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Rock River Arms is showing off their LAR-47 rifle. It’s built on a brand new lower receiver designed to take AK-47 7.62×39 magazines and fire them in a 7.62×39 upper. Make the jump (and ignore the shoe) and I’ll lay some specs on you…

7.62×39 16 inch chrome lined heavy barrel, 1:10 twist

  • Billet A4 upper and billet lower
  • Chrome lined 7.62×39 bolt carrier group
  • RRA Delta Brake muzzle brake
  • RRA Two stage trigger
  • Ambidextrous AK-style magazine release
  • RRA Delta stock and Delta pistol grip
  • RRA 2-piece quad rail
  • 7.75 lbs / 36.5 inches

The LAR-47 looks and feels like a damned solid gun. If it works as well as it looks we might have a winner on our hands – especially for those looking to jump from an AK to the AR family of firearms.

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      • If you get cheap military surplus, yes. But don’t knock the potential of the Hornady 7.62 (or even the Silver Bear premium stuff). I’ve seen the hornady 5.45 shoot out of an M&P ever bit as well as .223 out of a good Ar15.

        I second McNabbs statement and raise it with: fianlly the ability to mount a decent optic and/or good iron sights on to a 7.62 rifle.

        My only hope is that RRA prices this gun as much as any of their other Ar’s (you can get a basic carbine for $850-$900 gunshow haggle price). I wanted to get a SIG 556R but when I found out it was $1600, I bailed on that.

      • Even with Russian Surplus, in my 7.62×39 AR I get 1.5-2.0MOA which I cannot get out of my AK. With Golden Tiger or Hornady it’s closer to 1MOA-1.25 MOA

      • Even if the LAR 47 turns out to be a great rifle your accuracy will only be as good as the ammo and optics you use. I had great luck in the past with Sellier and Belloit ammo in a Russian Saiga and a Bulgarian MAK-90, not sure S&B even makes 7.62×39 anymore. Wolf and Silver/Brown Bear have also come along way. I think the Russian manufacturers learned that there was no market for extremely dirty ammo. An acceptable group with an AK is 3 to 5 inch at 100 yards. AK’s were not designed to be target rifles. One of their major requirements is the ability to hit a man sized target at 400 meters, (and anything in-between) with iron sights.
        Will the Rock River LAR-47 do any better? Only time will tell but I do intend to purchase one I do a lot on long range target shooting but I’ve come to realize I have nothing for close quarter combat and I think this will fit the bill quite well.

        • I can get 1.5-2 moa @100yards with Ulyanosk surplus white box out of my 7.62×39 AR, with Golden Tiger and Hornady or Arsenal Brass cassed ammo I get closer to 1MOA-1.25 MOA with the proper optics of course. The AR is an inherently more accurate platform. The 7.62×39 ammoobviously has more bullet drop to compensate for at range, but people down-play it’s accuracy far too much – it’s the looser tolerances of the AK that lend to it’s reliability but also it’s slightly less accuracy.

    • No! The ACC 300 Blackout can only push a 125 gr bullet to 2100 fps. A 7.62×39 will run 125gr bullets at 2400 fps.
      The ACC 300 Blackout is a quiet weapon but it is not the same as a 7.62×39.
      When the shit hits the fan you will be able to find 7.62×39 ammo just like the 5.56 NATO.

  1. It’d be even more nice with a side charging handle on the left. With no bolt hold open I think that would be preferred over yanking the normal charging handle……….just a suggestion.
    It looks like a neat gun either way. I’m with the fellow above somewhat too. Ruger should make larger capacity magazines for their Mini-30 and some tacticool stocks. I imagine that would sell pretty well. Heck I’d consider buying a Mini-30 if they offered 30 round magazines and I could put more of what I wanted on the gun.

  2. I’ve been thinking about getting an AR from Rock River – are they worth buying?

    And this looks totally badass.

    • The one I have is great. I got a pretty nice deal on it too, no reliability issues so far. It was my first (and so far only) AR, so I don’t really have anything to compare it too, other than my numerous .22s. And those are much less reliable…
      That 2 stage trigger is wonderful. I shot one of my friends AR’s and realized that I had been spoiled by that trigger. My main complaint is that their proprietary stocks (SOPMOD style) don’t like my slings.

      • Good to know. My brother in law is a Sheriff’s deputy and just picked one up the other week but hasn’t had a chance to take it to the range yet (his first AR). I definitely wouldn’t mind getting one of these LAR-47’s to go with their LAR-15. Based off prices on their site, it looks like you could probably grab both for about $2k total.

