew Tuohy

We talked to Andrew Tuohy who’s developing the new frame along with Omaha Outdoors. It will be sold under the Vuurwapen brand.

The frame is so new they don’t have a name for it yet. Andrew tells us they have the mold for the production frames made and are “rapidly moving toward production.”

GLOCK 43 SIG P365 frame

GLOCK 43 frame (left) and the prototype frame (right) (Courtesy Andrew Tuohy)

He said the price will be $149 and will be accepting orders “soon” at Omaha Outdoors. Watch their site for more details as production gets under way.



  1. avatar Asdf says:

    A Glock that doesn’t take Glock mags? It’s like someone fixed the Glock 43.

  2. avatar Shire-man says:

    Perfection made perfecter?

  3. avatar Bitter says:

    Soo…a Glock 26?

    1. avatar Specialist38 says:

      Not quite as “bricky” as a 26 even with a little wider magwell.

      Glock should have make a 43 with the same thickness of the 43x but the grip length of a 43.

      Should hold 8 rounds with plastic-skinned Glock mag.

      1. avatar DaveNF says:

        I think Glock should have done away with the polymer mags with the 43. There was no compatibility with the other guns and the polymer just makes much thicker magazines (or lower capacity magazines). I think the P365 is what the G43 should have been. Just like the G43x and G48 mags, a company was able to make 15rd mags that are the same thickness (and flush fit), because they did away with the polymer.

        I’m glad they’re making these though. Pretty much does just that. Even if I can’t afford one for myself, I’m glad other people will be able to enjoy them.

      2. avatar DaveNF says:

        …or 10 rounds with a steel magazine.

  4. avatar Cooter E Lee says:

    I may or may not have a few 80% around, but I don’t get this. If you want more capacity than 6+1, carry a larger !GLOCK! that takes double stacks so you can carry 10 spare 33 round stick mags on your carrier and a few 50 round drums in your tactical backpack as you navigate the dangerous streets of white middle class suburbia in your Toyota Sienna minivan. Tactical operators operating operationally

    Seriously though, there’s so many excellent and reliable concealed carry weapons at this point, surely there is something for you that can meet whatever your balance is for concealability vs. capacity without resorting to making an 80% pistol that takes a different pistol platform magazines.

    1. Yes, but there are tens (hundreds?) of thousands of people who already own a G43. This is far less expensive than buying a new pistol.

      1. avatar Specialist38 says:

        Yep. Pretty interesting.

      2. avatar StLPro2A says:

        You’re not talking $000’s, but you are talking heart beats to finish that 80%. Dollars are expendable, renewable resources; heartbeats not. Buy the gun you want and go shoot it. If you are that close on money that saving $300-900 is a consideration, you aren’t going to able to buy enough ammo to become proficient with it anyway. Learn how to provide goods/services to others willing and able to pay for them and make enough money so it becomes an expendable, renewable resource. Heartbeats never will. Think small; live small.

        1. avatar Specialist38 says:

          LMAO. Glad no one put you in charge.

          I’ll buy what I like, for whatever reason I like.

          You are welcome to,do the same …… or not.

        2. avatar Salty says:

          What if you LIKE grinding on things?????!.

          And since we are all not clones we each have different ideas about things. That’s why we have more than one car color….

      3. avatar Hannibal says:

        So the idea here is to take your normal, glock-brand glock and remove the slide assembly etc and stick it on this 80%? Who is gonna do that? Then you have your regular glock lower sitting around getting lonely.

        I guess this could be advantageous in that it allows for the high adaptability of glocks (attachments, parts, etc) with the capacity of a sig365. Still, then you’re leaving behind the glock-magazine and making a frankengun. Not sure how many people want to do that.

        1. avatar Prndll says:

          It’s for those that have broken frames and a lonely slide.

        2. avatar Salty says:

          I do.

        3. avatar neil aleguin says:

          You just seem to be too arrogant to be open to new idea’s and obviously not a real man that likes putting things together and working with his hands. And you don’t have to buy a whole new glock to get the slide you can buy just the slide so you don’t have a “lonely” slide. 😒 And well let’s say a woman needs a gun right away because a man has been threatening her life and doesn’t feel she has time for a waiting period she could put one together in a day or less and not have to wait weeks for it. That’s just one example and to say that a person with any kind of felony can never possess a gun ever is stupid. That should depend on the type of felony. I think. what if someone got a felony for drugs when they were 18 and there 45 now and changed there life completely that one mistake means they can’t legally buy a gun to protect themselves. That’s pretty stupid. So I think 80% are good in a lot of ways if utilized for the right reasons.

    2. avatar Don from CT says:

      Cooter – you dont get it.

      The G43 is so so so much easier to carry than a 26 or a 19. So if you could get up to G26 capacity with G43 size, it would be a good thing.

      Also, the G26 is significantly heavier than the 43.

      I’m a dyed in the wool glock fanboy. And I now have a P365 and have sold off both my 26 and 43. Its that good.

      1. avatar Cooter E Lee says:

        I’ll take you at your word that the 43 is easier to carry, the smallest I have is the gen 4 g19 that is new in box unfired (yes, to my shame I believed Hillary would win.)

        For concealed carry capacity I have a Bersa thunder 380 as an option that carries 15+1. Magazines are like $50-60 though.

        1. avatar Arc says:

          I made a few panic buys under Obama, but these next few years I’m doing the opposite. I’m going to take full advantage of the Trump slump and load up on cheap goods.

      2. avatar Tex Pat says:

        Exactly. I hated carrying my G26 because the frame was too think to comfortably conceal. The G43 solved that and is a great complement to my home defense G19.

        I have a P365, however, I prefer the G43 in every way except capacity. In particular I prefer the Safe Action Trigger in a carry gun.

