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Liberty Cans was showing off a prototype silencer at SHOT Show, which they’re calling the Centurion. In effect, it’s a sawed-off Mystic. It’s shorter, lighter, but not quite as quiet. There are some changes inside the monocore, such as the reinforced end cap, and they’ve also redesigned the booster. More pics follow . . .


DSC04721 DSC04720



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  1. The current trends are modularity and short K versions of everything. Not a fan of neither. Gimme 3 dedicated overbuilt cans and i’m set for life.

  2. I’m a complete noob when it comes to suppressors. I’ve fired some, but never owned any. In the event of a baffle strike, wouldn’t that send the bullet in a slightly off center direction, causing massive destruction of your can? I know this is slightly off topic, just trying to understand.

    • It depends.

      Some strikes are catastrophic, and others aren’t. I have a .30 can with a “kiss” on the 1st baffle, that was caused by a squib. I found unburned powder, and a piece of jacket upon removal. It still shoots, and sounds the same.

    • I probably had 4 baffle strikes in my Mystic. Three were out of a super stubby barrel 9mm AR that wouldn’t stabilize heavy projectiles and they tumbled immediately out of the barrel, and the other was from a squib load in my CZ Scorpion Evo that I didn’t notice because I was running through a competition stage and firing rapidly (and suppressed, obviously), so I shot that dang squib round right out the muzzle. All of these bullets disintegrated inside the can and literally only the first baffle showed any sign of damage whatsoever (the circumference of the bore was bent open a bit). It sounded like a dang maraca with all of the chunks of jacket and lead and crap inside of it. Anyway, overall it shook all of this off. Zero meaningful damage whatsoever as those 9mm rounds just weren’t powerful enough to do real baffle damage. It was more like slamming into an AR500 target where the bullets just disintegrate and the target doesn’t care haha

      After having it upgraded from Mystic to Mystic X and receiving a new core I’ve been a bit more careful, but I still like knowing that even if a 9mm hits a baffle I’ll still be in business. One good reason to get a can that’s a bit overbuilt.

  3. Is “Liberty Suppressors” the worst company name in the history of the world?

    One wonders if anyone at the company knew that the word “suppression” wasn’t originated to refer to firearm accessories.

    I’m guessing their first draft was “Liberty Silencers” but they were just barely too clever for that

    • What, because the word “silencer” was originated to refer to firearm accessories? Actually nope, no it wasn’t. Most of the industry calls them suppressors anyway.

    • Blindman, I hadn’t thought about it until you mentioned it but, yeah. I hear you. Suppression of Liberty is NOT the kind of message they ought to be sending.

      • Oh LOL, now I feel stupid. A blindman saw it but I didn’t, then freaking Timmay! had to spell it out. Haha this isn’t speaking well for my mental acuity.

        Which is kind of funny because my job title is Customer Success Manager and I often joke along the lines of “why do we want to manage our customers’ success? Let’s let that shit run free!”

    • One of the suburbs near me is called Savage, and I did a double take the first time I saw a squad car marked “Savage Police.”

  4. Will it still handle 223 and 300 bo? If so I’m in, can use my mystic mounts. Mystic is the best suppressor out there imo, nothing does more

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