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Well, it looks like American Rifleman got their hands on the new Remington bolt action rifle before anyone else. I’m only slightly miffed; we’re the #1 firearms-related news and reviews website on the internet after all. And AR’s rifle review left a little something something to be desired. (“The 783 is a bolt-action rifle that shoots like a model 700 and costs as much as a 700 did 20 years ago.”) But I would say that wouldn’t I? Anyway, the main takeaway: the Model 783’s a “budget” rifle. Clocking-in at around $451 MSRP Remington designed the bolt action rifle to “fill the gap between the Remington Model 770 and Model 700 SPS.” That’s code for putting it in direct competition with Ruger’s American Rifle and the like. More info when we take our first look at SHOT in about 12 days.

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  1. Well, crap! I was hoping for a 700 with a removable magazine. Maybe an M-24 in A2 config or an XM2010. What I don’t need is another cheap “almost good enough” rifle.


    • PSSSSSST (Tika T3)

      10X better than a garbage remington. Sure, you can buy a 700 and dump $1000 into making it good, but why not just buy an excellent $700 rifle to start out with, and use the money for some good glass?

      • Interesting! The T3 Tac looks like it might fill the bill. The removable mag and the Picatinny rail are the deal makers. Spec download .pdf says Tikka is owned by Sako.

        I have a great deal of respect for the Finns, they make good stuff. I’m gonna check it out.


  2. Yawn… oh look a gun built to fit a price point…

    Up next, the exact same gun painted coyote brown and labeled ‘desert operator’ +$200 MSRP.

    I can’t wait for the zombie edition.

    Way to be ahead of the curve there Remington.


  3. I’m not terribly impressed. I guess my worries that my Rem 700 or Win 70 would be ‘obsolete’ we’re unfounded.

    And I’m going to advise my buddy to buy that Tika T3 he’s had his eye on.

  4. What happened to iron sights? Why does 3/4 of the rifles coming out these days have no iron sights? Why should I spend even more money on a budget rifle for a scope, along with extra ammo to sight the darn thing in?

    • I agree. Most of my hunting rifles have iron sights. They are there as backup. Many rifles I take on out of state hunts, and while I may have a spare scope back in camp or the cabin, I don’t have one in my backpack and I have had an occasion where a sling swivel broke and the rifle fell a long way to dash itself on some rocks. With quick-detach rings, I was able to remove the damaged scope and I was able to finish out the day hunting using the iron sights instead of heading back to camp.

  5. Im sure this is a fancy 770, but I love 700s. I’ve owned or at least shot these others, vanguard, t3, model 70, ruger 77 and scout. I’ll stick with my much hated 700. Good quality glass and a handload it likes; if I do my part it will shoot an moa or less, doesn’t jam or stick, and goes boom everytime.

  6. If it was a Remington 700 receiver I might have considered it but I will continue to save up for a Stevens 200 that I can put in a nice stock and maybe rebarrel later.

  7. I will stick to my Savages. If the Rem version of the Marlin 336C I bought recently is any indication of the fit and finish of the “new” Rem model, then I will stick to buying more Savages.

  8. Ok, I got to read more on this rifle… Wow did they ever want to a Savage Rifle. barrel nut, “accutrigger” (badly named Crossfire), and lines like an Axis though I think it would be an insult to Savage to call it one.

  9. this new model 783 is not a budget rifle, its a the new way firearms are going to be made now days period, just like glock when they came on the scene with their poly frames every body said they would not last because everyone was use to all steel, but look at glock now covering 70% of the police and civilian market not to mention other gun makers following suit.
    remington,savage, and ruger all have understood that chopping down tree making wood stock guns is over in large volume as with all that heavy metal where it does not have to be anymore.

  10. Anyone check out the specs on-line and think, “this can’t be right?”

    The barrel lengths for the 270, 30-06, and 308 are all 22 inches, but the overall lengths seem kooky. The short action 308 is 42 and 1/2″, pretty reasonable, but the .30-06 is 44 and 1/2″ while the 7mm Mag, with a barrel length of 24″ is only 42 and 1/2 as well. The 270, again with a 22 inch barrel, catalogues at 41 and 5/8″ overall, the shortest of all. I think these are screwed up. The 270 and 30-06 should be 42 and 1/2″, the 7mm Mag, 44 and 1/2″, and the 308 is 41 and 5/8″. That would make sense.

