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TTAG awarded its highest accolade to the Walther PPQ in .45 and the PPQ M2 (5″ Slide). Both guns offer five-star ergonomics, reliability and accuracy. The PPQ could well have the best out-of-the-box polymer striker-fired handgun trigger money can buy. So Walther’s new 10 round (15 wth extended grip spare mag) PPQ SC Sub-Compact pistol is bound to be . . .

an unimpeachable choice for concealed carry. Especially as it sports the Walther’s Quick Defense trigger. With a bit of luck we’ll shoot it at SHOT today. But a review is in the works. Meanwhile, here’s the presser and pics of the plenty pricey pistol ($649 MSRP):

Walther PPQ Subcompact with friends (courtesy

FORT SMITH, Ark. – -( Walther Arms, Inc. is proud to announce the newest member of the PPQ family, the PPQ M2 Sub-Compact (part number – 2815249).

The new Sub-Compact features the signature Walther ergonomics plus the fantastic Quick Defense trigger, which has a 5.6 pound trigger pull and smooth audible resets. For maximum versatility, the PPQ SC comes with one ten round magazine, and one fifteen round magazine.

The included fifteen round magazine has a grip extension sleeve that provides control and ergonomics similar to the full-size PPQ. This will increase accuracy downrange while offering the advantages of a versatile carry/training platform.

The PPQ SC also features replaceable backstraps in both small and large sizes. The overall length is 6.6” and has an empty magazine weight of 21.2 ounces.

The 9mm Luger barrel is 3.5” long and features polygonal rifling with 1:10” twist. The slide features front and rear serrations for easy manipulation and is outfitted with polymer 3 dot target sights. The rear sight is adjustable for windage.

Like all PPQ’s the slide stop lever is ambidextrous and the magazine release button can easily change sides for left handed shooters. The PPQ SC is backed by Walther’s lifetime warranty and dedication to technical expertise.

The new PPQ Sub Compact will begin shipping immediately. There are also several accessories available for the new SC, a 10 round flush fitting magazine, a 10 round magazine with finger extension, and a 15 round sub-compact magazine with grip extension sleeve.

“We are very happy to deliver this new and highly requested addition the PPQ family,” said Luke Thorkildsen, VP of Marketing & Product Development of Fort Smith-based Walther Arms, Inc.

The MSRP is $649.

Walther PPQ Sub-Compact Pistol Left Side

Walther Arms

About Walther Arms

Walther is the premier provider of personal protection and recreational firearms of various calibers ranging from .22 to .45. With a vast devotion for continued innovation and customer focus in a fast growing industry, Walther Arms engineers products that are Built for Life. Follow and Subscribe to Walther Arms online:,,,, and

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    • I’d say it fills a niche: higher capacity than the PPS, still has the superb PPQ trigger, and some folks just cant wrap their heads around the CCP… should do well.

  1. Great and after I just bought the PPS M2 for concealed carry they release this 4 months later.

    • Id be curious what you think of the trigger. I got a PPS M2 as well and im waiting on its return from walther service dept. because that trigger is a rough gritty dissapointment.

    • Agreed. Hope they get one together with the M1 variant. Would complement my PPQ M1 .40 very well and would allow me to carry the gun I am most familiar with year round regardless of weather

    • I agree as well. Its arrival is too late after getting my vp9sk months ago. My ppq 5″ is great and has a slightly better trigger, but required retraining to not accidentally drop the mag with that large release button, makes me wonder when drawing this IWB. I now prefer the paddle release, charge handles, and meprolight night sights with 3 mags on the LE version got at the same price as this msrp. Still waiting on the extended magazines though. Let the comparison videos begin

  2. Nice… basically a double-stack PPS with a rail. Too bad it’s not at the PPS price point though.

  3. Come on Walther and HK…10 rounds of 9mm in a pistol this size and weight is a NO-GO! Your customer has deliberately chosen a concealed weapon that has more size and weight than a multitude of single stack handguns in order to gain in-hand magazine capacity and and you short them 2 rounds…why?

    • I think the point is: you choose the size of magazine to stuff in it as you see fit. Want a smaller profile for concealment? Use the 10-rounder. Want more capacity/longer grip? Use the full-size. I like that kind of versatility.

  4. What is going on here??? There isn’t a single new plastic compact gun out there doesn’t have aggressive stippling on the frame itself.
    For some one like myself who has to carry IWB and can’t wear an undundergarment all these new compacts are useless . So Walther is another company to scratch off my potential list. I’m 0 for 2 so far last was the new M&P 2.0 compact. Good gun but the stippling on that one is very aggressive.

    • Yeah, no. If I have any complaint about my PPQ it’s the lack of anything remotely aggressive on the grip.
      You need to put one in your hands. This may be your jam precisely because of the fairly lame stippling.

      • I will defiantly have to put my hands on this one. If I can get more then 2 fingers on the stock grip. The stippling doesn’t look anywhere near as aggressive as the S&W 2.0s. That’s for me, one painful gun to carry IWB here in Florida. As my normal everyday wear is a t shirt and jeans.

    • Plastic is easy to file or sand down. Five minutes with a piece of emery cloth can save your skin.

  5. I carry my full size PPQ as my edc during the winter months. This may be a future replacement for my G30 that I carry during the summer.

  6. What happened to the P99 shorty?

    Looks like a cross between the P99 compact and the HK VP9SK.

    It will sell, I imagine.

  7. So its much bigger, in every measurable way, than the new Sig P365, is more expensive, doesn’t come with night sights. So, it solves the problem of the old M&P Compact, FNS Compact, P320 SC, except for lots more money.

  8. Yet another Polymer Striker-Fired Handgun. I am so impressed that I just can’t stand it. lol


  9. Like it have the Ppq navy 9mm and a p99c 9mm l think at 650 dollars is way to much being my navy model was 580 dollars out the door like it but don’t think it’s worth more than 500 dollars to 450 just my opinion my p99c does everything this does got it for 430 dollars out the door and has second strike capability not important in a range gun but for concealed carry a plus my opinion

  10. I’ve owned the PPQ M2 .45 for almost 2 years now. I can’t put into words how amazing this gun is! I use a Sticky Holster and can conceal it easily. The trigger is smooth as silk!
    If your considering this gun then Go For It!
    You won’t regret it. I’m now looking at the PPQ SC for my wife!

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