    3. avatar Rich says:

      If you don’t spend any time at the range and need to spray and pray, go ahead and waste money on that new frame…if you know how to hit head/center mass at 2 each, the original Glock platform is more than enough. With such a subcompact weapon it is only designed for close range engagement anyways

    4. avatar Salty says:

      The reason is the size is the point! If no one wanted it (365) then why did they make it, why does it sell so well, and why are we even having this convo?????! Heeeeerrrrrooooowww!!?

  5. avatar Hannibal and the Elephants says:

    So spend an additional $149 to make your Glock more like a SIG? I just saved my money and bought a SIG instead. After 2 years and thousands of rounds, it has never had a malfuntion. I know omahaoutdoors has a history of hating SIG anyway.

    1. avatar guest says:

      If they didn’t release guns that broke and discharged on their own….

    2. avatar Ton E says:

      Yes because illustrating a problem that SIG should have been forthcoming with means you hate SIG. The mental gymnastics are strong.

  6. avatar Specialist38 says:

    Now we just need MecGar to make some 365 magazines.

  7. avatar Fully Involved says:

    James Reeves is gonna love this.

  8. avatar Josh says:

    That fixes the Glock’s problem that it takes Glock mags, but doesn’t fix the problems that it has a Glock trigger and a Glock grip. Why not fix all three problems at once by just buying a SIG?

    1. avatar guest says:

      If you can’t shoot a stock glock trigger well, then the problem isn’t the trigger.

  9. avatar Rhodesian says:

    Someone needs to make a grip module that takes glock mags.

  10. avatar Fred says:

    Interesting. I am no Glock fanboy, but no one ever complained about Glock magazines.

    But if you shed the polymer jacket, you can squeeze a double stack into roughly the same space as Glock’s single (witness the Shield mags for the 43x/48). Frankly, I think this is the reason that Glock took so long to bring out a single stack design; the polymer skin on their magazines takes up way more space, percentage wise, than on a double stack, and is not space efficient.

    Two Sig magazines and the 80% frame will cost more than a Taurus G2C. Don’t scoff at the G2C! Or sell your 43 to your brother-in-law for half what you paid for it, add the price of the frame and mags, buy a P365 and leave your Dremel in the drawer.

  11. avatar Gregolas says:

    Sold ! Shut up and TAKE MY MONEY !

  12. avatar Imayeti says:

    So how do you explain: Sig Glock? Glock Sauer?

    1. avatar El Duderino says:


    2. avatar lol says:

      call it a Sock

      1. avatar MobileFirelord says:

        I think it is best of both worlds. IMO, there are 4 advantages

        * 80% on Glock is easier as there are no metal FCU.
        * Variety of Glock 43 slide is plentyful. Many used parts that is decent enough.
        * It addresses the issue of those who doesn’t like grip angle of Glock.
        * SIG / Mecger magazine is highly reliable.

  13. avatar Josh says:

    Already been done

  14. avatar Rome says:

    Great idea! I love my G43 and G48 and I had a P365. I liked the Sig but gave it to the wife. If someone makes a Glock style trigger for the P365 I will consider getting another one.

  15. avatar IN Dave says:

    Why????? The glock and 365 are almost the same price. So you can buy a 365 and be done or you can buy the Glock for the same price + the frame for $150 + a couple 365 mags for $50 a piece = a crappy triggered gun for $250 more.

    1. avatar guest says:

      …………………maybe because they like the ergo’s on the glock more? Bueller? Though it was obvious.

  16. avatar noguns says:

    Would a slide from a g48 work?

    1. avatar weredragon says:

      Works on a 43, so possibly…..?

  17. avatar Dan says:

    Good to see some people thinking outside the box and coming up with new ideas. Maybe they can do this for the S&W Shield too. Not everything needs to be a Glock.

  18. avatar Geoff "I'm getting too old for this shit" PR says:

    What’s next? An 80-percent frame with a Glock upper and it takes CZ-75 mags?


  19. avatar Donald Duck says:

    Buy a 43x and the 15rd shield arms magazines. You can see plenty of youtube videos of the mags now. They appear very reliable so far.

  20. avatar Salty says:

    Cool trick! Now do it for sw shield! They can usually be had for $250 with mags n holsters. Only thing I don’t like about em is the capacity. So my solution to that is just carry 2. But…..

  21. avatar jt says:

    Finally, someone listened to my idea… I was suggesting a G43 frame that took Kel-Tec mags, but now with the 365, using them is probably better.

    There was never any reason for a single stack Glock 9mm to be so bloody wide.

  22. avatar M/C Rider says:

    The only thing my Glock 43 needs is a stainless steel double stack mag with 9-10 rounds, instead of the wide plastic single stack currently in use.
    Don’t need an 80 percent frame.
    Just need a new magazine.

    By the way, I love my P365 Manual Safety with 10 rounds.
    Very, very compact and a great shooter.
    No wonder it’s the best selling gun for 2 years now.

  23. avatar DAVID MOIR says:

    This guy needs to work for Glock. R+d says cram more rounds into mag minus the poly crap on outside of mags! I bought the g43 when it cam out, shot it twice at the range, swore I would carry it until I died, Sig dropped the P365, and why carry something inferior for round count on a baby firearm if I can have more rounds in the same package! Bought the Sig. Almost jumped ship to Sig when the straight trigger P365 came out and was looking at the Sig P320. Too high of bore axis for a Glock fanboy though. Keep proving that it works, and you might have a job! Or a buy out!

  24. avatar Pocketgunner says:

    So it takes a Sig to come to the rescue of a Glock? I think the whole internet feeding frenzy of high round count is interesting to watch.

  25. avatar FooGun says:

    Raise the beavertail to match the glock for higher hold, match the glock trigger guard for glock holster compatibility … and I’ll be buying several of these.

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