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Alright, alright! A lot of you seem to really want a knife post. We’re pretty sure most of you know this is a gun blog, but what the hell. Most of you carry an EDC knife too. I know I do. And I’m a sucker for Kershaw blades. My Ken Onion Blur (black) is my baby. That being the case, I couldn’t make myself walk past the Kershaw booth. . .

When I asked Ronda Wallace to show me one of the kewl new EDC blades they’re flogging for the show, out came their new Cryo (model 1835Ti). It’s a Chinese-made titanium oxide coated assisted opener with a 2.75″ blade that’s sharp enough to shave you. Dry.

The Cryo’s a liner-locker with four corner clip capability. But the nicest thing about that clip? It’s designed for deep pocket carry. A nice change for Kershaw. MSRP for this baby’s $49.95. Ronda says it’ll be shipping in the next four to six weeks and I, for one, believe her.

So there you have it. Our one knife post for this year’s SHOT Show. So ease up on us, OK?

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    • Spyderco makes nice stuff too, but Kershaw makes some nice blades.

      Zero Tolerance, possibly one of THE most over priced knife lines out there, are made by Kershaw. I love mine. I could probably pry a man hole cover open with it.

    • I have Spyderco knives, too. And I love em. But I walked past the Kershaw booth first because they have a more central floor location than the Spidey folks. So there.

  1. Thanks for the knife post! In return I will two of my gun friends about your site. No joke I really will.

  2. My 11 year old son wanted a kife like that to adorn his pocket this Christmas. I said: “No way! You will shoot your eye out with that!”

  3. The only problem with Spyderco is they’re so damn ugly. I like Benchmades myself- but Kershaw makes some good stuff.

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