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Christensen Arms Modern Precision Rifle

Press release [via]: 

Continuing a long heritage of innovation in the firearm industry, Christensen Arms announces the release of the Modern Precision Rifle. Developed with a 100 percent proprietary chassis system and weighing less than 7 lbs (16” .308), the Modern Precision Rifle is built to tackle your next big adventure.

“The Modern Precision Rifle is a next-generation chassis rifle proudly built from top-tier aerograde materials right here in the USA,” stated Jason Christensen, President Christensen Arms.

Christensen Arms Modern Precision Rifle

The chassis is machined from 7075 billet aluminum and features V-block bedding to promote superior accuracy. Other features include an adjustable folding stock with a locking hinge mechanism, an oversized fluted bolt knob, and black nitride coated bolt, receiver, and muzzle brake.

The Modern Precision Rifle is built with an aerograde carbon fiber barrel, free-floating handguard, and adjustable comb; and is guaranteed to shoot sub MOA.

Christensen Arms Modern Precision Rifle

Initial caliber offerings include 6.5 Creedmoor and .308 Win. in a variety of barrel lengths. Additional calibers, including long-action offerings, are expected in 2018. The Modern Precision Rifle will hit dealers’ shelves within the next 6-8 weeks and has an MSRP of $2,295.

Visit the Christensen Arms website for more information and to see the official launch video.

About Christensen Arms:

Founded in Utah in 1995, with roots in the aerospace industry, Christensen Arms developed the first carbon fiber rifle barrel. This patented technology resulted in one of the most innovative advances in firearms within the last two and a half decades. With more than 20 years of firearm experience focusing on incorporating top-tier aerospace materials and processes, Christensen Arms manufactures some of the most lightweight, precise, and accurate firearms in the industry and around the globe.

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  1. So the 16″ barrel is a gimmick to allow them to advertise a lower weight? Cause who is really going to spend that kind of coin on a bolt action precision rifle with a 16″ barrel?

    • They do offer 20 and 24″ 308, along with 22 and 26″ 6.5 CM. Having 16″ only would have been be kinda silly.

  2. I wonder how much the price would be dropped if they ditched the carbon fiber barrel?

    $1800 for a boutique precision rifle isn’t that bad (guessing at street price), but I’d happily trade a pound or so of weight (it won’t save that much) for a slightly lower price.

  3. Would love a side-by-side comparison of this rifle and Q’s “The Fix” rifle. Both of them are ultra-light modern takes on the bolt-action.

  4. I shot one of their carbon fiber barrels years ago, I’m a wood and steel guy, the carbon fiber pissed me off, shot to good, can’t, gotta be wood and steal. Damn technology

  5. Considering that this is a lightweight Ruger Precision Rifle on steroids 2k isn’t bad at all. Given their company name and all the carbon fiber the price could’t been much worse. This is completely acceptable for a precision rifle.

  6. am I the only person that wishes that someone other than savage would make one of these fairly affordable chassis rifles in long action calibers.

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