  3. Could this be the best thing at shot? It’s cool, deffinatly the first thing to impress me so far.

  4. From the look of the FSB, this is a DI rifle. I’ll pass. While I love the idea of a AK-AR, I’m personally of the opinion that what makes the AK so dang bullet proof is that it’s a piston.

    Put this lower on the PDS, change out the barrel and they might have a home run.

    • i was curious about this, too. i’d love one to shoot cheap ammo, but cheap ammo is dirty ammo. do you guys see reliability issues with regard to the di system, or am i missing something?

    • Last night I sent Jim Fuller, of Rifle Dynamics, some info on this rifle. This was his response:

      “The problem with this concept is dirtier ammo than 5.56 in an impingment gun. It will be interesting to see how they do.”

      Obviously it’s a valid point.

      • @ “bullet proof is that it’s a piston”

        A gas piston with an operating rod is not bullet proof in an AR!
        That type of system has caused broken bolts in AR’s. It breaks them at the cam pin bore.

        @ “dirtier ammo”

        The AR will have trouble with dirty ammo. Carbon buildup is bad for any semi-auto. I want a 7.62×39 that has dependable accuracy at long range with a scope mounted on the receiver. When I get one it will fire brass cased copper jacketed ammo that shoots tight groups. I will not be on the battlefield stuck with whatever I pick up. But if “Red Dawn” happens then whatever crap they use on us will have to be good enough. I will just have to clean it like a good solider.

    • You are exactly right. KAC tried this some time ago to give the soldiers deep behind enemy lines and far from support the ability to used the caches of 7.62x39mm ammo they would come across in the caves of the middle east. But the dirty russian ammo was just no good for the DI rifles.

      • You can’t buy the Knights Armament SR-47!!!
        I think this is a step in the right direction. This will show that the ACC 300 Blackout is no where near the power of a real 7.62×39 AR.

        The SR-47 is based on the Knight Stoner Rifle (or SR) series. Many aspects of the rifle resemble an M16, but almost all parts are upsized slightly to handle the larger 7.62x39mm cartridge. It uses standard AK magazines and the magazine well is modified to accept standard box magazines.

        Only seven rifles are known to exist. Six went to USSOCOM and one was retained in the Knight Co. museum.

        The rifle uses a custom barrel manufactured by Obermeyer Barrel Co. of Wisconsin. It is machined to accept a custom Knight manufactured suppressor.

        In 2012 Rock River Arms began marketing a civilian rifle very similar to the SR-47 called the LAR-47

  5. Brilliant move on their part mag wise. Inexpensive magazine availability is a real boon to any platform. Lord only knows how many AK pattern mags are out there.As a happy AK owner who has had only a passing interest in the AR platform I must admit this is interesting to me. I have plenty of 7.62×39 ammo and more than enough mags. The prospect of getting into an AR platform, which I admire, with no extra investment towards ammo or mags is very enticing. It could be the “gateway drug” that leads to an AR spending spree.

    • @ “Inexpensive magazine availability”

      This was done for more than Inexpensive magazine availability.
      The AR style mags don’t feed 7.62×39 anywhere near as good as the AK. The shape of the AK mag and the feed lips being higher and closer to the chamber center-line are needed but don’t fit an AR without a different lower and modified bolt carrier.

  6. Tell you what i have a shit load of H&K 7.62NATO G3 mags and i wish someone made an AR platform 7.62 that used the G3 magazine because i got rid of my PTR-91

    • I am pretty sure CMMG makes a lower that accepts the G3 mags. There might be other modifications necessary as well.

  7. Unfortunately, it’s not going to make the bolt face any larger. Not a lot of metal there once you ream it out for the larger cartridge base. I’m going to stick with my SIG 556R. Decent ergos, real folding stock, a piston, and it takes AK magazines. Just be sure to pop it open and check for the steel front mag catch to be sure you get the revised model designed to set off even the cheapest Russian ammo. Which is also something an AR might have a problem with. AK firing pins protrude farther than most other rifles, and primer depth on cheap ammo varies quite a bit.

    • @ “it’s not going to make the bolt face any larger”

      The 6.5 Grendel has the same bolt face in an AR and that ammo operates at a higher pressure than the 7.62×39.

      @ “AK firing pins protrude farther”

      Unlike an AR, AKs have a long, protruding firing pin designed for a hard strike on the variety of cheap surplus ammunition with inconsistent primer depths. Rock River alleviated problems with hard primers by incorporating a heavier hammer spring and modifying the bolt carrier group. Besides that, nothing else had to change to ensure reliable ignition.

  8. For the price they’re going to want, might just be better to get a Robinson XCR with lots of mags.

    AK mags kinda suck.

