GLOCK happy stick in Century Arms Draco NAK9 Pistol (courtesy ammoland,com)
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Hang on. Isn’t 7.62× 39mm the whole point of an AK? If not that, 5.45×39mm? Century Arms doesn’t think so. The Draco NAK9 9mm AK-based GLOCK mag compatible pistol’s “blowback operated design results in a platform as reliable as an AK in a smaller package with minimal recoil” making it “an excellent choice for your next truck gun, CQC or a fun day at the range.” $724.99. SB Tactical Brace compatible? Ya ne znayu. Press release . . .

Century Arms Draco Pistol right (courtesy

Delray Beach, Fla. –-( Century Arms, North America’s premier AK manufacturer, has announced the release of a new 9mm AK-based pistol, the Draco NAK9. The AK-based 9mm handgun is the newest addition to the highly popular Draco pistol series.

“The Draco NAK9 fills a void in the U.S. market for a high quality Com-Bloc 9mm AK pistol,” said Jason Karvois, Century Arms Director of Sales. “Because it readily accepts Glock brand 9mm and aftermarket Glock magazines, many consumers can utilize the magazines they already own in their new 9mm AK pistol.”

Century Arms Draco NAK9 pistol magwell (courtesy

The Draco NAK9 pistol is chambered in the cost-effective, low-recoil 9mm cartridge while capturing the look and feel of the AK-47 platform. The magazine well allows for compatibility with Glock 17 and Glock 19 magazines making it the perfect companion for your EDC 9mm handgun.

Century Arms Draco NAK9 Pistol Top-Mounted Picatinny Optics Rail (courtesy

The NAK9 comes equipped with a top-mounted Picatinny optics rail for mounting modern optics, a rear sling mount, one 33-round magazine and is compatible with aftermarket AKM handguards. The blowback operated design results in a platform as reliable as an AK, but in a smaller package with minimal recoil.

Its lightweight and 11.14” barrel make the Draco NAK9 an excellent choice for your next truck gun, CQC or a fun day at the range. The Draco NAK9 is shipping this week to dealers with a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $724.99.

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Century Arms

About Century Arms

Born over 50 years ago with its roots in the surplus business, Century Arms has an extensive history of providing unique and affordable products to the American Collector, Hunter, and Target Shooter. That tradition is carried on today, with a state of the art manufacturing facility located in the U.S.A, as the company continues to offer unique, innovative, and quality products to the U.S. Consumer and U.S. Government.

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  1. Why did they keep the piston tube on top when there is no piston? Why not eliminate the bulk and weight of that tube since it serves no purpose and is only there for looks?

    And then they should offer the same thing with a 16-inch barrel and a buttstock in the ever elusive pistol caliber carbine configuration. I’ll bet that they would sell 100s of thousands of them if they were available under $550.

    (Century Arms, if you take my advice and manufacture/sell this thing in a pistol caliber carbine configuration as I suggested above, please send me a complimentary unit as a reward for my suggestion.)

    • ^True dat.
      Looks like the engineers took the easy way out with the conversion.
      Gas tube on top is dead weight, and mag hole adaptor cover is most basic.

      That said, if they shoot well they in reviews, I may be in for one.

      With the new Ruger PC9 on the way, and now this, the AR pcc’s need to drop in price.

      • Where did you happen to find one of the new Ruger PC carbines? They’re out of stock at the several standard go-to places I checked.

        I did see a few on armslist, of course. I’d rather support true firearms dealers, though.

      • It’s a blowback operated firearm. An AK bolt carrier sans piston isn’t heavy enough for 9x19mm blowback operation. The piston is kept not to function as a piston, but simply to add mass to the bolt carrier group. Think of it like a telescoping bolt, like the Uzi, where part of the bolt mass is in front of the chamber. When the Russians developed 9x19mm AK variants, they did the same thing.

  2. Uhm, why not just have a Glock? The idea that Century is pawning this off as light weight makes me laugh. Way cheaper too.

    • I agree. I sure don’t see this as a “night stand weapon” when any number of high-cap pistols are available that will do the job better, lighter weight, with less bulk.

