New from Chiappa: Little Badger Folding Skeletonized Rimfire Rifle

Chiappa has all sorts of interesting stuff this year. In addition to their triple barreled shotgun, they’re showing off a rifle designed specifically for new shooters. The Little Badger is a folding rimfire rifle that is little more than a wire frame stock and a barrel, and folds in half to an overall length of a little over 16 inches. The single shot break action gun seems to function perfectly, with an easy to open action and a pretty nice trigger, and clocks in around $169.


The Man says its perfect for throwing in a backpack for camping, or in your private plane for survival hunting, or just giving to your child for their first gun. And since the thing is threaded 1/2-28, it is ready from the factory to take the silencer of your choice. The handguards are simply four standard Picatinny rails, meaning you can mount just about any small optic or other gubbins to the rifle to customize it to your requirements.

Its a nifty idea, and something I would definitely consider for my bug out bag, but for simply plinking around the range a Ruger 10/22 might still be king. We’ll see.


  1. avatar JP in Tennessee says:

    I like it. I want one.

  2. avatar OHgunner says:

    Is it single shot or mag fed? I see what looks like a 10/22-esque magazine release just forward of the trigger guard, but don’t see a magazine anywhere?

    1. avatar Nick Leghorn says:

      Single shot break action

    2. avatar Swarf says:

      I think that’s the lever to break the gun for folding.

    3. avatar Zach says:

      Thats the barrel drop lever

  3. avatar Nathan says:

    It looks like it’s single shot. I would still prefer a 10/22 Takedown meself.

  4. avatar Cameron S. says:

    Is that a mag release in front of the trigger guard, or is this thing a single shot?

  5. avatar ensitu says:

    It’s got rails!

    1. avatar Chris Dumm says:

      Perfect for a grip-pod, Streamlight and Eotech!

  6. avatar Brennan says:

    That’s pretty sweet

  7. avatar Swarf says:

    If you own bolt cutters, it’s got a one way adjustable stock.

  8. avatar Aharon says:

    It might be an ok survival bug-out gun. I would not buy it for a child’s first gun; the thing is hideous for a young boy or girl. For a child’s first gun I would buy a small simple single-shot blot-action with a real stock and forearm in a kid’s color. I find intriguing (though I wouldn’t buy it either) the gun below the Little Badger also marked ‘New’.

    From Chiappa’s site:
    “DOUBLE BADGER Over & Under rifle cal. .22LR/.410
    Item Number: 500-097
    Over&Under foldable rifle, with two different calibers (one barrel caliber .22LR and one barrel caliber .410). Folds to 19″ total length. Adjustable fiber optic rear sight, drilled and tapped for modern scope bases.”

    1. avatar larry says:

      I think it would be nice if the upper / lower barrel could be a .22 WMR / or .45 / .410

      1. avatar Reverend says:

        Your wish is their command! Saw one in GreenTop Sporting Goods today in .22 WMR, and .410!

  9. avatar Swarf says:

    Now that is more interesting, Aharon. Except it’s still a Chiappa.

    I like the tri-barreled 12 gauge shotstrocity looming menacingly over the kiddie guns in the background.

  10. avatar jwm says:

    A lightweight all metal folding .22 with peep sights. For less than 2 bills. To hell with the kids, I want one. Why can’t they slap a .410 barrel under the .22. I would want either one.

  11. avatar Lemming says:

    The return of the “bicycle rifle!” Nifty.

  12. avatar TTACer says:

    On the list of firearms related things I care about, Chiappa ranks somewhere near the VPC’s take on what point someone in their mid-20s is no longer classified as a child.

  13. avatar ahil925 says:

    Not super keen on the quad-rails, but I must admit I am highly attracted to this little thing.

    Looking closer though, why the hell is there a rail behind the trigger guard and why is does the reciever need to be so damned thick there too? Looks pretty damned uncomfortable to hold now…

    1. avatar Reverend says:

      Because if you wanted to put a grip on it? You can use any of the the grips they make for Picatinny rails.

      I was thinking the one with a hollow handle, and a cleaning kit would be nifty.

      Shoot! Put paracord around the stock, and that thing gets a bit nifty there!

  14. avatar Frank says:

    Now, I don’t exactly see why there is a pic. rail behind the trigger guard, right where your trigger hand is grabbing. I guess to attach a vertical grip, but I don’t know of any vertical grips that would serve well in that purpose. Anyone else?

    1. avatar Nathan says:

      Maybe a pistol grip, like you sometimes put on the forend on a 12 gauge? I think they make some of those that have the proper angle and are rail attachable. You’re right though, a straight vertical grip would suck there.

  15. avatar William says:

    See, kids? That’s innovation! Guys built a working gun from paper clips.

  16. avatar "lee n. field" says:

    It looks like a turn of the last century kid’s gun.

  17. avatar Ralph says:

    Neat — a stock made from wire coat hangars. I’m sure that Joan Crawford would approve.

  18. avatar Barstow Cowboy says:

    Is it tactical? It’s all black, but it doesn’t specify if it’s a tactical assault weapon. I’d need to know that before I spent money on it.

    Actually, it looks like one of those things you use to stir the logs in a fireplace.

  19. avatar scottlac says:

    Since it has a folding stock, does that make it an “assault weapon”? It has a “shoulder thing that goes up”.

  20. avatar Johnny says:

    This is Obama’s vision of the only gun civilians should be allowed to own.

  21. avatar gamekeeper says:

    I like the idea of a basic single shot survival rifle for bug out bags and such but what is the little badger made of aluminium or steel ? and can those cheap plastic sights be changed to something more robust ?.

  22. avatar Wood says:

    I’d like to see it accept AR-15 buffer tubes/stocks, grips, and rails.

  23. This looks like a really good idea for a small carry arm in your pack. I wonder if it is depenable and will last for more than a few rounds put thru it? many good ideas have fallen by the wayside due to poor manufacturing techniques.

  24. avatar Jim Colton says:

    One thing that’s really nice about a single shot .22 has nothing to do with the rifle. Because of the demand for it, .22 ammo has notoriously bad quality control, resulting in a lot of duds. I found that with my pistol, I could usually squeeze the trigger an extra time and fire the round, but with my semi-auto rifle, I was out of luck. With the Chiappa, you can just pull the hammer back a second time and take the shot.

  25. avatar sing mark lee says:

    i just bought a little badger mag 22 from my local gun store and it did not have the threading
    1/2 x28 on the end of the barrel.will you add the threading if i send it back to yor compan representative in america???

    disappointed customer

  26. avatar Noah garland says:

    Own one in 17 hmr if you can hold it steady its a tack driver. too light for offhand shooting in my opinion. Wish the sights where steel but they aren’t as flimsy as they look throw in a decent scope bipod and grip behind the trigger guard and you’ve got a decent varmint gun

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