  9. So does this design defecate where it eats? So tired of AR’s that don’t correct this ages-old flaw.

    • What’s with this new obsession over piston guns? Unless you’re possibly shooting a SBR suppressed I don’t see the big deal. I’ve shot cases upon cases of ammo through various DI AR-15’s without a hitch. If you never maintain your rifle, it might be an issue, but with a properly maintained rifle it’s not.

      • I’ve shot MILLIONS of rounds through MANY AR 15s and I’ve NEVER had trouble with loading or ejection. Like the man says, CLEAN YER GUN once in a while!!!
        For the guys wanting an LAR 47, I’ve ordered one and was told it’d take about 3-4 months to get my rifle at about $1200.00. Not cheap, but what worth having these days IS???

        • I’m a former marine 0311 rifleman with three deployments to Iraq and I never had problems with my DI M-16. I’m so sick and tired of all these no experienced civilians bashing DI guns. Get off your lazy fat butt, go to bootcamp and tell your drill instructor that you don’t want to train with a di gun. And please get it on video and post it on here.

    • AR’s are more accurate than weapons with operating rods. Pistons with operating rods generate stresses and vibrations on the barrel that an AR does not. Most of the gas and carbon is blown free out the ejection port thru the ports in the bolt carrier. Blow-by from the chamber when firing steel cased ammo would be the real problem.

  10. I think RRA quality is excellent, but there is a definite issue between AK ammo the DI system. Lets face it, DI uppers dirty-up quickly then seem to level off. With AKs and other piston guns, they grime up at a slower-but-steady rate. Now, we all know most AK ammo we buy is nasty stuff. Good ol’ LC 5.56 is down-right clean in comparison. Feeding basic AK ammo through a DI system is just fine, but if there are any whiners out there about the AR poopin’ where it eats, then this new baby from RRA could be like an elephant on laxatives.

  11. Whats the point of this when you can get really nice AK’s from Arsenal. Everybody must have at least 5 AR’s by now, they are the Kevin Bacons of rifles, so now you have to get a couple more in different calibres?

    • @ “get really nice AK’s”

      If you can point me to where I can get really nice AK’s that have the reliable long range accuracy with a scope mounted to the receiver like an AR then I may not want this weapon. I have never seen an AK that could best an AR at this.

  12. My cousin said in nam the vc ammo went though trees and cut the marines to pieces,so after 3 weeks he started packing a ak-47 for the next 2yrs. I took his advise and bought a model-77 ruger 7.62×39 and over the last 8yrs i can’t tell you how many kills at 300,400,500 yards,I call it my back beauty,and i’v been waiting for the day they came out with ar frame with ak ammo and its here. Payday its going to get order express mail!!!

  13. I think this rifle is a great idea if they ever release it…… 9 months ago I put a deposit on one of these rifles and never received it……. The shop I have the deposit to said that they finally got in touch with rock river arms and RRA said ” we do not even have an assembly line made to start producing the rifles and there is no way they could tell us when the release date was” I thought this was interesting because you can go on there web site right now and purchase one of these rifles and they have not produced 1 of these rifles besides the 3 prototypes they made……. Does anybody know when these rifles will be available?

  14. I wou;dn’t get your panties in a rush to get one of these. A guy on AR Forum ordered one of these in March of 2012. He hasn’t gotten it yet. I ordered one almost a month ago. Haven’t heard a thing. I emailed RRA and asked them about it.
    This is what Marl told me.
    “At the moment you may want to get a refund. We aren’t officially shipping that model yet with the demand on production for our other models. We plan on getting the 47 model out as soon as possible. If you need to re order it when they start shipping contact me then. I’ll see what I can do. It’s real. It’s just that it most likely will not ship for the next 3-6 months due to order demands of our standard platforms.Thanks,Mark”

    so basically it is just a pipe dream. They will never go into production. A year ago, there wasn’t a super huge demand for AR15’s like there is at this moment. They don’t even have a assembly line set-up to start buildng them AND 2 weeks after I ordered one, they went up on the price. WHY?

  15. Are these Rock River LAR-47 rifles even in production ?

    The RRA website states that the are NOT yet in production. Then I’ve heard guys at gunshops say they are starting to produce them. Are they available or not ???

    If so where can I get my hands on one ?

  16. are the lar47s in production. Wife finally gave me the ok to get a assault rifle, and i like the looks of the lar 47. What is the price out the door, and are they available?

  17. From my experience the 7.62 is an excellent AR-i5 round ; my 16 ” AR ” will consistently shoot 2 ” groups at 50 yrds with no problem . I’m up for buying one of these LAR-47’s .

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