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AAC has been making .300 BLK rifles for quite a while now, but apparently the demand for an AAC branded 5.56 rifle is so great that they’ve gone into full production on those as well. The rifles will be available in the same configuration as the existing .300 BLK guns, but with a different barrel. Also “new” this year . . .


Originally developed for the military, this 5.56 silencer is designed to be mass produced and dirt cheap while still having the durability and effectiveness that we’ve seen in AAC’s other cans. The silencer will start production somewhere in Q2 of this year, and the expected retail price is about $650. It will also use the same 51T QD system as the rest of AAC’s main line of silencers.

Lastly, the 762-SD is back! The original 762-SD became the shorter 762-SDN-6, which retails for a hair over $800. Thanks to some engineering improvements from Freedom Group’s efficiency guys the new 762-SD will feature a new all-inconel baffle stack for added longevity, and only a loss of about 2 dB over the smaller brother, but comes with a price tag of $650. So it’s lighter, tougher, and less expensive.

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  1. Is it just me, or is AAC moving backwards while Silencerco is running circles around them the past 2 years??

    A LOSS of 2 dB (which is noticeable btw) on an existing product lineup? They’re just rearranging the deck chairs…

    • Mike,
      I would actually disagree. I think they are looking at their existing product line, comparing it to others, such as SilencerCo and YHM, and recognizing they have no suppressors for the mid-range market. With the explosion in suppressor ownership, they are missing out on sales to these buyers. Sure, this is not as innovative as some of the releases we have seen from SilencerCo/SWR, but it is likely to bring AAC into a segment of the market that they have ignored for at least a couple of years.

      I would also contend that a 2 dB difference is pretty negligible. That said, it is disappointing that the 762-SD is longer than the SDN-6 and also meters a little louder. Still, you aren’t likely to find a better option at that price.

      This is coming from a guy who is pending on SWR’s Octane 45 HD.

      • It is my understanding that the 762-SD (new and old) suppresses .308 better, while the 762-SDN-6 suppresses .300blk better. According to Brent Taylor and Mike Mers, there is no performance difference between the new and old 762-SD, simply different materials used.

  2. Would it be fair to assume that their 5.56 rifles will be in the same price range as their .300s? ($1600)

  3. But according to Nick, they fired all their R&D guys, so how do they have anything new to release?

  4. Uhhhhh….somebody missed the department memo that said “Don’t dress like the Obamacare pajama boy”

  5. Rachel is holding the 556SD, but you didn’t actually get a picture of her?

    Son I am disappoint.

    • Price point. The M4-2000 typically retails for around $800-900 (MSRP ~$1050). Add in the stamp, and you’re looking at $1,000-1,100.

      By the sounds of it, this appears to be a rebranding of the M4-1000 suppressor. IIRC, the key difference between the M4-1000 and M4-2000 suppressors was the baffle stack material: The former used some variety of stainless steel for the majority of the baffle stack, while the latter uses all inconel.

      It’s unclear from this post whether the quoted price of ~$650 is the actual MSRP, or what they expect dealers will charge for them. That said, street price for the M4-1000 was ~600-650; The fact that they expect this can to be similarly priced, and the fact that the profile looks identical, would both also seem to confirm this theory.

      As far as what this offers, the answer largely boils down to one word: Price.

      If you’re going to shoot it a lot on a short barrel, and/or run full-auto, you certainly want the durability of the M4-2000; If you’re like the vast majority of shooters though, odds are that you’ll never wear out your rifle’s barrel, much less this suppressor. At that point, why pay nearly twice the price in order to get a level of durability that you don’t need?

  6. Tattooed hands? Ummmmm, not my cup of tea there. And $650 for a silencer/suppressor is considered dirt cheap?

  7. Huh…. I wonder if the new pricing includes mounts which could easily push the pricing of the new suppressors into the $750 MSRP range.

  8. I like the sig sauer p320 but i was expecting
    from yourcompany A more powerful calibre like a .40 or .45

  9. AACs website says that the 762-SD is 30dB (doesn’t mention caliber) and the 762-SDN-6 is 25dB on 762 and 39dB on 300BO! That is a huge difference from 30dB to 39dB. Is anyone going to do a actual comparison test soon? I am hoping to buy one or the other very soon but I would like to see some solid #s from a source who isn’t selling their own product.

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