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Oh yes, you read that right. Crimson Trace has developed a laser sight for the M27 Light Armor Weapon, which is a rocket-based anti-tank weapon in use by the American armed forces. According to CT, the new sight has brought the low-light accuracy of the weapon from “that general direction” down to man-sized groupings at respectable distances — minute of tank or better at a couple hundred meters. No word yet on civvy sales. Or prices.

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  1. Holy mother of all things military, how tacticool is that!!!!!
    Well you know back in the day we never had any cool stuff like that.. 😉

  2. Why, just the other day while I was taking out the neighbor’s Prius with one of my LAWs, I thought to myself– You know, this would be easier with a laser.

    My prayers have been answered!

  3. m72 law. are they still using those. hell they were old school in my day. check the date on those and see when they were made. next you’ll tell me they’re making smart rounds for the 90 mm recoiless rifle.

  4. Well, isn’t that interesting?

    Just the other day I was looking at my supply of LAW rockets saying to myself, “If only I had a CT site on these things, they would be perfect!”


    • It did mean ‘anti-tank’ when I fired one in Infantry School. That was of course some years ago. ‘Armor’ is a more all-encompassing word so it’s a better choice.

      • Especially since it took about three of them to take out a more or less modern tank (M-60). And you probably wanted to hit said tank in the butt instead of trying the front armor.

  5. I’m assuming that thing is for FMS (Foreign Military Sales). I haven’t seen a LAW since I was a Lieutenant, and they were letting us fire all we wanted because they were trying to get rid of them. Even in Desert Storm we had the AT-4.

    As long as you weren’t trying to hit a moving target the LAW was pretty effective at about 250-300m. Of course I wouldn’t want to fire a LAW at anything that might shoot back at that distance.

  6. yeah, and that back blast was a real help in not being spotted. a close range weapon that gives away your position. all servicemen everywhere, remember that your weapons are made by the low bidder.

  7. Well, if you can turn a “dumb bomb” into a “smart bomb” just by strapping on a gps unit and a couple of fins, think of what an upgrade strapping a laser to the LAW is!

    One thing the article wasn’t clear on – is the laser built into the grip, or what?

  8. I started covering CT back in the day when they were a start-up co. Those peeps worked 120 hour weeks, to get the product right. No Lie!
    The One Thing they never surendered was quality and personal comitment in every product they made.
    I beat thier product to death, still worked.
    Nuff said

  9. When I used to play Car Wars, a boardgame, with my friends I always bought a laser sight for my LAW. Even tho’ it cost $200, I always needed that +1 to hit.

  10. while I believe I have mentioned this before, how on Earth do you zero a single shot disposable rocket launcher? For that matter how did the engineers who designed the LAW ensure that it hits the same spot every-time?

    • i’m not sure they did. unless you were close and the target large and stationary you could very easily miss.

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