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Caracal, the company in the UAE who makes Robert’s favorite carry gun, is extending their line of firearms. After introducing a 9mm carbine last year, they’re back with a bolt action .308 rifle. And man, is it nice.


The rifle hits all of my needs for a good precision gun, and then some. Not only is the stock fully adjustable, but the trigger adjusts too. And you can dictate the amount of roll in the second stage independent of everything else, even. Its a level of customization that one normally doesn’t see in rifles.

The gun also takes Accuracy International magazines, has a specially designed muzzle brake, and the whole thing is made in their shop — no outside parts required.

No word yet on price or availability, but “less than a TrackingPoint” seems to be an accurate estimate.

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  1. Yawn, I’d like to know when they are going to release their ‘fixed’ pistols, what they’re going to do to try to make it up to consumers, and all the other questions along those lines.

  2. How long before the first round of recalls due to ‘accidental discharge do to design error’ or ‘bolt explodes in face’ due to improperly treated metal?

    I’ll skip anything Caracal makes.

    Too many viable competitors with ‘proven’ track records.

    Thanks, though….

    • Different designer (I’d bet), different route of firearm. I doubt they’ll have a problem with these rifles.

  3. You know, there are chassis systems available from manufacturers that have a reputation for quality and reliability.

  4. They did right by me on the recall, gave me $100 more than I paid for the gun, a discount on next purchase (if they ever release), and covered my holster expenses. I still feel recalling the entire line was bogus.

  5. Iran also has a thriving and much more proficient arms industry,

    why don’t we just also send all of our small arms budgets their way, hurting domestic makers, and as we have for gas at 300% cost to Dubai ? Have you been there lately and have you seen the expansion/growth on our wealth transfer since, say, 1991 ? Remember the financial meltdown attacks during Bush2 ? They both eminated from Islamic Sovereign wealth funds. One was located in London. The other was located in Dubai. These are not our friends, however blind you choose to be to this issue in the name of “freedom” or “choice” or “low price” or “new and exciting” or ….etc.

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