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CZ-USA pro shooter, Dave Miller, broke 3,653 clays in one hour (that’s 3,600 seconds) to set a new Guinness World Record for “most sporting clays targets broken in one hour” and to raise money for Pheasants Forever’s youth programs. He used 30, CZ 712 shotguns holding 12 rounds each and a team of folks reloading them to achieve this rate of more than one clay broken per second . . .

Dave was also shooting from the hip to survive that repetitive recoil. Video of Dave shooting towards the record can be seen here. Brief CZ-USA press release here.

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  1. I thought Guinness stopped tracking firearms records to keep their books in school libraries?

    • I believe that Guinness tracks all sorts of records and then picks the more interesting/attainable ones for the books. I know of a couple that people hold that are about as interesting as the world record for watching paint dry and they don’t appear in any books but you can find them online.

  2. Incredible. That is just some incredible shooting.
    And one of the programs? “No child left indoors”
    Too cool.

  3. Any misses? Chief AJ hit over 40,000 wooden blocks without a single miss using multiple Ruger 10/22s.

    Well, that’s what I hear. I wasn’t there.

  4. There is no way I could ever do this, but…

    I can’t celebrate someone who wastes a bunch of money just to “raise” money for charity.

    • Really depends on how much they spent versus what they raised doesn’t it ? Guessing that CZ probably threw in some money for the promotional benefits. Betting the shooter was sponsored and paid by CZ for doing this. Possibly other sponsors as well. Ammo could have been donated by CZ or the ammunition manufacturer. Could be that the cost to put it on was not much at all. Be great to know what they netted out of the deal.
      One way or the other it was a great accomplishment for the shooter. Wish I was that good at shooting clays.

      • Dear God… I hadn’t even considered all the clays he shot to get to this point. I guess we’re all being “wasteful” one way or another.

        • Clays are biodegradable, they *dissolve* in a year or two.

          When made in America they create jobs.

          Sounds like a win all the way ’round…

    • How is it a waste of money? He spent money doing something he loved and got good enough at it that he was able to raise money for charity. I don’t see any waste here at all.

  5. An hour? Psssshhh…. Jerry Miculek could do that in like 10 minutes…. 5 if he used his feet.

    • Jerry’s Czech ancestry running through his blood should pair nicely with the CZ 712s.

  6. Damn I respect that speed and the fact that he fired that many rounds of 12g in an hour. It would be something to just say you shot that many rounds of 12g in a week. I wonder how many of the Demoncrat elite are thanking their lucky stars because this guy just got rid of his evil arsenal of assault ammunition. How many department of fatherland security lists did this guy make it on to with that many firearms transfers and possession of that much ammo? If they had done this in Washington he would have had to call a time out for every transfer and have an ffl on site to run the transactions haha. Not really funny but haha sad.

    • Wow. Hadn’t thought of that. There are several states he wouldn’t even be able to have those evil 12 round shotguns.

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