      I’m also a bit curious in how manufacturers were ever able to graft an AR15 receiver extension (buffer tube) to the rear of an AK and legitimately call it a “pistol” with an arm brace. Not complaining, but wonder how BATFE ever allowed a major redesign like that.

    • Longer barrel, greater sight radius, and more points of contact with the shooter than a Glock, especially with a brace (or a stock and tax stamp.) Some AK fans also want something similar to a Vityaz.

      It’s lighter than a 7.62x39mm pistol or rifle.

      • Sight radius on a Glock 17 is about 6 1/2 inches. Judging by the pictures, this thing doesn’t have that beat by much. The 11 inch barrel will give you maybe an extra 100 FPS. And I’m not convinced that a pistol with a forestock can be shot offhand any more accurately than a traditional two-handed grip.

        All said and done, this has the accuracy of a pistol and the stopping power of 9mm, with extra weight and length.

        A Sig brace would make it a pretend SBR with the stopping power of 9mm. Range toy.

        • Yes, and?

          For most gun owners, every gun other than their EDC pistol, their hunting gun(s), and their bedside home defense gun (if it isn’t their EDC) is a range toy.

  3. “a platform as reliable as an AK, but in a smaller package…”

    You mean, like a Glock?

    Seriously, other than an ammo-eating range toy, what’s the point?

    • I am actually surprised we haven’t seen a Glock PCC yet. I mean, it would probably use the same stuff the pistols do but with a permanently attached stock on a longer frame, and a 16″ barrel. The market would eat it up if only because it had Glock’s name on it.

  4. Century, a “premier AK manufacturer”?

    They’re certainly good at spewing out lots of self-destructing hand grenades that are shaped like AKs

    • Truth. Century should stick to importing firearms. They have yet to manufacture anything themselves that doesn’t belong in a garbage bin.

    • I can think of a few practical uses for it, but even if your statement was objective truth, when has that ever stopped people? It’s cool. I want one.

    • Sadly no. It’s not on the roster and the magazine being outside of the pistol grip makes it an “assault pistol.” You could buy one used off a LEO who modified it to have a fixed magazine. No fun allowed.

  5. There is a lot of hate on Century Arms here on TTAG!
    In case you all are not aware, Century has moved to Florida and has upped their game for several years now.
    There are no longer any complaints about canted sights and poorly sized mag wells
    By all reports their American made AK’s work
    We can argue if you even want an American made AK but that is a different story
    I have don’t own any Century products, but I have handled them and shot them
    This looks like a competitor to the CZ Scorpion as it is in the same price range
    People have complained for years that the scorpion does not take Glock mags
    Here is a pistol caliber carbine that takes Glock mags!
    Put a folding Sig brace on it and you have an AK based pcc
    I like a Scorpion better, but plenty of AK guys will buy it
    And why not? Cause ‘ Murica!
    More guns means more freedom

    • It’s a good competitor to the Scorpion Evo, with the advantage it takes readily available AK furniture, and a more common (though not cheaper or any more reliable) magazine. Also, the safety probably doesn’t dig into your hand when you you use it. I’d mod it for a galil-style safety, add an ultimak rail (I don’t trust the ones mounted on the dust cover) and a side folding shockwave brace. Maybe a suppressor when the HPA passes. *sigh*

  6. A company called Chaos makes custom draco 9mm
     AK pistols. The most unusual feature of these AKs which immediately jumps out is the brace that houses an AK magazine! draco 9mm

    The Chaos magazine brace is also folding and removable. Probably it features some sort of a quick detach mechanism to remove and use the magazine. Just imagine how tacticool that kind of magazine change procedure would look.draco 9mm

    Among other features of these AK pistols are the top Picatinny rail and a forearm with KeyMod slots. It also comes with HK-style iron sights. The MSRP at $725.99. Right now they are out of stock but can be custom made upon order. The brace is not available separately.draco 9mm

    draco 9mm

    draco 9mm

    draco 9mm

    draco 9mm

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