    Anyhow, what a win for Savage. The barrel nut used to be the ugly duckling no one wanted and here Remington is adopting it for one of their rifles.

  11. Assuming it comes in as a model somewhere below the 700 SPS, are we to assume the disposable/throwaway stock of the SPS will not be improved upon. That would only be an “innovation” for the accountants. If a rifle begs to be fixed before the first shot is fired, it’s no bargain. I have no problem with a re-design as long as it’s safe, dead accurate and stone cold reliable and the manufacturer can replicate those attributes on 95% of all units sold. Considering modern manufacturing and new materials and the fact that Remington is the Jonny Come Lately at attempting to produce hi performing rifles with inexpensive materials, if somebody were to ask me, “For $450, which do you want, accuracy or reliability?”, my answer would be… both. If the past is any indication of the future, I would have my doubts that Big Green can pull it off since at double the price, they haven’t delivered on those attributes with any consistently. Good luck Mr. Fink (and I mean that). This will be your legacy.

  12. I’ve heard nothing but good things about this, even as a “designed for a budget” rifle. I’ll wait till I handle it and hopefully shoot it to judge. Of course, my long shots are 150 yards at the ranch and I’ve made a max shot of 250 or so yards. So I’m not looking for something with MOA accuracy at 300+ yards like some.

  13. Had a chance to handle this new Remington at a local shop this week. All I can say is that Remington has deteriorated to the point where I don’t see myself ever buying another until there is an overall change of ownership and production standards.

  14. I’m buying one. I have no problem with any company that utilizes the best technology of other companies to enhance their own line of guns. The 700 series was just a remake of the Mauser technology.

    I like the enhancements over the 700, more rigid receiver, bottom loading mag drop (huge plus), flat bolt tip for larger diameter scopes, shoots as accurate as the 700 out of the box and saves me a thousand dollars over the 700 I was looking at. For $365.00 and great accuracy out of the box, I can afford alot of ammo and a nice scope. This thing looks like it is built like a tank and take some punishment and is still 7 pounds. I like it! Great job Big R!

    We are going to need an accurate , dependable rifle like this that everyone can afford in the near future. Be prepared and stay awake!

  15. Where is it built? My commie manufactured Remington goes bang but that is about all I can say “good” about it. It was built as a price point and everything about it say’s “cheap” The finish, trigger, scope all are minimalist. It does however make a great backup rifle on hunts and is a great “loaner” for fellow hunter’s who need something. I want an on old Colt/Sauer a Browning A-bolt or one of those newer Thompson Center bolt guns or a Ruger. Fit and finish of all are going to be superior and all of them will probably shoot circles around a POS Remington. I’d even go with a Savage, never liked the ugly Barrel nut but: when your printing 1/2 inch groups at 100 yards you forget about the looks.

  16. What do people think of the remington 783 bolt action 30-06 is it worth it to buy? what are the ups and the downs?

      • i bought a rem. 783 and i tell you its very accurate and love it plus the price is great wonder why some people talks about it , before talking like they do get one and go try it out then u can comment on it im v ery satisfied thank you remington .

  17. hi everyone, happy friday. i just passed the maryland safe hunting and firearms education program. i aim to have my very first rifle as a gift to myself this christmas. i am confused which one i will buy. i like the mossberg atr night train ii, is anyone has words for this rifle in real shooting? pls. help me to know. thank you and have that “muzzle always point in safe direction” when not ready to shoot. thank you…..marino/maryland

    • Mossberg atr in 270 is great i have one and it shoot 3/4 inch all day long at 100yds killed plenty of deer with it the one thing that could be improved on it is how sloppy the bolt is

  18. I have a 783 in 270 its great shoots half inch at 100yds and somewhere between that and an inch at 200yds and i have cheap bushnell banner scope on it. I dont think thats to bad owe yes factory rem corlockt 130gr psp at that


    First off, this site is truth about guns.
    I see a lot of speculation while lacking real hands on information. I currently, and will, own a Remington 783 in 30-06. I have literally put 120 rds of 150 gr power max (great consistent round) ammunition through, also 60 rds of Core Lokt 180’s, and the girlfriend has thrown 125 gr RR Hornady. Following break-in protocol it has shot exceedingly great each and every time! I currently have a 4-16×44 glass on and couldn’t be happier. Handling Sub-moa groupings and really getting the attention of other shooters as I shoot the clothes pins holding the target rather than bullseyes (which I do quite easily at 100m). It is actually my F-class rifle this year to show that a well built rifle will contend with $5,000 setups I do understand people have there loyalties with other companies, but rather than bash and speculate….get out there and put in some range time.

