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Ever think to yourself, “I didn’t even know I needed this, but I need two?” Well get your credit card out. Monarch Arms is now taking pre-orders for AR-10 receiver sets that accept HK G3 magazines. For the very fair price of $550 you can have a very unique and aesthetically pleasing AR0-10.

There is something about the look of the G3 magazines that I like, plus they can be purchased at very reasonable prices. The top rifle pictured above just speaks to me. One along those lines may be my next build.

From Monarch Arm’s website.

The all new Monarch Arms ARG3 receivers combine the best of new and old styling and functionality. The receivers are the ONLY current production receivers that accept HKG3 style mags as used commonly in the HKG3/HK91/PTR rifles (CETME MAGS MAY REQUIRE SOME MODIFICATIONS TO WORK).

The receivers are:

  • made from 7075 T6 grade aluminum

  • made in the USA

  • compatible with standard DPMS style parts

  • features a DPMS HIGH handguard compatible rail height

  • DO NOT feature a last round bolt hold open (G3 mag followers do not allow this feature)

  • utilize a proprietary upper/lower combo that only work together!

  • are hard coat type 3 anodized black

How well will 6.5 CM feed from G3 magazines? We’ll find out.

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  1. Instead of building an AR-10 that lacks one of the features that makes the AR platform as nice as it is (bolt hold open), why not just get an HK91/PTR91?
    The charging handle is in a better place, they’re just as, if not more reliable than an AR-10, and they’re a lot more fun.

    • Because of modularity. And as the author alludes to in the end. The ability to run other cartridges like 6.5 creed

    • I actually picked up a used PTR91 yesterday. As far as the charging handle being in a better place I disagree. The Hk style charging handle limits your optics options if you intend to lock the charging handle to the rear and give it the HK slap that is so satsyfying. But you are correct you do loose functionality by switching to HK mags. But I don’t really care. It looks cool and that’s enough for a lot of people, myself included. It’s nice to have unique things. It’s not for everyone but I think a lot of people will like them. Sure an AR10 with regular mags makes more sense but if companies only built and sold things that make sense we would all be driving Toyota Camrys. Wouldn’t a world filled with Camrys just be horrible?

  2. Meh.

    Sure the mags are great. No BHO as we’re discussing here.

    AR10 kicks a lot less than an HK91 or clone…ask me how I know.

    Not sure the economics match up though. Cheap mags, expensive upper/lower set, kind of cancels out. 10 years ago, as AWB was sunsetting, great idea. AR10s and their mags were still kind of niche. In 2018…I wish them luck but it didn’t even work 7-8 years ago during the Obama years. Those Brownells sets were well made too.

    • Economics? Psg1 15k? Ptr 91 msg ss 2600. Knock off ar 10 built to look likr psg1 1800ish depending on trigger and barrel.

  3. Great write up Chris. Thank you. We understand this is a niche item and do not intend to reinvent the AR10. As an HK fan and an AR10 lover we wanted to accomplish our own version of a retro mod. As mentioned, an HKPSG1 can cost 15k where as our PSG 2.0 can be done for around 2k or less. The set allows magazine continuaty between platform and offers a chance to just be different for no other reason than because you can. Thanks again

    [email protected]

  4. I guess it’s sorta like people that buy a particular car even though it’s more expensive and doesn’t have the increased performance to really make up for the price with more ‘mundane’ but otherwise capable vehicles.

    To each his own.

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