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By Brandon via

A married couple that has been together for 24 years wants to foster two 12-year-old siblings, but have been denied. Brian and Valerie Wilson want nothing more than to foster the siblings, but the State of Nevada says they can’t. The reason: they have concealed carry permits. Brian Wilson spoke to the Nevada State Assembly during a hearing in attempts to get a variance from a state regulation prohibiting the carrying of loaded weapons with foster children was denied . . .

My wife Valerie and I have been together since high school, 24 years now I believe now we’re at. We have always planned early on that we would adopt later in life. In 2013, we decided it was now time to adopt and complete our family. There’s a lot of older children in the system that need homes. We have siblings, we have 12-year-olds that… let’s be honest, it’s a sad truth, there’s not as many people lining up to take those kids and give them a good home. Fortunately, we were in a position to do that.

The state regulation says that firearms and ammunition need to be stored separately and in secure containers in homes that have foster children. Since they carry firearms, this automatically disqualifies them from becoming foster parents.

The Deputy Administrator of Child & Family Services, Jill Marando, cited…

A concern about the ability of a child to gain access to a loaded weapon.

The Fox News anchor made a brilliant comment at the end of the above video, and I couldn’t have said it better myself:

It’s just… that’s nonsense. If you have a concealed carry permit, you’ve already demonstrated responsibility and the fact that you’re a law-abiding person. They just don’t like guns. They’re letting their left-wing politics interfere with this family’s desire to adopt.

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  1. I hope and pray that someone in government realizes what a stupid rule that is and allows the couple to take in the kids.

    • Social work tends to draw a lot of left wing types as well as many that are just after money. The ridiculous part is that any couple with ccw licenses have gone through more rigorous background check and requirements than the social services bunch. That entire NV office should be sent out for drug screening and ccw license background check (not for the license just to see if they are prohibited) and fire any of them that fail either.

      • I have delt with the nv office before and it is really sad how much they all need to be fired. You will not find more incompetent people in one place anywhere else.

  2. its too bad. They would be able to protect those kids way better than a non owner.
    What a bunch of crap.

  3. If they were gay, which is not even constitutionally protected, half the country would have already stormed the Nevada general assembly with torches and pitchforks. Hell, I would have been one of them. This is beyond offensive to me.

    • Perhaps the 2a/NRA types should join forces with the gay rights activists to fight for guaranteed rights for all…Libs would not know what to do with themselves.

      • It will never happen. There are too many lines drawn in the sand on both sides, which is really unfortunate.

      • Problem is, they don’t want guaranteed rights for all. They just want power for themselves. So goes the mantra of “equality” for every single group out there.

        Gun rights supporters are different. We don’t want additional power. We want a single sentence written over two hundred years ago to just be upheld.

      • Why waste efforts on <2% of the population? You can get a bigger bang for your buck going after Blacks and Hispanics without alienating your core.
        Besides aren't we trying to keep guns out of the hands of people with mental issues?

  4. Let me guess: certain exclusions apply?

    Someone should remind them that Obama’s kids are positively SURROUNDED by men carrying concealed weapons, 24/7. What a tremendously dangerous environment.

  5. Discrimination against interracial couples- passé.
    Discrimination against gay couples – yet to be determined.
    Discrimination against CCW couples – here we go….

    • Discrimination against gay couples ….

      Nothing illustrates Leftist radical activism better than cruelly experimenting with kids lives by taking the position that a gay adoptive couple is equivalent to a M/F adoptive couple (with all other factors being the same).

      • Just come right out and say you wish gays were thrown into ovens and done way with. No sense in beating around the hate bush with your bigotry.

        • So A-rod, which of your parents would you say had a meaningless impact on your life?

          To make the supposition that a M/M or F/F couple would be able to equally provide the breadth of emotion and strength that a typical M/F couple can provide is so “anti-science” (as the typical Lefty might say) is laughable.

        • Well Doesky, I would have to say my Dad was pretty meaningless since he was not around and I was raised by a single parent. In my mind and in my experience TWO parents ARE better than One parent but ANY parent is better than NO parents. So yes I am all for gay couples having the right to adopt. I am not in favor of any discrimination be it based on gender, religion, color or sexual orientation so truly is that a liberal or conservative notion?

        • ” I am not in favor of any discrimination be it based on … sexual orientation so truly is that a liberal or conservative notion?”
          It’s a well intentioned, but misguided notion.

        • Just like all leftist fanatics you refuse to answer a simple question…….

          You have 3 couples M/M, F/F, and M/F
          All 3 couples are essentially equivalent in other aspects

          Do you agree that adoptive kids better off being in the M/F household?
          …or do you take the radical leftist notion that the missing mom or dad makes no difference?

          Most of the left considers the asking of that question as homophobic.
          The country is in a deep dark pit.

  6. I said it before, WATCH out Nevada! CA idiocy is spreading across the border.

    Anyone who thinks whats in CA can’t happen here is dangerously wrong. Case and point.

