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Yes, that’s an over/under home defense shotgun. Stoeger’s new Double Defense scattergun has short, easily maneuverable 20″ barrels and plenty of rail space. Previously made in a side-by-side model, the 0/u will also be available in both 12 and 20 gauges. MSRP is a comfortable $479. We’re already on their T&E list so look for a review as soon as they can get one into RF’s anxious hands.

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  1. I saw the title and I was wondering if someone was asleep at the wheel. Interesting idea but I likes the more traditional side by side layout. Are they not going to produce the SxS model anymore?

    • For most people in most situations facing the most likely potential threat, two rounds from a shotgun is about right. Reloading the DD, while difficult, is probably easier than feeding a pump or semi tube. For most people.

      • It just all comes back to practicing. I own several over and under’s for skeet shooting/pheasant hunting as well as a pump. I keep the pump loaded by my bedside at night. If a person isn’t willing to take time to practice racking their pump, they aren’t going to practice reloading their over and under.

      • Exactly. I’ve been eyeing these Stoeger coach guns for a wile as a good house gun for my wife. She isn’t interested in shooting much but I would feel better knowing she had something simple to use. Two rounds of buck shot out of a point-and-shoot beats a tube full of the same from a pump gun she can’t cycle with confidence.

        Plus, I just want one.

      • “For most people in most situations facing the most likely potential threat, two rounds from a shotgun is about right. Reloading the DD, while difficult, is probably easier than feeding a pump or semi tube. For most people.”

        This is complete nonsense, no-one, in the world, knows what kind of defensive situation they are going to be put into in their lives, So buying a gun that would work for “most people, in most defensive situations” is rediculous. I don’t carry a derriger even though it will work for “most people”, and neither does pretty much anyone else.

        • Yeah, then explain why to this day a double rifle is the preferred weapon for facing dangerous game. Countless numbers of charging cape buffalo, elephants, lions, etc have been taken with nothing more than two rounds between death and the shooter….Unless you are being attacked by a mob of rabid meth heads, 2 rounds of 12 gauge, 00 buck and proper practice and training is adequate for just about any eyeball to eyeball home invasion situation. But if you think you need 5 rounds or 15 from your miracle wondernine or hand grenades or whatever, then by all means go ahead.

    • Watch Clint Smith run a single barrel or double barrel and you might change your mind.
      You can do a lot if you learn to run the gun you got.

      • Exactly, with the complete lack of a cycling action, it’s a minimum 2.75″ shorter and more likely 3″ shorter. And that’s not counting the likely very short length of pull.

  2. I am strangely, and disturbingly, attracted to this and that Mossberg 464 tacti-cool 30-30. Now if only Ruger will add a light rail, fiber optic front sight, and dull black finish to a Vaquero…

  3. My Stoeger SxS Coach Gun in 12 gauge is 36.5″ long and 6.5 lbs so relatively speaking it is easy to maneuver as shotguns go. This new Double Defense has similar overall length and weight.

    I will NOT to buy or even accept as a free gift this new shotgun by Stoeger for two reasons:
    1) There have been lots of posted complaints online about firing problems on the second shot with Stoeger’s O&U ‘coach sized guns’ such as with their Outback O&U model.
    2) There have also been lots of complaints about double-barrel Stoegers SxS that utilize just one trigger. Stoegers with the dual trigger system are far more reliable.

    The Stoeger SxS with the dual triggers have a good reputation for reliability and the ability to take a lot of abuse. Just ask the CAS crowd. The vast majority of the online blog reviews (and other professional ones) along with comments by many individual owners online of the SxS with dual triggers are very positive.

  4. Practice loading and firing any weapon you depend on in the dark with dummy rounds. Time yourself and then practice some more. Even a Ginsu takes practice and they don’t run out of bullets. Most break-ins happen at night while people are sleeping if you don’t panic you might actually remember where you put the gun.

  5. Ugh. I can’t even put into words how stupid this is. Oh wait, yes I can;

    “you know, having enough shots to deal with the problem all in one go is a little to easy for me, I think I’d like to give my home intruder rapists a little more of a fighting chance to kill me, you know? Also, a 200$ pump action is just way too inexpensive a weapon, when my gun gets confiscated by police for evidence after I use it I want to feel a decent dent in my wallet.”

    There you go, I managed to put into words how stupid this is. Anyone saying it’s easier to reload a double barrel than a pump shotgun is delusional. Not to mention the whole idea is stupid, if you’re having to reload it at all then that show you SHOULD have had a pump action… Say you’ve got a standard mossberg 500, you get into a gunfight and have 5 rounds. Without reloading. At all. Now say you have to use every one of them because, somehow, there is more than one dooshbag and you somehow manage to miss a shot(because we all know its impossible to miss with a shot gun, right?/sarcasm) well now your stupid over under has to be reloaded twice before you can even manage to match the output of the mossberg as it was sitting.

    There you go, even more words describing how stupid this is.

