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I guess we should have seen this coming. Though they say you never do until it’s too late. This afternoon’s email blast from brings news of the latest thing in personal defense loads. With an administration that has to be embarrassed into positively affirming that they won’t employ drone strikes against American citizens, the free market will fill the demand for those who may not be persuaded. When standard OO buck just isn’t enough to bring down that drone that’s been circling your back yard for the last half hour, you can now employ the same ammo the military uses to penetrate tank armor, albeit at a slightly reduced rate of fire. Press release after the jump . . .

New Depleted Uranium Rounds Specialize in Taking Down Drones!

Listen up Lucky Gunners – We’re thrilled to introduce you to the latest product to hit the virtual shelves of – 12 gauge loads especially made to take down the unwanted survieillance associated with Big Brother’s drones!

These new 1 3/8 oz. loadsย are capable of slinging pellets made of depleted uranium up to 1 kilometer straight up into the air. We’ve exclusively partnered with Tacnition to get these rounds, which feature the latest in technology.

Be sure to give them a look and ensure your ammo stache at home has a least a few dozen of these rounds before you’re not able to make the purchase without someone looking over your shoulder as you order!

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  1. I’m thinking drones fly a bit higher than 3,000 feet. Like 10 – 15 times higher.

  2. I don’t care if it’s April Fools or not. I want some under my pillow at night to help boost my super powers!

    • I have some glassware (bowls, cups, juicer, etc) from the 1930s/1940s colored green with Uranium Di-Oxide, the same stuff they make nuclear fuel rods out of. If you put them under a black light, they fluoresce the stereotypical radioactive green. Look on ebay for Vaseline glass or Uranium glass.

    • “super powers”?


      It’ll be easier for the ATF and the DHS to FIND YOU when your head glows in the dark!

  3. I was sincerely hoping this was real. You have no idea how many times I’m just walking around when a tank appears 10 feet from my face. At least now I’ll be prepared.

  4. Riiiight, Depleted uranium for common civilian use-Tomorrow-Snap back to reality

  5. My buddy called me all in a flutter “OMG OMG OMG! They make depleted uranium anti-drone shotgun rounds! OMG OMG OMG” and immediately started going on about how a shotgun can’t hit a drone.
    “Dude. It’s an April Fools joke.”
    “NO! It’s real! Luckygunner sent me an email saying now in stock.”
    “I got the same email. It says in big letters FOR ENTERTAINMENT ONLY”
    “Oh. I didn’t read that far”

  6. Wait a sec, shotgun loads? Whose idea was that? Biden’s?

    Then again, I guess it wouldn’t make sense to use depleted uranium in anything more potent, like .223, since everyone knows an AR-15 can penetrate armor anyway….

  7. With an administration that has to be embarrassed into positively affirming that they wonโ€™t employ drone strikes against American citizens

    Tell that to Anwar Al-alaki or his son, Obama drone striked both of them, and they were American citizens.

  8. I wonder if it’s at the new lucky gunner prices of +400%…. cute joke… F-them.

  9. I was told a few years back that depleted uranium ammo was toxic and illegal for civilians to own?!?!? The guy that told me could have been nuts, so I am asking.

    • Yes, it’s toxic, but its not that bad as lomg as you handle it with gloves and dont eat it. It is still radioactive and will be for a LONG time.

      The only thing “depleted” is the fissile material. What’s left behind is no longer useful for making nuclear bombs, but it’s hella good at making heavier than lead armor penetrators, which when fired in foreign lands also takes care of the radioactive waste disposal problem.

    • How about drone kits with attachments for the soon to be disenfranchised gun owners.

      Could there be a new business opportunity emerging?

  10. Yes, I know, April Fools and all that…. but I would like to have a couple of the boxes to put on the shelf for entertainment value.

  11. These would be nice to have just for the Shits and Giggles factor!!! And besides that imagine the look on the face of your local gun control asshole neighbor when you just happen to drop the hint that you have depleted uranium rounds in your home defense shotty!!

  12. Glad to see that while I got the “April fools” part of this, I still want them anyway.

  13. How long before some MSM idiot sees this and goes all twisted panties on the story?
    Remember the Birdman gangsta sights. ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. The projectile would be a lot smaller if the weight remains 1 3/8 oz. About 38% smaller. Lead is about 0.4 oz/cm^3 and DU is about 0.6737 oz/cm^3. If the a DU slug was the same size as a 1 3/8 lead slug it would be about 68% heavier, at 2 5/16 oz. Oh and babies with birth defects. April Fools.

  15. Depleted uranium rounds for civilian use lol that’s a gas ill stick to my custom brass core handloads they don’t stop just like a true blue american

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