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“Russian small-arms maker Izhmash plans to mass produce an airsoft version of its famous Kalashnikov [AK-47M] assault rifle for basic military training and fans of strike ball,” RIA Novosti reports. “The air gun is intended for training and sport shooting with 6-mm plastic balls powered by compressed gas in a cylinder. The company hopes the new gun will appeal to fans of strikeball and members of Russia’s paramilitary youth organisation, the Voluntary Association for Assistance to Army, Air Force and Navy (DOSAAF).” Yes, well, is it better than $320 TM’s Japanese Airsoft AK [above]? Or is just cheaper? “According to Russian legislation, air guns can be acquired without a license and are not subject to registration.” And all Russian police are trained to recognize the difference between real and toy AKs. Or not.

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  1. I’d bet you that many of the parts on that airsoft gun will be indistinguishable from the real deal if they are manufactured in Russia (triangle folder, top cover, etc). If made in China then probably not.

  2. Tokyo Marui doesn’t make that, that is a WE. Same manufacturer that produced the M4s the hapless ATF agent in the pacific northwest had seized.

    I can’t wait to see what Izmash AK line up will preform like. I wish more manufacturers would follow this practice.

  3. Perhaps this has something to do with all of Izhmash’s current financial woes? It appears that the world is just full of AKs and their clones, the Russian military has suspended orders, and the only thing going for Izhmash these days are civilian sales.


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