Las Vegas Professor Shoots Self To Protest President Trump
Image via Las Vegas Review-Journal.
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Trump derangement syndrome has officially been taken to an entirely new level. A professor emeritus at the College of Southern Nevada recently shot himself in the arm while on campus to protest the 45th president. Police have charged the nutty professor, Mark J. Bird, with a variety of felonies.

In spite of the professor’s violent, TDS-fueled temper tantrum, reports say he’s apparently still employed by the college.

Las Vegas Professor Shoots Self To Protest President Trump

The Las Vegas Review-Journal has the story:

A longtime College of Southern Nevada sociology professor is facing felony gun charges in connection with an on-campus shooting on the second day of classes.

Mark J. Bird was charged last month with discharging a gun within a prohibited structure, carrying a concealed weapon without a permit and possessing a dangerous weapon on school property, court records show. He was found bleeding from a self-inflicted gunshot wound to his arm about 8:15 a.m. on Aug. 28 outside a bathroom in the Charleston campus K building.

…While waiting for authorities to arrive, Bird said he had shot himself in protest of President Donald Trump, police noted in their report.

No doubt Shannon Watts’ and Michael Bloomberg’s burgeoning gun control operation will classify this as yet another tragic “school shooting” in their efforts to strip law-abiding people of their natural right to keep and bear arms.

At the same time, some on the left will surely dismiss this professor’s self-inflicted gunshot wound as brave, protected “speech.” A heroic protest of a totalitarian regime. Desperate times call for desperate measures, and all that. Meanwhile, many of those same people will describe phrases like “make America great again” as “violence” against immigrants and minorities.

Their Orwellian logic also shines brightly when it comes to Antifa, a group that calls themselves “anti-fascists” while employing violent fascist tactics against those with whom they disagree politically.

The psychotic sociology professor was thinking of the little people during his protest. He taped a hundred dollar bill to the bathroom mirror, along with a note that read “for the janitor” before blowing a hole in his arm.

Las Vegas Professor Shoots Self To Protest President Trump

Unfortunately, Professor Bird victimized more than just himself. At least one student found the nutty professor bleeding from his self-inflicted wound. Those memories will surely live with that student for a long time. The psychotic professor’s violent temper tantrum probably won’t do much for the school’s reputation, either.

TTAG has written before about the left turning to violence and wondering just how soon that violence will turn deadly. Few of us ever thought these moonbats would inflict that violence upon themselves. Yet here we are.

Desperate, deranged people do desperate things. Be careful and stay safe out there.


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      • You don’t find anything humerus in this?

        He tried to aim using his sight and his radius?

        He thought it was a tarsus pistol?

        • OK, I’ll give it a try. Generally, I believe LE personnel should keep their personal beliefs to themselves when doing their job. This situation, however, makes me think they could have been forgiven for joining him in his protest of President Donald Trump, by shooting him some more.

  1. Words fail me. If this is symptomatic of the way that the nutty left feel, then, just wow…. I knew that Sociology was a complete waste of time & this reinforces that belief.

  2. Come one TTaG… we need to know the answer for the real questions… like did he use a 6.5mm Creedmoor and if he didn’t why not?

    Jokes aside you have to wonder what the hell is wrong with this idiot? You’re going to protest a president you don’t agree with by blowing a hole in your arm? What the hell is that going to do? Trump isn’t going to just resign because this idiot hurt himself. Plus the world is a hell of a lot more cynical than it was in the 60s, where such actions had a lot more meaning. This will probably won’t even make the MSM.

      • Ehh, maybe, maybe not. A rifle round close enough to your arm might just punch right through. But hey, it was a joke anyway. Best to not try not to over think them. |3

      • If he would have used a 6.5 Creedmore, he would have had to tip the janitor a lot more than a benjie to clean up that mess.

        Yay, I’m finally on the Creedmore train!! Hi guys, nice to be here. ……..W-What do you mean it’s old now? *sad face*

      • Poor baby, is that all he had? When the public servants showed up, did they offer to lend him their state-owned 9mm or .40 protest tools?

      • I would have loaned him my 44 ….if he would raised the barrell up about 10 inches… Maybe we should make this a liberal challenge …we could call it a cure for TDS ……TDS LIBERAL CHALLENGE

    • He’s probably just really upset about the prospect of a Kavanaugh court overturning Roe v Wade and returning the abortion debate back to the States.

