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If you aren’t yet familiar with Grayboe, you probably should be. They make extremely nice, composite stocks for Remington 700 compatible actions, including the Ridgeback that’s now in full production. Additionally, Grayboe has just released their own DBM bottom metal that fits AICS type magazines.

Stay tuned for a full review, as Chris is about to kick off a build project with Alamo Precision Rifles that will put both of these Grayboe products to very good use. In the meantime, Grayboe’s press release follows . . .


May 22th, 2018 –Glendale, AZ – Grayboe is pleased to announce the full release of the Ridgeback stock to include Long Action and Short Action with both DBM or BDL inlet options. This full release coincides with the launch of the new Grayboe DBM bottom metal. The Ridgeback Stock and Grayboe DBM Bottom Metal is now available through the Grayboe network of dealers or direct from the Grayboe website.

Ridgeback Stock
The Grayboe Ridgeback is the perfect blend of the features found in traditional fiberglass epoxy stocks merged with modern day features found in popular chassis systems on the market. Like other high end traditional stocks, the Ridgeback is a solid fiberglass / epoxy construction, featuring a vertical pistol grip, adjustable cheek piece, and spacer system to easily adjust the length of pull. The Ridgeback is the first stock of its kind to features M-LOK® built into the fore-end for easy customized placement of accessories and a built-in bubble level to aid the shooter in the making the long shot.

The Ridgeback is an original Grayboe design and is constructed of the same proprietary Fiberglass / Epoxy compound as the other stocks in the Grayboe line. The Ridgeback is formed under high pressure and heat creating a precise, low void, homogeneous stock that maintains dimensional stability and strength in all weather and shooting conditions.

– M-LOK® built into the fore-end
– Adjustable cheek piece
– Adjustable Length of pull
– Built in bubble level
– Homogeneous fiberglass epoxy construction
– 3lbs 12 oz

Barreled Action Availability:
Remington 700 Short Action & Long Action, DBM or BDL, Sendero / Varmint barrel contour


MSRP: $599

Grayboe Bottom Metal
The Grayboe DBM bottom metal compatible with any M5 inlet stock and will accept all AICS magazines on the market. The Grayboe DBM is machined from 6061 aluminum billet is type III anodized and weights 3.25 oz finished. The magazine release is machined steel and finished in a nitride bath for durability and resistance to adverse weather conditions.


MSRP: $159

About Grayboe
Grayboe, LLC ’s core business is dedicated to creating high quality, strategically priced off the shelf fiberglass stocks for large OEM’s, chain stores, distributors, and end users. Every Grayboe stock is made exclusively in the USA and carries a lifetime warranty.

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  1. Looks nice, but for $599, why not get a KRG Bravo and pocket the leftover $250? Similar ergonomics, lighter, and way more customizable.

  2. Already did this to my SPS Tactical 700 with a magpul hunter 700 and magpul mag well for under 300 bucks.

    And I used the old stock and parts to convert my brothers 700 ADL to a BDL. So it also saved me having to buy him a birthday present.

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