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This seems to be the year of the ACR. At least, I hope so, because I just bought one. Bushmaster is finally releasing caliber conversions, Franklin Armory has a binary trigger system (review pending) and now Midwest is out with a replacement hand guard.

The new MI-ACR-12.5 6061 aluminum hand guard is 12.5″ long, has 48 M-LOK slots, weighs only 9.1 ounces and is available in black or tactical peanut butter. You can even attach a tactical bottle opener to it.

The MI-ACR-12.5 is a few inches longer than the factory guard and will cover the gas block. Users, oops I mean operators, should still be able to adjust the gas block without removing the hand guard.

I’ll be giving one a try and reporting back. The factory quad rail on the enhanced ACR is too heavy and the design is a bit outdated. The Midwest Industries units go for $194.95 and are available now. Click here for slightly more details.

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  1. Hey Zues H Christo, it’s getting worse then 1911’s . Spend 12000$ on a firearm then xhange out what you purchased with after market parts because what you bought sux the way you bought it…… My Buggati came with kid leather seat upholstery but I ripped them out and replaced them with African Bull Elephant nut sacks

    • nuts to you. that’s alot of bull. i can only get one headrest per. i had a ’69 ss with a factory bench (and a four speed, “you’ll have to part knees for me to get top gear, hon”) that just screamed for narwhal vajayjay upholstery.
      i don’t know what an acr is. but i wonder, aren’t there any new accessories for the less than the most popular platforms?

  2. $200!? I don’t get why people are attracted to this over priced niche guns. Was it in Call of Duty or something?

    • I wouldn’t say over priced if you look at decent AR hand guards on the market. I mean I have $50-75 ones on my guns but they’re very much in the “budget” department not the “light” department.

      That said, I wonder if he can make the ACR into weight that’s not pig heavy.

  3. Make a better barrel profile and barrel, lighten the gun by a pound, get rid of the quick barrel change feature, etc.

    It could have been a good selling gun if they supported it from day one and brought the price down. It’s too late for them to ride that hype they had many years ago. To get redemption they need to bring out an ACR that was is like the Masada. If the CZ 806 comes to the U.S. it probably would lay to rest the ACR.

  4. -Heavy
    -Less modular
    -Less Ergonomic
    -Doesn’t do anything an AR-15 can’t do
    “But…caliber conversions!” No one cares. You can buy a phenomenal AR + 2-3 extra complete uppers for less than what this thing costs (outrageous) with a caliber conversion kit (more outrageous).

    “Year of the ACR” lol. Yea hopefully the year it gets discontinued.

  5. Maybe Windham Weaponry can come out with an ACR lookalike in the $750 range that has barrel/caliber conversion kits for less than a car payment. When you can get ARs and uppers complete with BCGs for less than a ACR rifle in one caliber, the ACR IS NOT going to sell.

  6. What’s with the comment section? the rifle is fine, if mishandled by the manufacturer. Y’all just seem salty it isn’t yet another ar or ak part. It’s good to see someone making parts for a gun that has a following however small, might even get other companies onboard to grow the aftermarket and bring costs down in time.


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