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Masterpiece Arms is jumping into the pistol caliber carbine game in a big way. Their just-announced MPA20DMG (press release below) features a machined aluminum lower, a free-floating handguard, a Cerakote finish and, in a very smart move, it runs on GLOCK mags. MSRP: $966 . . .

Comer, Ga. – (September 2015) –MasterPiece Arms (MPA), manufacturers of the MPA BA Rifles, Chassis Systems, Defender Pistols and Carbines, Suppressors and MPAR Rifles, proudly announces its new MPA20DMG 9mm Carbine from the DMG (Defender, Machined, Grip) Series. The 9mm Carbine is based on the 930DMG Pistol but comes in a full-size frame with a folding stock and features a lower receiver machined from aerospace-grade aluminum.

“I can’t help but get excited when I think about this gun. We put a lot of thought into designing it and feel it’s perfect for people that need a reliable, accurate and high-capacity home defense carbine,” said Phil Cashin, owner of MasterPiece Arms.

The carbine comes with many next-gen features. The lightweight lower receiver is machined from aerospace-grade aluminum, giving it a lean and mean look and feel. The free floating handguard is produced from an aluminum extrusion with no fasteners and has an inner diameter of 1.570 inches. The gun comes standard in a “Burnt Bronze” Cerakote finish, giving it a toughness that allows it to handle any abuse or punishment that may come its way. It is also available in Black, Flat Dark Earth, Gunmetal and Tungsten.  It has an ergonomically designed grip system incorporating a “Solidworks” designed profile that allows for the use of standard GLOCK-style magazines, as well as a low profile magazine release and “Decal Grips” grip panels that provide the shooter’s hands with a secure hold on the gun. The MPA20DMG Carbine features a folding stock with an adjustable length of pull. This carbine is further equipped with adjustable front and rear sights, side cocker, scope mount, barrel extension, hammer with disconnect (plus original hammer) and comes in an MPA polymer case.

Cal: 9mm
Barrel Length: 16.2″
Thread: 1/2-28
Side Cocker
Side Folder Stock
Scope Mount
Barrel Extension
Adjustable Front and Rear Sights
Accepts Standard Glock Style High Capacity Magazines (1 Mag Included)
Coating: Cerakote (Burnt Bronze is standard color – other colors available including Black, Tungsten, Sniper Green, Gunmetal and FDE.
Decal Grip Grip Panels
Hammer with Disconnect plus original Hammer
MPA Polymer Case

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  1. Interesting looks bling bling from here. Will be curious to see what the weight comes in at and how it weighs out against say a Sub2K. Also curious if the hand guard system is AR compatible as it looks like it might be. That’d actually be pretty cool.

    • it’ll be more expensive, but masterpiece arms makes a far better firearm (quality control-wise) than kel tec could ever hope to. it’s a lot heavier than the Sub series and won’t fold into your back pack, but that’s not what it’s designed for.

  2. “We put a lot of thought into designing it”
    Yeah, sure you did. just like you put a lot of thought in those sights.

  3. $966 will just about get you one of the new Inland M1s, just about the easiest gun to shoot in the history of ever.

    • I like those Inland M1s, and it’d make a nice companion to the Berreta pistol I want, for sharing magazines. However, the reviews haven’t been good on the Inland. So I’m uncommitted and still open to someone else’s 9mm carbine using major manufacturer mags.

    • For $900+ I’d buy a real rifle with a folding stock and not waste my time with a 9mm toy- I have those on my hip for a reason, sure don’t need to carry one over my shoulder as well. But were I to get a 9mm shoulder rifle, I’d get a Sub2K and spend the extra money on ammo.
      Actually, I’m lying- I wouldn’t buy something with a folding stock, I’d just get a real rifle.

      • For most firearms, that is, aside from the pure novelty items, assessment comes down to your application. One man’s “toy” gun is another man’s deep concealment or backpack gun. Another man’s “assault weapon” is another man’s defense against multiple home invaders. Even among these reasonable uses, actual usage within these scenarios may be infrequent or may never come.

        Given that, regardless the original intent or stated purpose of the firearm, if it’s not really being put to that use, but instead resides years on end in a safe or only occasionally comes out to play at the range, then even that gun can be described as a “toy.”

        Perhaps a pistol caliber carbine isn’t for everyone. Maybe it doesn’t suit one’s applications, or maybe it does, but one isn’t familiar with all of its features to make that determination. That’s all fine, but a blanket labelling of PCCs as “toys” seems to paint them with far too broad a brush.

