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New from Kahr this year, the CM45 adds some .45 ACP heft to Kahr’s value-priced CM lineup. All of Kahr’s CM models shave costs by using simpler slide machining, more MIM small parts, and rifling that’s cut instead of polygonal.

All of this simplicity gives the CM45 an MSRP of just over $500, which is $350 cheaper than the functionally-identical PM45. Flush magazine capacity is 5+1, with 6+1 and 7+1 extended magazines available from Kahr.

On a side-note, Kahr makes their guns in Massachusetts and their corporate headquarters are in New York. Kahr’s reps said that new anti-gun laws in NY (and those pending in MA) are too recent to be able to comment on.

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  1. I can comment.

    Police, Secret Sevice, and BG’s use standard capacity magazines. Why would John Q. Public benefit from 7 round mags? F$&@ NY’s gun laws. I hope Kahr moves, as well as every other firearm manufacturer.

    As to the Kahr, I’ve heard that they are more finicky with ammo than Glocks. I don’t have enough experience shooting Kahrs to evaluate that, just a few mags through of their 9, .40, and .45’s.

    • So far over a thousand rounds of the cheapest stuff I can find have gone through my CM9. Totally reliable right out of the plastic box. Not a single failure to feed/extract or even a stove pipe.

    • I’ve read on a local blog that they don’t like the flatter nosed HPs, but do fine with everything else, perhaps something to do with a steep and unpolished feed ramp. Trigger is long but smooth, not at all gritty when I looked at one a couple of weeks ago. I don’t see a LCI on this model though, so its probably coming out to California. Like all the other pocket .45s that are coming onto the market. Maybe I should move to Medford….

    • Glocks are effing heavy bricks compared to a Kahr. Thick slides and double stacked mags compared to thin slides and single. Ya might as well get a G22 vs a G27 because ‘a brick is a brick’. I got a G22 and a P40 (different applications).

    • My CW45 and CW40 ate about anything I fed them, factory ammo wise. I never shot any reloads out of them, although many do without problems. I never used Russian or Steel cased ammo in them,(I save Russian ammo for Russian guns) but they ran the Blazer Aluminum cased ammo ok, although I normally use brass cased ammo. I think the most finicky are the 380 models. I did have some trouble with some +P ammo in the .45, but a new recoil spring fixed that.

    • If you are worried about a pistol being finicky regarding ammunition, I recommend a Springfield XD. Mine has had over 3,000 rounds of whatever is cheap/ available run through it (brass casings only) and eats it like it’s candy. I am looking at a Kahr as a main concealed carry piece due to the slim size and fantastic trigger, but I would never give up my XD

    • john Q public will benefit because we will; with 6 or 7 round mags over the 5-ers my neighbor a handicapped veteran always prefers and recommends using higher count mags with good reason!

    • ny and the rest of the commie coast can go to hades . gun company’s should move out of those states ASAP and take their jobs and money elsewhere.

  2. How is this new? I’ve had one for two years now. I’m at 400 rounds through it and it still hiccups. The only gun I’ve ever had that gives me a case of the Limp Wrist. I may sell it and just get a Glock.

  3. I am wondering how much does the 6 round magazine protrude further out than the flush fitting 5 rounder. It would make this pistol far more interesting to me. let’s see a 6 plus 1 sub compact 45acp, sounds like a great concealed carry piece to me just right for my needs. I can’t wait to get one in my hands, When are they going to be available?

  4. While I m glad to hear that Kahn makes its guns in the USA, I m very interested in this cm45 for my main carry gun ; now that Taurus has discontinued the pt745,One I would buy right now if available, I know all you taurus bashers are starting to foam at the mouth after that statement. I already have a pt145 the 10+1 slightly larger version and it’s great fun to shoot! reliable and accurate to 10yards. For a carry gun I don’t need 25 yd match gun groups but when it’s accurate at closer ranges it gives me confidence in .it sure I can get small tight groups from a 3″ .45 , anyone can for a higher price! My kimber ultra carry will do just that on demand. But at a price almost2.5 times as much as the pt145. I found that the145 fully loaded and paired with a full spare mag turned into a much heavier carry piece than I bought. While being very easy to shoot one handed with 230 gr. ball(magtech) and 230 gr. hp also magtechout to 10 yards I can call and place my shots! for pd carry I feel that this is plenty accurate and acceptable. Especially when you consider that most self defense encounters occur at less than that up to touchingdistance even my girlfriend,anon gun person, loved shooting it, with aforementioned loads, and remarked” get more ammo” when the magazines ran dry very easy to control and shoot for a subcompact .45. Felt recoil was minimal for a gun this size!for the two of us at least,

  5. Kahr PM-9, CM-9 and CM-40 owner here and they all have been flawless. I shoot HP’s FMJ it doesn’t matter and the extended mags work well too! Your mileage may vary?

  6. I’m an FFL and have sold a lot of guns. For the price and reliability you can not go wrong with the Kahr CM line. Tight reliable and you can put your life behind that gun and live to tell about it.

  7. New inexperienced Kahr C45 user. I carried a Ruger.357 for protection in my liquor store in MA for 13 years and am not an accomplished marksman. Now retired in Florida, I have a lot to learn on firing my new Kahr. I have read many of the blogs and believe I made a good choice in the CM45 over the CW. Any advice would be appreciated.

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