    • So true. I have a buddy that just moved from NV. He was telling me about how most people are just getting to be crazy Californians about the gun subject. I just find it ridiculous that firearms are supposed to be a back room activity and nobody should admit to it and nobody should talk about it, You know for the kids. This nation is getting more sad every day. I’m afraid of what the next ten years will have in store for “the land of the free”. WAFJ

  7. Some politicians and bureaucrats always use and manipulate laws to screw guns owners whenever they can. So, by the same logic, all children in the homes of gun owners should be removed by the state. Makes you sick…

  8. They’re not just letting left-wing politics get in the way. Left-wing politics are designed for the sole and complete purpose of punishing dissent.

  9. I see;

    So we have a constitutionally protected right… (Keeping an bearing arms) as a disqualification for “Foster parenting”…

    WOW, who thought this one through? We support the 2nd Amendment… but well, we don’t.

    (p.s. — it’s in the Nevada Constitution too: {Text of Section 11:
    Right to Keep and Bear Arms; Civil Power Supreme

    1. Every citizen has the right to keep and bear arms for security and defense, for lawful hunting and recreational use and for other lawful purposes.}

  10. Arizona has a similar regulation for foster parents. I have always interpreted that the requirement to store ammo and guns separately doesn’t apply when they are not being stored. That means if you have it on your person is it not being stored.

    • That was the fallacy I saw in the interpretation of the law. They didn’t say you couldn’t own guns and ammo. They said you had to store them separately (which is bullshit right there). But if you have guns and ammo stored separately, then when it comes time to load up and shoot, aren’t the gun and ammo together at that time? But isn’t that the basis for denial of adoption? WTF!

      • Actually following the rules is a PITA but doable. You not only must store guns and ammo separately, the guns must be in a safe or other locked container AND each firearm must have a trigger lock or other individual locking device installed. Even if you have a combo on the safe, the individual locks likely all have keys. Where do you store all the keys? Ok, get a lock box for the keys. Oh wait the lock box has a key. Where do you store the key for the lock box? Ok in the fire safe with a combo. So to get out a gun and actually use it involves:

        1 – open the fire safe with the combo and get out the key to the key lock box
        2 – open the gun safe with a combo
        3 – open the key lock box
        4 – get out the key for each gun you want to use and unlock the trigger lock or cable lock.
        5 – open the combo padlock on the each ammo can containing the ammo you want to use.

        Then when you are done, do the reverse to lock them up. It keeps you from getting out too many guns at once when you go to the range. I know it can be simplified some but not much and it does pass the home inspection.

        So what do you do for a beside gun? A quick access safe works fine and technically that is not stored. But if you leave the house, you have two choices. 1 – Carry the gun with you. 2 – lock up the gun following the rules above.

        If you have to do it, getting combo locks with settable combos helps a lot. Use one combo for ammo and another combo for the gun safes. if you have more than a couple trigger locks a good labeling system is a must. Being a foster parent and following the rules for safe storage is a lot of work. It is a lot more work than the safe storage laws of any state that I know of.

        And if you reload, the primers and powder must be locked up too. Be careful not to store those in any way or quantity that will violate a fire code or void your home owner insurance. When you are done reloading, make sure you lock up the ammo you just loaded. Can’t leave any loaded ammo on the bench.

        • In the Heller decision SCOTUS ruled requirements for locks was unconstitutional.

          “The Supreme Court struck down provisions of the Firearms Control Regulations Act of 1975 as unconstitutional, determined that handguns are “arms” for the purposes of the Second Amendment, found that the Regulations Act was an unconstitutional ban, and struck down the portion of the Regulations Act that requires all firearms including rifles and shotguns be kept “unloaded and disassembled or bound by a trigger lock.”

          Sounds like civil rights were denied.

          Sue ’em and take it all the way up if necessary…

          Am i missing something on that?

  11. “Carried” is not “stored.” Also, having permit does not mean you will violate the rules. They could keep the carry guns outside the house, like, in the car. It’s lawsuit time!

  12. Lets face. CPS is staffed by the most left wing of the left wing. They probably think Bummer isn’t far left enough for them. So naturally they are going to try and use their power to illegally disarm as many homes as they can.
    And laws requiring guns and ammo be stored separately are stupid. They have never saved a life. But you can bet they have cost lives.
    You can bet this couple has a bomb proof gun safe, not just a gun locker at home.
    How many foster parents in that state have illegal guns at home? They have no way of knowing.
    My wife and I would probably be ineligible because we not of the same skin color. That, and we own guns 🙂
    We’ll never allow ourselves to be put through that insane process.

    • That’s the reason these depts are so dysfunctional. On top of that, I have seen many people approved for foster care that were predators in one way or another.

  13. So the children are denied a home “for the children.” Really? What a load of dung.

    The left babbles about “if it only saves one child.” And these nice people wanted to save two.

    • And these a$$holes who denied the adoption will go to sleep at night with smug superiority. They are *better* than you and I.

  14. It’s simple then. Turn in and cancel their CCWs. I understand their point, but if the state wants to play games, well then let the games begin!