    • Fact is,ya can make a scenario against a pump also,what if your 5 shot or 9 shot shotgun isn’t enough,what if you are being attacked by a mob,then you need a 50 cal machine gun mounted in your bedroom.No,a double is quite sufficient,I don’t know anyone crazy enough to charge a shotgun assuming it’s empty .

      • Don’t get me wrong. I like almost all guns. I don’t care if they have a purpose or not. But this latest round of double barrel “defensive” shotguns get to me. If someone is so stupid they can’t learn their way around a pump action then, by all means, get the double barrel. At least that way you’ll have two shots instead of no shots(since they would be keeping the pump stored with no shell in the chamber no doubt). But I don’t think gun companies should be catering to the stupidest people buying guns. If you have a wife that refuses to learn how to run a pump, first I would say try harder, maybe get her a small class with a good instructor(because she doesn’t want to listen to you, it’s just engrained in their minds that men are stupid), then I would say get her a 20ga semi automatic with a youth stock, there are plenty around that work great. Semis don’t have the reliability problems they used to. That way, all she has to do is pull the trigger, maybe work a safety, and she still has the firepower to stop more than two guys, more than one guy if she misses, more than no guys if she misses twice.

        Literally everything about this is a bad idea, but I know there are idiots right now buying these because they look cool on the gun store shelf, and because some worthless gun store guy is telling them how it’s great for wives because it’s simple, and oh by the way maybe you want to get her one of these pocket .38s cause they are so small and cute!

          • Now Charles, I highly doubt you and your wife are too stupid to figure out a pump action. Maybe you don’t want to learn it, as I said that’s a different thing and if it’s the case you should go with a semi like I mentioned. The stupid comment was about people who are literally too stupid to understand how to work a pump action. These are the kind of people who are confused by revolving doors. They are few and far between, but for that kind of person this gun could be a good idea, better than nothing for sure, even stupid people have a right to defend themselves. But for literally everyone else this is not a great idea.

            Unfortunately every blog that reports on one of these stupid things makes them sound like a great idea, thereby possibly causeing someones death because, on the advice of a blog, they bought an “awesome” defensive double barrel shotgun and proceded to miss a shot, shoot a guy, and then get killed by his buddy. Sounds like a shitty situation for everyone.

        • Arrogant, self proclaimed “expert” bullshit. Jesus Christ, people like you write volumns of nonsense and are apparently proud of it. But then again supposedly 80 or is it 81 million morons voted in the last presidential election…You must live in some post apocalyptic world or maybe Portland..😅…But just so you know, home invasions where a weapon like this would be used, happen as face to face events. They generally take place in an under 7 or 8 yard field of fire where 2 initial rounds of 00 will speak for themselves. Shooting beyond that kind of range in a home invasion or cutting loose with a 5 or 6 or 8 round shotgun mag like some yahoo, you better have a damn good lawyer on retainer. If you need more than a couple of 12 ga rounds in a room distance situation then give it up and go hide in your bedroom and pray your town hasn’t “defunded” the police.

  6. So what happens with 3-4 criminals at the gates?

    You know, I have never seen all the problems with cycling pump actions everyone else seems to have. Lucky I guess.
    Model 12, 870, 37… they all work fine. Shooting the Model 12 since I was a tweenager.
    I suppose you can make a pump malfunction if you try.

  7. Pretty sure the only way to be sure your ammo-count is high enough is to have something belt-fed or 100 round drum minimum because you just need to be sure you have enough for any situation right?

    Unless you live in Watts or Brightmoor or someplace like that, this is not an unreasonable choice for home defense (assuming it works properly).

  8. “The Space Cowboy thing seems to be all the rage.”
    ref. “Cowboys vs. Aliens” I want the thought-fired arm gun.

    It would take emptying + 3 reloads to equal a Mossberg Persuader. Yes, you could always want more capacity when things turn ugly, and I will take an 8 shot pump over a dbl for repelling boarders.

    • the state I live in allows only a 3 shot capacity shotgun for bird hunting.So,I get a 9 shot mossberg,that isn’t really useful for anything but mob control.Where if I have a double,I can hunt bird,bear,deer etc and home defense,one gun,many uses.

  9. I bet most people who buy this will already own a Mossberg, Remmington or Benelli. I have 4 combat shotguns, but I think this one is neat and can’t wait to play with one

  10. even if its not as good as a pump shotgun its sure going to make a nice addition to my collection tomorrow, seen as in australia semi and pump shotguns are both very difficult to get legally.
    and two shots of 12ga is a hell of alot more impressive than telling an intruder im ringing the police and dobbing.

  11. There are more disadvantages than advantages of owning this DD shot gun but but that all depends on what ever situation you may fall under and location you live in if you don’t like o/u or s/s this gun is not for you plain and simple…. Yes its sweet looking gun and its functional.. it has a purpose.. if you need more of a gun then get more. Nice review this was.

