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[Not So] New from Sphinx: SDP Compact Pistol

Swiss Miss Sphinx is moving into the U.S. market with their CZ-like pistols. Again. Still. As part of that push, the American arm has started to Tweet. (OMG!) One of the company’s first Tweets brings news that they’re finally bringing the SDP Compact 9mm into the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave (note: same place). As it’s been a long day in the Internet salt mines; I’m gonna post ye olde presser after the jump and call it good. If the SDP is as good as their race guns, and we hope to get some trigger time at SHOT and report, well-heeled CZ-lovers may have a suitably swish alternative . . .

Matten, Switzerland – Sphinx®, the Swiss reference in pistol manufacturing, introduces the Sphinx® SDP pistol, specifically designed to meet the demands of law enforcement and military operators. Sphinx pistols have long held the reputation for their exacting precision from concept to the firing range. The new Sphinx® SDP has been designed using the same strict tolerances and state-of-the-art CNC machining used for the Sphinx® competition and commercial lines.

The new Sphinx® SDP Compact 9×19 Parabellum is an all-black compact pistol in Double-Action/Single-Action with an ambidextrous decocking lever and magazine catch featuring various safeties including:

  • Loaded chamber indicator (visual and tactile)
  • Internal firing pin safety
  • Drop safety
  • Integrated slide position safety
  • Hammer safety

The Sphinx® frame is unique in that the upper frame or dust cover is made from aeronautic grade, hard-anodized aluminum with Teflon® inserts to reduce wear. The integrated recoil buffer provides stabilization of the gun, getting it back on target quickly and improving accuracy. The full-length guide rails are not inserts like many other pistols, but machined in, providing additional strength and increasing accuracy levels. The integrated Picatinny rail is made from MIL-STD 1913 aluminum with 4 notches to hold a variety of accessories including lights and lasers.

The lower part of the frame or grip is made from a proprietary polymer that will not break down in either extreme hot or cold environments. The ergonomic, 3-component grip is made from soft and hard material for a comfortable, confident hold. Three interchangeable grip sizes (Small, Medium, and Large) are available.

The Sphinx® slide is fully machined from solid steel and features an advanced pyramid design that decreases weight and profile. The slide is coated with TiAIN to resist corrosion and wear. The Sphinx® SDP features the new exclusive sights from DEFIANCE®. The front sight is a fiber/Tritium day & night green sight working in conjunction with a Tritium 2-dot red rear sight. The DEFIANCE® sight system is instantly combat-ready, requiring no switching on-or-off or any external energy sources. The completely waterproof, completely maintenance-free sights provide fast and accurate targeting under all light and weather conditions.


  1. avatar Gerard says:

    Didn’t Sphinx manufacture a run of expensive CZ75 clones? That gun looks a lot like a CZ P07 Duty.

    1. avatar Ryan Finn says:

      Imagine a CZ 75 esque pistol with a phenomenal trigger. I had a chance to shoot their pistols at the Lucky Gunner shoot last summer and was suitably impressed.

      1. avatar Robert Farago says:

        Sorry, CZ. As I said, loooong day on the Interwebs. Text amended.

      2. avatar Sean says:

        That costs 5 times as much as a CZ75. It is way easier to buy a CZ, and get a trigger job. And CZ has excellent customer service. Sphinx does not.

      3. avatar RecoveringAtheist says:

        “Imagine a CZ 75 esque pistol with a phenomenal trigger. ”

        I have one…. a sweet blue CZ85 Combat slightly warmed over that made me sell my S&W 952.

        1. avatar Drew says:

          “Imagine a CZ 75 esque pistol with a phenomenal trigger. ”

          I have one…. a sweet blue CZ85 Combat slightly warmed over that made me sell my S&W 952.

          Exactly. I love my CZ75 single action, best trigger of any semi that I own.

        2. avatar Ronald W. Wheeler says:

          Land of the Free and Home of the Brave? What country do you live in?
          I live in the USA and will move next door to you.

    2. avatar j says:

      Actually CZ copied the sphinx 3000 when they designed the p07

  2. avatar wayne says:

    How much is this gun ?

    1. avatar Burch says:

      MSRP is $1295.00 for the Compact 9mm SA/DA Decocker.

  3. avatar Gabriel says:

    What is glock-like about this pistol? It looks like a CZ to me.

  4. avatar Texas Deputy says:

    I just did a search to try to find a price on these, but all I could find was a statement that KRISS would be announcing prices and availability in the spring.

    They do have a YouTube where they show the details of this model, and the other SPHINX pistols:

    They are also producing suppressors for them:

    They are also producing a bizarre looking automatic weapon, which they say is being used by some US SWAT teams:

    “KRISS designed a submachine gun called the Vector which uses a proprietary system to redirect recoil when fired. The result is very little muzzle rise even during full auto fire. The current Vector SMG is chambered in .45 ACP.
    KRISS has the SMG deployed with various SWAT units in the United States, as well as special forces units in North America, Asia and the Middle East.
    In full production, 1,000 units each month are produced in the USA. ”

  5. avatar Don says:

    And this does what that a Sig or H&K doesn’t already?

