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A striker-fired 1911-style polymer pistol it is, then. Ish. While the new FNH FNS-9‘s trigger safety says Glock, the ambidextrous frame-mounted safety says WHY CAN’T I BE BIGGER? [Make the jump for a suitable snap.] For which I have no good answer; just as I couldn’t fathom the reasoning behind the diminutive safety on the Ruger SR9c. Marketing? CYA for the police department’s legal team? Dunno. Anyway, reckons the new FNS-9 will offer supra-Springfield XD-9 ammo levels. “No word on capacity but we’re willing to stake one kick squarely to the crotch that the FNS-9 will be of the 17+1 variety.” Now that’s what I call a committed journalist.

[Click on image below to enlarge.]

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  1. The overall size of the safety isn’t important. The 1911 has gotten folks use to a frame mounted safety that is, how did you once put it? “The size of an aircraft wing.”

    Trouble is, with a safety that big, you begin to limit the ergonomics of the grip dramatically. For people with shorter thumbs, the safety is always either too high or too low to ride comfortably. Same goes for people with excessively long thumbs.

    The better strategy is to make a small footprint safety with enough of a profile, texturing and slick enough actuation to insure that any flick of the thumb in the requisite direction will get the job done. With a smaller footprint, different thumb/hand sizes can more easily find the proper perch without having to strain the tendons in the hand.

    While their products may not have the ergonomic looks of some other pistols (I’m looking at you, HK P30 with spiderman grips), FN is a company that puts a LOT of thought into ergonomics. Everything on my FNX-9 is extremely well thought out and executed, even if it looks blocky.

    FN makes true fighting implements without much in the way of fluff and marketing bluster (I’m looking at you, Springfield XD). Personally, I think they are the most underrated handguns out there. A compact, Glock 19 size FNX or FNS with a slightly less aggressive grip texture would be an *excellent* carry weapon.

  2. I have the FNP-45 Tactical, it’s a great pistol. I was going to buy the FNX-9, which is basically a 9mm version of the FNP-45 (or vice versa depending on how you look at it). I don’t think I’ll be getting this, Glock and Smith and Wesson have me covered on striker fired pistols. I’m just hoping they bring a tactical variant of the FNX-9/FNS-9 to market with the threaded barrel, suppressor sights, and machined slide.

  3. Waiting for the .45 version. Someone has to put the 1911 out of its misery. Striker beats hammer every time. Polymer beats steel/aluminum every time.

    • Your comment suggests you have never fired a quality 1911. I love my XD and Glock pistols but even after extensive modofocations, they still do not come close to the feel and accuracy of my lightly worked over Kimber 1911.

      That is, unless you were just trying to stir the pot…

  4. I have purchased the FS9 and have fired it. I really enjoy the trigger, the pistol sets just perfect in my hand w/the small back strape. Recoil is nothing as well as the muzzle flip. I have small hands and have no problems with the FS9. Would like to know when the compact FS9 is coming out. I understand it is due this Fall and I would really love to have one.

  5. Sights need to be replaced. The front sight is too high so the gun shoots low every time. Mine were also misaligned to the left. FN should have this nailed and they don’t.

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