  20. I own a 783 in .270.
    I’m a retired sog ranger and I will put this weapon up against ANY competitor. I will shoot circles around all of them. I shoot 1/4″ or less at 100 yards. Last shoot, I pu 3 in the red TOUCHING each other! consistantly!!
    Cheap my ass!! Junk my ass!!
    All you people talking about the 783 and have NOT handled or shot it….SHUTUP!!! BECAUSE YOU DONT KNOW SHIT!!!!

  21. Right on Carlson and Rangersog3. Buncha blowhards on here. I only have 54 rounds down the tube and the last five shot group from 100 yards was 5/8″. Whoever thinks this is a 770 sure talks a lot while knowing little. BTW, the 783 is made in Mayfield, Kentucky.

    • Update!!!

      Roger that Dct & ranger.

      If you guys want to see some great mass prod. Ammo hit the mark I’ve kept a data book ranging from 150 power max, core Lokt 180, fusion 150 and 165gr.
      I’m shooting hole on hole with the Fusion 165gr. I’ve put approximately 61 boxes (1,220 rounds) through the pipe and have kept going without breaking $25/box 20ct on ammo. 165 Fusions are in lead for consistency. I have yet to put any match grades through. At 125 m I put a spent casing (primer side showing into post and punching it through.

      Folks. Get out on the range.

      Equipped Rifle:
      Remington 783 30-06
      Adj Bipod
      6bolt low tact rings ( just clears bolt)
      Trigger at 2.5#
      Weaver bases (loct)
      Sightmark 4-16×44 105.5 sun shade
      And a steady block and trigger finger.

  22. I have the 783 and have put a lot of rounds down range and at a 100 shooting a little over 1/8″ group and a little over 1/4″ at 200 this rifle can and does holds it own and I do love the removable mag . Be fore you judge shoot it or shut the hell up

  23. Recently purchased in .308 put Bushnell Banner glass on it like 120$ about 150-200 rounds through it. Have only lubed the bolt yet to clean it and have tight groupings of an inch only bad shots with it so far is user error. Its a good cheap gun haven’t had any problems with it thus far. I’ve had touching shots with this gun at 100 yards and again haven’t cleaned it once. Try it before bashing.

  24. some bash the Remington line but fact is S.W.A.T. teams, military snipers, and most big game hunters use Remington rifles. I was up in the mountains setting up a scope on a new 770 I had purchased for my grandson and a group of guys from Ft. Carson were out shooting. We got to talking and one of them offered to make some adjustments to the scope settings for me. Well he had metal targets set out in 100 yard increments to 500 yards. I didn’t think 308 would have that range but the 5th round dinged it at 500 yards. As he said the quality of the shooter is more important than the gun. That was an inexpensive 770 model what everyone here is bashing. Oh he was shooting a 700 in a 300 mag. And a 336 Lapura that he never missed the target at 500 yards.
    I’m purchasing a 783 in a 308 caliber with 10-40X50 Nikon optics based on his recommendation from the shop here this week, especially with the rebate going on now. I have a Vanguard 243 and this 783 should fill the spot.

    That is why I am “shouting”. I have this rifle in 270…
    I got it because I inherited my best friends stash of 500 rounds when he died in a Navy plane crash 23 years ago. I saw the ad for this…figured I would buy it when Cabelas put it on sale which they did. Then after I shot all the rounds, I would plan to sell this rifle.
    I sighted it in at 100 yds for the ammo my buddy reloaded.(tuned rounds to HIS Rem 700). They have been shooting extremely well.
    I have talked myself into keeping this rifle for good. I even started looking at replacing the cheap-o scope it comes equipped with something impressive…but I realized I was getting very satisfactory results, so as they say, don’t-a-touch-a-notin’.
    get this gun if you can. don’t listen to the a-holes who have not shot it.

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