    1. avatar CarlosT says:

      I’m guessing cost less.

      1. avatar Jason says:

        Negative. Sphinx pistols can cost $3,000 and up. What they do that SIG and H&K don’t do is be made in Switzerland. The Sphinx is essentially a CZ made to Swiss standards. Which is completely relevant to my interests.

        1. avatar CarlosT says:

          Ah, so I’m completely wrong then. Thanks for that.

          It’s not for me though, being DA/SA. I really have to have either striker fired or SA.

        2. avatar Jason says:

          Oh, they make SA models, and DA models that can still be carried cocked ‘n locked. Which is no surprise since CZs have always been that way. I’m hoping those other models will be following shortly.

        3. avatar Ted Armstrong says:

          I own a cpl H/Ks, a p30 a hk45 and the vp9. I love them, but after checking out these stp’s I had to get one. They are very well made and extremely accurate. I lucked out and got one a dealer had somone special order an never came an got. I paid $780 bucks. Brand new in box. Now I want the standard model. Awsome guns.

    2. avatar NR says:

      Well, the polymer lower frame probably holds a double-stack mag without making the grip an inch and a half thick (which is my biggest gripe about SIG’s aluminum frames). And it probably doesn’t come with HK’s price tag (which is my biggest gripe about HK).

      That ginormous trigger guard looks a little goofy though.

      1. avatar CarlosT says:

        Makes sense though, since they’re cloning CZ and they traditionally have trigger guards the size of Canada.

      2. avatar Moonshine7102 says:

        Think gloved fingers in the Alps.

  6. avatar Ralph says:

    Gee, another gun that’s not Massachusetts legal. Will wonders never cease?

    1. avatar CarlosT says:

      What evilness makes it illegal in Massachusetts? The mag capacity?

      1. avatar Moonshine7102 says:

        It’s not on the list.

  7. When they say, state of the art CNC machining… maybe I am getting deep in the weeds, but I’m getting tired of reading manufacturing methods being described as “state of the art”. Give some specifics… 5 axis, swiss turn, the CAD/CAM software maybe…

  8. avatar Ropingdown says:

    Have to agree with you, Steve, about the “state of the art” machining bit. I assume it is all they can think of to replace the old phrase “hand crafted by master gunsmiths.”

  9. avatar Ronald W. Wheeler says:

    I read that George Soros bought several gun makers?

  10. avatar Aharon says:

    I still want that 20mm long-range cannon gun.

  11. avatar Sean says:

    A CZ P07 costs $429. Anyone want to bet how much this will cost?

    My bet? $1799!

    1. avatar Gerard says:

      Maybe the Sphinx will run regular 75 magazines. Is convenience worth $1300?

    2. avatar j says:

      Try $799 – 900

  12. avatar j says:

    i read somewhere that they were gonna come in at $ 700-800 a piece.

    they are made to higher standards than sig or HK, that much is certain.

  13. avatar Greg says:

    A P07 that costs around a grand. No thanks!

  14. avatar Gus Backelant says:

    I have a Sphinx AT380. Right out of the box it jams, fails to feed and eject with five different ammo’s. Sphinx won’t even answer mail. I am retired LEO. This is the biggest piece of junk ever manufactured. No self respecting police officer would risk his life by depending on one of these.

  15. avatar Rey says:

    If these gun manufacturers are supposed to be better than CZ, why do they not design and engineer their own guns? Instead, they will clone the design, add some refinements of sort, get some writers to make a review that claims, here is a gun thats better, then have people add their reviews and ask questions that will make them balk at what’s been said. I’m ordering a CZ P07.

  16. avatar William says:

    Agree with the last poster…
    SDP subcompact alpha
    I wanted to love this gun but it is just NOT reliable
    I gave up an HK VP9 for this and now I wish I had not.
    Very disappointed

  17. avatar Ted Armstrong says:

    I made the same switch but love my sphinx, I’m way more accurate with the sdp. I’ve never had any problems with it. I still love my vp9, but sphinx has it beat. It is heavier though.

  18. avatar brian says:

    I bought one about a year ago. Paid $900 and change for it. I’ve owned and shot many expensive hand guns and this is my favorite. It has an awesome trigger and it’s incredibly accurate. It’s the best feeling gun I’ve held also which I credit much of the accuracy for. This thing just melts into your hand, fits perfectly. If you’re looking to buy a higher end gun, I would definitely try to get your hands on one for a test shoot. Not to mention it’s nice owning firearms that stand out and aren’t the run of the mill “I see those everyday”.

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