  12. Micheal is right those who will be purchasing this gun will have already own a Mossberg, Remmington or Benelli.

  13. Its amusing to read all these posters belittle the double barrel shotgun as a poor choice for defense. The late Jim Cirillo of the NYPD Stake Out Squad actually prefered a short barreled Stevens double 12 gauge for his stake out gun and said in his experience you cannot get off two faster shots with any shotgun than you can with a double. His other favored weapon was the often bad mouthed M1 Carbine, due to the fire power and punch in close quarters. Now this is a guy who had his choice of just about any pump or auto shotgun and instead went with the double due to its speed and effectiveness, and Jim put down 11 bad guys during his days on the squad. I have the side by side version of this sans the top rail, but the bottom rail is handy for a detachable flash light that’s readily excessible.

    When that flashlight goes on and the first barrel goes off, I highly doubt that whoever is left is going to want to stay around to find out if I’m holding a pump, auto or double. I still have not formed an opinon on the o/u version, but my s/s is dependable, easy to reload from the butt stock ammo holder, and have not had one problem shooting it. And yes I have 4 other tactical type Rem 870’s to choose from, and I am comfortable with this. Just my 2 cents.

    • Actually Cirillo and Allard of the aformentioned NYPD Stakeout squad ditched the Stevens doubles after a shootout where Allard needed 3 quick shots in succesion to survive. He was using his Ithaca 37 (either 14″ or 20″ bbl. ,they had access to both). Allard told his lieutenant, “If I had a double barrell ,I wouldn’t be here today”. Later Cirillo said something to the effect of “give ’em back to the detectives ,they’re not for us”.

  14. First off — Mike, LOL about the 50 cal in a bedroom. Second, I have twice been in a scenario where reaching for my weapon (Colt MKIV .357) scared off 2 nefarious charaters and where racking a round in the chamber (40 Smith Wesson)’ backed off a dangerous felon. My point gentlemen — yes, some gun is better than no gun & it’s presence alone will likely diffuse the situation and/or allow the Calvry to arrive. It’s that simple.

  15. For those of you talking about the “short, easily maneuverable 20″ barrels.” ‘B.S’, the overall length of the Double Defense (according to Stoeger’s site) is 36 1/2″ while a Remington 870 with an 18″ barrel & full stock is 38 1/2″.

  16. ok ok ok. I think this weapon has its place…just not in my home. One of the few reasons I can think of is if you live in a very restrictive state that only allows a double or single “hunting style” bla bla bla. While only being a pro on Alabama state law, I’m only guessing there is some messed up state out there that is so restrictive on gun ownership where this weapon would be desired over others in a similar class. Another crazy reason is if you are an O/U wizard and that’s the only weapon system you know inside and out backward and forward. You’ve been shooting and reloading weapons similar to this one for nearly your whole life and have very little experience with ANY other weapon system. This shotgun would “hold you over” until you can get off the couch train and put some time and thought into home and family defense. Latter “upgrading” once competent with a superior weapon. One more vote “NO”, Alabama Officer

  17. I came across one of these at the local gun show this weekend, and I must say it was love at first sight. After perusing row upon row of rusty old knives, surplus magazines, civil war relics, and countless numbers of over priced plastic pistols, and AR15s; this tactical over was a breath of fresh air. Sometimes you just have to treat yourself, and I think this would be a great “fun” gun. Something you buy for yourself; for your own amusement, and not the amusement/opinions of others. After catching sight of this out of the corner of my eye, I picked it up, and shouldered it. Immediately I was impressed at how well balanced it felt. Most 18-20 inch pump actions feel clumsy in comparison. The best surprise was the $379.00 price tage. If I hadnt already spent my cash on brass, and loading supplies I would have gladly given this unique over under a new home. Lucky for me I get paid next week, and I know where this particular vendor keeps shop.

  18. I know one thing for sure; not one of you has been in a gun fight. Of course this shotgun is probably not the optimal firearm for a mob. This comment was dumb, like saying trees are wood. Lighting off 2 rounds of 12 g 00 on a home intruder will send him/her for the first exit. I know because it happened to me. This gun would be a good addition to any home defense arsenal.

  19. Doc, you are absolutely correct! The overwhelming majority of people on these blogs have probably never shot a home intruder, or anyone else in a real life self defense situation. I have done so twice, once in my home and once on the street. What many people don’t know is what happens after the shooting: surrendering your weapon, being handcuffed and subsequently questioned by the police at the station, and (in most cases, not all) having to explain to a grand jury the circumstances of the shooting. In both incidents, I had to wait over 2 months to get my weapon returned. Another thing very few people realize is the retribution that may occur after shooting someone. That person’s family, relatives, and friends may be looking to get “even” with you regardless of how righteous the shooting was. Shooting someone is a very serious thing and should always be the last resort. …………………Joe Estrolino, former U.S. Army Green Beret “A” Team 5th Special Forces Group and veteran of 4 tours in Vietnam 1965-1969

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