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It’s a shame that gun guru Rob Pincus’ Personal Defense Network videos are non-embeddable. You’re going to have to go through all the time, effort and energy of clicking here to watch the TTAG contributor’s contribution to self-defense handgun design. Specifically, Rob’s “claw” magazine base plate, “hook” rear sight and multi-angle magazine release button for the Glock semi-automatic pistol. For those who can’t be bothered, the Pster’s mods make one-handed handgun reloading a whole hell of a lot easier. (Not easy. Easier.) To paraphrase the doomed hunter in Jurassic Park, clever boy. Three questions. How important is that anyway? When? How much? Watch this space. Or maybe down below if Rob can get off his ass and write that piece about the zoo shooting we discussed. I mean, if he would be so kind as to comment.

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    • Hand injury is very common in gunfights. People tend to aim center mass which is exactly where most shooters hold their handgun.

      Airsoft training has also proven that hand injuries are common.

      For that reason, it is essential that shooters can shoot and manipulate their weapons, one handed–strong hand only AND weak hand only.

      I think Rob has some good product ideas there!

      • No doubts there. The products have a legitimate defensive use. But I know a gun guy with a severely disabled left hand and I’m passing this link on to him.

      • I used to paintball a lot, and hand was definitely one of the top hit spots, along with your torso.

      • Oh great, another one of the lean, goateed operators has presented me with the solution to another problem I didn’t know I had. Now my unaltered factory Glock is not sufficient to get me through a one-handed multiple- magazine gunfight. Meh, I think I’ll go watch that Gangnam video again instead.

  1. Watched the vids… sounds like some simple, yet useful accessories. Though knowing my bad luck with clothing, using the rear sight claw on my pants to cock/clear would probably either:

    1) catch and get stuck…
    2) rip a whole in my pocket…
    3) pull down my whole pants.

    If I’m going to die one-handed, I’d prefer to die with my pants on.

  2. I wonder at the wisdom of putting things designed to get snagged on stuff on places like the magazine and the top of the slide.

    I like these ideas. My current sight set up on my GLOCK already makes it easy to use the sights to snag something, but mags can be a son of a bitch, and that little snag might be super helpfull.

    Assuming, of course, you don’t get your gun caught on seat belts, your shirt, car upholstery, or any number of other things.

  3. I have only one arm, I’ve thought about this issue and have come up with a few solutions off gun. More later

  4. DAO revolver as backup gun. In the event of loss of hand and need to clear primary gun, reach for backup, aim, pull trigger. In the event of misfire in backup, pull trigger again.

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