  4. Gotta love the marketing folks that think buzz words and program names are what potential customers are looking for in press releases. I’ve seen some pretty terrible designs come from SolidWorks. “Decal Grips” is just a fancy way to talk about standard grip tape. /rant

    That being said, I am kind of interested in one in .40 if they get around to it. I like the look of it. Hooray for the use of Glock mags!

  5. Ooooh! A REALLY expensive semi-auto only MAC 10 with an AR-15 handguard grafted on!

    I would drop a grand on that!

  6. Fact it she DOES look sweet. That front end is hot, the sights maybe not so much, and I love pistol caliber carbines. That being said, the msrp nearing double the price of a budget AR will mean eye candy only for me, lest of course I get lucky at lotto.

  7. That looks like the 400-pound fatty on the high school football team, who only gets sent out when there’s a 54-point lead. For either team.

    • and still be spending more than for an Sub2K, which is probably just as accurate, just as useful, and also uses Grock magazines, not to mention comes in .40 caliber as well, for a wider selection.

      • The Sub2k is also polymer. Some of us prefer metal over polymer.

        I own a sub-2000, an original Sub-40(alum. receiver) and a 5.7sst defender and hope to own one of these too if the price comes down to what I consider reasonable.

        Just because it’s not what YOU consider to be the “best” in a given category you believe it still has no place in the market?

  8. $966 for THAT? Gimme’ the Hi-point. The Kel-tec gen2’s are showing up locally for $449-and they also take GLOCK brand GLOCK mags…

  9. Saw an HK 9mil carbine a few days ago that cost less than 2/3 that price. If I were to go such a route, I’d get the Sub 2K or HK first, then perhaps the Hi Point… this would be far down my list of purchases at even half the price- especially if the sighting system is extra.

  10. I don’t see the point.

    A 9mm carbine makes sense if it’s lightweight and/or compact. This thing is neither. Compare to Sub-2000.

    If it comes to the point where you’re lugging this kind of thing, it might as well be a full-sized rifle. In fact, if it’s an AR, it would still be lighter, based on the advertised weights of other similar MPA products. Or if you really want 9mm, then you can always get the upper in that. Still more light and better ergos, and magazine compatibility.

  11. I know that MPAs are made in America and are supposed to be well made but I’ve never seen any of their products and thought they were worth the price. Its nice that they have versions of the carbines that take glock mags but the looks are just bleh. Reminds me of what a teenager using PimpMyGun would make.

    They should stop with the quad-rails (or at least the full length quad rails), start using better iron sight designs, and give the muzzle breaks a rest. Keep the threaded barrel but just ship with a thread-protector. Why is MPA so afraid to use polymer furniture for their MAC based carbines, it’d be so damned easy to make them look amazing.

  12. Go ahead and make fun of it, guys, but how many of YOU have a gun whose grip was “designed in SolidWorks”? That right there is probably worth half of that thousand-dollar MSRP.

    In all seriousness, the grip looks like it was designed in SolidWorks, all right. I just wonder if they’ve actually made one in the real world and put it in a human hand. Because that thing looks chunky and square as hell. But at least the hand guard has an inner diameter of 1.570 inches.

    Also, is that ridiculous muzzle device really needed for 9mm?

    Also also, it says it has adjustable front and rear sights, but isn’t it kind of a stretch to call a sight post that’s like two inches forward of the chamber (on a rifle!) a “front” sight? More like a middle sight…

    • but, but, what if you put breacher rounds in your .9mm…. oh wait, shotgun… my bad. Muzzle device is still better then the fixed bayonets on SKS and mosins.

  13. Looks Interesting but not for over $900. If it was less than $600 I might consider picking it up. If I was designing that thing I would have ditched the quad rail. A quad rail like that does nothing but add weight, a slimmer, lighter, hand guard with the keymod would be a far superior choice. Also maybe it’s just the picture the top rails do not look like they are at the same height.

  14. If you are going to go Masterpiece Arms CQB buy an MPAR pistol and see if there’s any way to fit a Sig brace yet.

  15. The comments are continually a joke regarding some of the reviews on TTAG . . . can’t tell if it’s sarcasm or it’s actual basement dwellers.

    You can critique the price and the looks but this is everything a MAC-clone should be. The MAC is too heavy and too large to be a carry firearm and with a collapsible stock (SBR or carbine form) it turns into an excellent range toy or HD gun if that’s your thing. The Sub2k is a backpacking plastic gun . . . I’ve shot a S2k and a SBR defender and I would take the defender every single time.

    I swear most of you guys would bitch about someone giving you a $100 bill if it was crumpled.

    • +1000 My thoughts exactly.

      Every time an MPA box gun gets reviewed it’s the same comparisons and the same whining. If you don’t like them, don’t BUY them. Some people have differing taste and others want one of everything.

      If it sells, build it.

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