Federal Premium Gold Medal Match King ammunition
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Federal Premium is the ammo line for Vista Outdoors, a company whose stock price has taken a hit in the [real or imagined] Trump slump. FP’s coming out swinging, launching no less than 25 new products at SHOT Show 2018. We’ve already run their presser on the new Hydra-Shok Deep 9mm ammo. Here’s the rest of the new-for-’18 lineup . . .

Syntech Action Pistol: Three heavy-bullet competition loads that meet power factor requirements in 9mm Luger, 40 S&W and 45 Auto.

Edge TLR- Three product line additions: 155-grain 7mm Rem. Magnum, 140-grain 270 Win. and 140-grain 270 WSM.

Gold Medal Sierra MatchKing 224 Valkyrie: This 90-grain match bullet is loaded in the all-new 224 Valkyrie long-range cartridge and offers supersonic velocities past 1,300 yards.

Fusion MSR 224 Valkyrie: This 90-grain 224 cal. hunting bullet has been loaded in the all-new 224 Valkyrie long-range cartridge.

American Eagle Rifle: Three product line additions, including 224 Valkyrie 75-grain TMJ, 223 Rem. 75-grain FMJ and 6.5 Creedmoor 120-grain BTHP.

Power-Shok Copper 300 Blackout: This 120-grain hunting load features an accurate, all-copper, hollow-point bullet and Catalyst lead-free primer.

Gold Medal Grand Paper: Seven classic paper hull 12-gauge loads utilizing SoftCell wad technology, the PrimerLock head and dense lead shot.

Grand Slam: A line of 10 all-new copper-plated lead turkey loads with FLITECONTROL FLEX wad for use with all chokes.

Black Cloud with FLITECONTROL FLEX: Six new 12- and 20-gauge additions loaded with No. 1 or No. 3 shot, and a High Velocity 1 shot option.

Speed-Shok: These redesigned steel waterfowl shotshells feature faster, cleaner-burning powder. Sold in 48 load options.

Unprimed Brass: The industry’s best unprimed reloading brass for a full range of cartridges, including new 224 Valkyrie. Available in 17 options.

Edge TLR Component Bullets: Four new 30 cal., 270 cal. and 7mm/.284 Edge TLR hunting bullet options for reloaders.

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  1. A 300 Blackout with a lead free primer makes so much sense I’m surprised it wasn’t made already. There are plenty of lead free 5.56/.223 options (with lead free primers), so it’s a nice addition. Both are useful for various training areas as well as ranges that have stricter restrictions on lead use (or for shooters who just want lead-free shooting options).

  2. Well ain’t that just dandy. Being behind enemy lines, commie kalifornia. I’m sure these will be very very expensive, if a Legal American Citizen can even find much less get them. Folks this is TYRANNY, and it’s infectious.


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