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If the new Glock mag compatible polymer receiver from KE Arms is as good as their AR-15 receiver, I will be buying a few of these, too. At only $159 for the semi-stripped lower ($225 complete at Brownells) you should probably grab a couple for yourself while I’m at it.

Straight from the horse’s website:

The KP-9 is a monolithic polymer 9mm Glock Mag Compatible AR15 style receiver made from injection molded 30% glass filled nylon incorporating the buttstock, buffer tube, pistol grip, and trigger guard into the receiver design as integral components.

    • Compatibility with most common 9mm AR15 uppers and lower parts kits
    • Compatible with Glock 17 and 19 Magazines
    • Flared magwell to make reloads under stress easier to perform.
    • A1 Length 13” Length of Pull (LOP) Buttstock to fit a wide range of shooters
    • MLOK Slots at rear of stock for sling attachement points or run a strap through it for simple sling attachment
    • Holes at the front of the stock for QD socket inserts for more sling attachment options
    • Improved grip for comfortable use
    • “Winter” Trigger Guard

For more information check out the KE Arms website or find complete KP-9 lowers at Brownells HERE. In stock and shipping as of publication.


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  1. Wonderful, a 9mm with a 16 inch bbl, cause who would bother with making a “real” SBR without a collapsible stock? Of course the AFT is all set to make AR format braced pistols a felony to own, so maybe this is gonna be your only choice. FJB!

  2. I’d like one of these for a build–but in California it is an “assault weapon” by the mere fact of its pistol grip. Such ridiculousness.

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