    • Since when does being licensed to carry automatically imply that one does carry? I know people/who have CPL’s strictly because it makes buying handguns more convenient. The state is jumping to conclusions to the detriment of this couple,and the children.

  15. A friend of mine and her husband recently adopted a baby, they were asked during the process if they owned firearms or had any on their property. She insisted it wouldn’t have made a difference had they replied yes, but you have to have your head somewhat in the sand to believe that. why else would they ask?

  16. Sounds like the couple have run across some indoctrinated statists that are afraid these 12 yo kids will not remain dependent on the state and will lose their votes forever.

  17. All this left this and left that….isn’t NV a red state? Yahoo! news stated 43 states do not allow it, if this is accurate, it’s very likely there are plenty of red states included.

  18. Sounds like a violation of their civil rights. Mr. Holder, what are you going to do about this clear violation of an American citizen’s civil rights by a government entity?

    • Holder and the DOJ? Nah-they’re a heterosexual couple, and they’re here legally.

  19. I fully appreciate a huge dose of caution when placing foster children into foster homes. Many/most of those children have grown up in Hellish environments that cause devastating emotional trauma that is at best extremely difficult to overcome. The unfortunate result is that many foster children are way, WAY, WAY more prone to impulsive/destructive behavior than children who have grown up in a stable loving family.

    Given that reality, I can see where a state and/or a social worker would be extremely reluctant to place children in a home with firearms.

    Of course a child who is intent on harming themselves or their foster parents would have ample ability to use knives, clubs, and/or poisons in place of firearms. So, unless the foster parents lock up all of those items, I don’t see how firearms make the situation any more or less dangerous.

    In many respects I don’t see any good solution. If you lock up the firearms, you would have to lock up all the possible poisons, clubs, and knives as well. And then children intent on harming you could just set the house on fire or use a rock from outside or a friend’s knife to cause massive damage. If I were a potential foster parent, I would make sure to have a good insurance policy and really good locks on the doors. I apologize in advance if that sounds harsh.

  20. Wait, adoption or foster care? Because they said both in the article, but those are two very different things. Still, it’s complete insanity that the system blocks that couple from doing either on the basis of them having CHL’s. I spent a year and a half in a group home during my formative years, and some of my friends there were CPS cases who had been in and out of foster care for most of their lives. Very few of those foster homes are actually good.

    This is a couple that has been together for decades and seems to genuinely want to help kids stuck in a nightmare of a situation… and they get denied for something as trivial as having CHL’s? WTF? Damn idiots in charge of the system would rather send kids to one of the many hellish foster homes with foster parents who at best don’t care and at worst are actively abusive? Because guns? Jesus Christ, how awful. I’m bookmarking this article as evidence of the true motive of the antis and the myth of “we just want reasonable restrictions”.

    • In Nevada you are a foster parent for a minimum of 6 months to make sure it is a good placement for the adoption. That is why it mentioned both

  21. A CCW gives you a right to conceal a firearm it does not say that you have to. That alone should be enough to challenge this action. In fact I have friend that has a CCW and he does not even own a gun… He has it for ‘political purposes.’ Regardless, its time to lawyer up and challenge this arbitrary and capricious decision.

    • “Political purposes,” hmm. I wonder if San Diego Sheriff Bill Gore would say that doesn’t constitute “good cause” for issuance. Probably—little else does, in his view.

      Sorry for the digression. Back to your regular programming.

  22. This is very sad. Calling good evil and evil good…boycott Nevada and Vegas?

    • I haven’t researched Clark county, but in Franklin County, Ohio – An active police officer can foster – they are exempted simply because they have been trained and educated in how not to be disarmed and should be able to maintain their firearm safely. How many cops kids have been accidentally killed by a firearm I wonder…

  23. Fat Slob Lady with 3 fat slob kids hanging off of her shopping cart approaches me and my son as I am open carrying. The following made Daddy proud.

    Fat Slob Lady: “Why do you think you need _that_ around my kids?”
    My Son: [before I could answer] “Because I’m worth it, what about yours?”

    Hell yeah.

  24. Sounds like there may be more to the story… Could the couple let their licenses lapse, adopt, and get them reissued?

  25. So NV doesn’t want guns around foster children but it’s A-OK to have them around your biological children? So much for consistency.

  26. This is happening to Christians too, in the U.S. in Europe. If you are against homosexualism, you wont be allowed to adopt kids. Now if you believe in the 2nd A, you get the same treatment as Bible believing Christians.

  27. Certainly, if one took a poll of the achievements of NRA members and their families, it would be noted that they grow up in the safest, best educated, most law abiding elements of society. It might be interesting to compare CCW families with gay parents, suicides, drug use, smoking, ect. . . Political correctness run amuck.

  28. There are other CCW foster families in this county, right – I don’t think CCW was the issue here. I’ve seen posts from folks claiming to be foster parents in Clark county and carrying CCW’s – please explain the drama with this couple.

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