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There’s only so much you can cover at an event the size of NRA. As for SHOT, fuggedaboudit. Which is mostly OK at NRA since it tends to have fewer new product intros, coming as it does just three months after SHOT. All of which is a pathetic excuse for the fact that none of us managed to get by the SIG booth to see if they had any of their new iTAC Defense tactical gear on display. If you were looking for one, their Facebook page sez iTAC’s “your source for holsters, sights, lights, and a complete line of innovative tactical accessories.” We’ll see if we can get our grubby mitts on some iTAC gear and give it a good going over.

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  1. I must have missed tha TTAG exclusive story about the new SIG snubnose.

    But seriously, I did get my grubby mitts on some SIG gear, and i can report that their P250 paddle retention holsters work pretty well. They arent made with rivets, and thus seem a little sturdier than the Fobus paddles I own.

    They’re *not* concealment rigs, however, and the trigger guard retention hook doesn’t properly engage with the Subcompact model. They resemble SERPA holsters, but I’m confident that SIG’s double-action first shots will prevent ADs during presentation.

  2. Got an email from SIG and in it, there was a picture of some sort of ‘upper’ for a pistol. Reminded me of something from MecTech or CAA. Know anything about it?

  3. This all looks like chintzy Chinese built junk that some purchaser found at an expo in Shenzhen, paid to have branded with “iTAC” and has started selling here.

    Nice ripoffs of various lights (btw: 120 lumens from an LED is pretty pathetic these days). The Aimpoint T1 copy is pretty obvious. The most baffling though is why anyone would ripoff the SERPA holster? I don’t think changing Blackhawk’s square paddle detent to a circle is going to overcome the design’s inherent issues…

  4. Heh.

    Sig offered me a job last year as a sales rep for this line of accessories.

    I turned it down. The pay absolutely sucked.

  5. Rip away all you want, oh ignorant internet masses. But don’t knock it until you’ve tried it.

    I don’t own a single SIG firearm, but i’m wearing one of their paddle mounted mag pouches, right now, and its pretty sweet. It cost less than my old Blackhawk! SERPA mag pouch set up, is adjustable for cant, and doesn’t wobble around, and its actually pretty comfy, and its easy to take on and off.

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