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No matter how you like to tote your EDC gun, Black Arch Holsters’ new Protos-M line has you covered. With one gun-specific shell and three hybrid backs, you’re good to go whether you want to go inside the waistband, outside or appendix carry. Here’s their press release:

Protos-M PressRelease

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  1. So $95 for a single holster + $35 for an additional back = $130 or I can drop $210 on a complete set? No thanks. I will stick with my Alien Gear setup. $60 for and IWB and OWB holster package that has completely interchangeable shells + free lifetime trade in of shells wins every time in my book. The only disadvantage for AG is not having and AIWB option but even if I bought the 2 holsters from AG and a separate holster for AIWB I could be well under $130….let alone $210!

    • I purchased an Alien Gear for my Ruger 2 years ago because the concept looked promising for wear IWB in hot climates. So far I have worn it exactly twice. I find it cumbersome and uncomfortable, no matter what I do with cant angle or height above the waistband or anything else. It is also a PITA to hook over my belt at the 3:00 position without taking my pants off first.

      I wear instead a minimalist Blackhawk IWB holster and find it exceptionally useful and comfortable so long as it is not directly against my bare skin. YMMV. For Open Carry I have a Blackhawk Serpa retention holster. The combination of those two holsters cost me less than the price of the Alien set-up shown above.

    • You get what you pay for, Black Arch holsters a helluva lot nicer than Alien Gear, in any dimension other than price tag. The backing is not as hot and doesn’t collapse on the body, the shell nor the backing will obstruct your middle finger knuckle establishing a firing grip. The hardware is at least a wash, with AG giving some very nice extras. The shell is kydex vs. whatever it is AG uses (not as hard). The Black arch shell is more Svelte as it’s not attempting to fit a universal screw pattern that is designed to fit DEagles and Picos the same, as a result the backing is more trim, and don’t give me the “It spreads teh weight out on the belt better” without acknowledging “it creates a larger hot spot on your hip”.

      AG is good if you can’t afford anything else for your SCCY, Diamondback or Canik. It’s not tactical nylon, but it might as well be if you’re carrying a proper handgun.

  2. No problems at all with my Alien Gear holsters. I use them every day. I’ve comfortably carried a 3″ 1911, a 5″ 1911, an FNP45, a Kahr T40 and an M&P 9mm. All day and on long trips. The Cloak 3.0 is an improvement over the 2.0, but I still use both. Customer service is outstanding.

  3. Alien Gear is for what I would consider a entry level holster, or for someone who has not taken the time to explore holster product availability with other companies. Alien gear is a jack of all trades, “one size fits all” marketing/branding, design and implementation – but it is not the right product for someone like myself who wants the best, and is willing to pay for it. I am by no means slamming Alien Gear, as they have found a sweet spot in the holster industry, but none of their holsters can claim best in class as judged by an experienced gun owner who demands the most out of his/her holster. Just my humble opinion, and yours may differ. It is a fine product at a competitive price point, of average performance.

    I hope YOU find the right holster for YOUR body type, style and pistol!


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