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Looking for options to cover your bases in what could be a ten-round-max world? Eagle Imports has just the thing…another 1911! The Hector Rodriguez-designed pistol gives you everything you want in a JMB classic: cold hard steel, 8+1 rounds that start with a 4 and a little over two pounds tugging on your pants all day. Press release after the jump . . .

WANAMASSA, NJ (January 2013) – Eagle Imports, the exclusive distributor of the Metro Arms family of products, brings the powerful and compact MAC 1911 Bobcut to the American public.

The MAC 1911 line-up was developed by Hector Rodriguez, a former competitive shooter. MAC 1911 pistols are known world-wide for their precise fit and function delivering performance and repeatable accuracy right out of the box.

The MAC 1911 Bobcut model, available in a deep blue or hard chrome finish, is a single-action, semi-auto, .45 ACP compact pistol. The Bobcut is loaded with custom-style features including a flared and lowered ejection port, an enhanced beavertail grip safety, a skeletal hammer and combat trigger, rear slide serrations and a stippled front strap serration, an extended thumb safety and a throated forged steel barrel. All this on a compact, lightweight 4140 steel frame with a hammer forged slide.

Both models have fully-adjustable Novak-type rear sights with a dovetailed fiber-optic front sight and are outfitted with custom, hardwood grips featuring the MAC logo.

For more information about the new MAC 1911 Bobcut pistol line visit

Caliber .45 acp
Overall Length 7.88″
Barrel Length 4.25″
Height 5.42″
Width 1.25″
Weight 34.58 oz.
Action Single
Frame 4140 steel
Slide 4140 hammer forged steel
Sights Fully-adjustable Novak-Type rear sight,dovetail fiber optic front sight
Mag Cap 8 rd +1
Grips Custom hard wood with MAC logo
Finishes Deep Blue, Hard Chrome
MSRP Deep Blue $902.00/ Hard Chrome $978.00

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    • Kind of a 50-50 proposition. Obviously 1911s have a less than 10 round capacity, which seems to be the bellweather mark for max capacity, but at the same time it is a semiauto, and the rather vague details released so far on DiFi’s bills suggest she is going after all semiauto pistols, regardless of capacity, that accept a detachable mag. (Heard a rumor that there is such a thing as a pistol with a fixed mag, but I’ve never seen one). Seems DiFi has some sort of issue with rate of fire–but given that a DAO revolver can be fired PDQ, maybe we’ll all have to invest in Colt Peacemakers (or clones).

      • Well IF the ban passes as praposed and crimminals start using semi-autos against families with a single revolver… Id say hold DiFi and Biden accountable for manslaughter at the very least

      • Semiautos with a fixed mag:
        -Broomhandle Mausers
        -Steyr M1912

        I’m sure there are more. It was somewhat popular to have a semi-auto fed through the top with stripper clips in early development.

      • Interesting observation. If this ban makes it through with little change, this will be an interesting evolution to the market for Defensive Gun Practitioners. Will we see citizens carrying and practicing with dual pistols? Speed and accuracy will grow even further in focus? What we lose in capacity, will likely be made up with caliber and unique ammo qualities, (make every shot count). Just talking out loud here…

      • Old Mauser pistols had a fixed mag that you could load off a clip or manually but the magazine was also forward of the grip so those might be out as well

      • m1912 steyr hahn. fixed mag semi auto. stripper clip loading. concievably you could make a doublestack nine function similarly. too bad there would probably have to be an AWB to see such a thing come to fruition.

  1. I love my 1911’s but I own at least 4 single stack 1911 magazines in 45acp that hold 12 rounds and I’m fairly certain there are drums available for them. Anything capable of accepting a magazine holding more than 10 rounds is what I understand is threatened to be banned. If taken far enough there could be very few handguns left.

    • That’s an important point. Any semi-auto which doesn’t have heel release (which is by far the majority) either have 10+ round magazines or can accept one. 1911s would be banned in addition to the scary double stacks.

  2. A ban on semiautos might not run afoul of Heller. It still leaves you with the revolver option. It might be why the Illinois bill still allows its slaves to ownown one.

    Funcitionally, a double action revolver is no different than a 1911. The S&W 686 comes in a seven round version. If you use speed loaders you can probably duplicate the rate of fire of a 1911. The only difference is about 8lbs of trigger pull. I better go out and get a 686 before people catch on and the prices risesto AR levels.

  3. …and this is why there will be no revolution, no fight to defend our liberties, no modern day Lexington & Concord. no resistance until all the guns are gone, and by then it will be too late; what could’ve been a Civil War if we’d started fighting now will instead be genocide. if our children and grandchildren are to live in anything resembling a free society we cannot compromise. if the AWB goes through and ANY guns are outlawed, we must ALL of us resolve to be outlaws, and terminate with extreme prejudice ANYONE who attempts gun confiscation.

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