      • I wouldn’t be surprised if that was his mindset. Which is rather hilarious when you realize that there’s little to no chance of Roe v. Wade ever being overturned. It’s incredibly rare that any SCOTUS ruling get’s reversed, yet the hypochondriac left think that it’s always on the table. When in reality about the worst that could happen is that you might see a small limit places on abortion. It really shows the absolute civic illiteracy of a lot of people out there that they don’t even understand how constitutional procedure and legal precedent works.

        • Assuming I’m right, there’s also the irony of him never being capable of becoming pregnant in the first place and the fact that returning the question to the States would result in little if any change to abortion law in most states.

          But if you’re crazy enough to shoot yourself to protest Trump…

        • SCOTUS does from time to time reverse rulings. Those that come to mind are: Plessy v. Ferguson & Korematsu V. US. Brown reversed the dubious logic of Plessy “Separate ut Equal” & Korematsu was SCOTUS approving FDR’s internment of Japanese Americans & permanent resident Japanese. In Roe v Wade SCOTUS found a right to privacy in the “Penumbras & Emanations” of the Bill of Rights. With Brett K there will be a min. of 4 justices from the Federalist Society side in jurisprudence. The Chief Justice is the wildcard re. any Roe case. One of the abortion restricting cases bouncing around in the circuit courts are likely to be appealed to SCOTUS & if cert is granted it is an indication that a majority of justices would rule that there are no “Penumbras or Emanations ” in amendments 1-8. The battle will then move to the states. Then a women who wants an elective abortion or abortifacients will have to travel to a blue state. This is why the pro choice crowd’s panties are in a twist.

        • JD, in the majority decision of Roe v Wade, justice Blackmun stated that ‘if the humanity of the fetus could be established’ it would necessarily void their decision. Now personally, I have never heard of a woman giving birth to a possum or a turnip, etc, so I would think the humanity of the fetus would have been established thousands of years ago. But anyway, they could overturn Roe over the ‘right to privacy’ or they could overturn it by finding that the fetus is indeed human. (Bear in mind that in Dred Scott blacks were ruled to be not human.) Your right to privacy ends when a judge signs a search warrant, which will certainly happen if you’re justifiably suspected of murder.

          Now if the ‘right to privacy’ is found to be absent from the Constitution then things would change very little in most states. But if the fetus is deemed by the SCOTUS to be human then all holy hell breaks loose. Laws against murder are managed by the states, but in a few cases the federal government has stepped in and prosecuted people for ‘denying others of their civil rights’, i.e. murder.

          Personally I think it’s more likely that abortion ends with a 28th Amendment to the Constitution than a SCOTUS ruling.

      • From your lips to Gods ears on that one, a 28th Right to life Amendment would be an amazing step forward for this country. When it comes to an unborn child’s humanity, it’s pretty hard to argue against the scientific facts that we have. Babies have their own heart beat, brainwaves, fingerprints, unique DNA an about 50% of the time, a penis. Pretty hard to say “my body my choice”, wow lady didn’t know you had four eyes, two hearts, two sets of DNA and a dick! Your really a medical marvel! Abortion will be our generations holocaust moment when society finally catches up to science.

        • Don’t forget, frequently a completely different blood type than their mothers.

          The younger generation is much more pro-life than previous ones, in part because so many of them were shown their very first photo by their parents – a sonogram. I could see that 28th Amendment happening once the baby boomers are gone, assuming the next generation follows the trend.

        • Righteous, Bob h. I’ve seen a lot of arguments back and forth but I’ve never seen it written *that* well. Salute.

          I’d also never realized the “if humanity can be established” clause. Good to know.

    • Obviously he intended to kill himself, he just flinched or whatever & shot his arm instead. None of his explanations make sense because suicidal people are irrational. I’m sure baby not getting what he wanted (the assorted demons which bedevil him transferred onto Trump in 2016, being made ‘all powerful’ by his election) was just too much for his pathetic, diseased mind to handle.

      Lucky for him, splattering it all over the wall was also too much for him to handle.

      Weaponized psychotics; the real tactic of the DNC to attain power by any means. “Take everything bad in your life, everything wrong with you, everything you don’t have; put it on THEM. Then go forth and claim your justice for all they’ve done to you.”

    • I read elsewhere that a .22 was his caliber of choice. Still, he coulda aimed higher. Smile, wait for flash.

  3. Did he at least use a .45 to “protest” PotUS 45? Though given he shot himself on the 2nd day of class, I guess a 9 would symbolize the short length he held his position.

  4. I hope he used a 45…lmao…oh, and he should be fired and in jail or a psyche ward. Students should sue the school to get rid of this menace.

  5. And this person is still employed why, exactly?

    If I had a kid at this school, especially if said kid was in a major that had this professor’s courses as requirements, I’d be having a strong conversation with the administration.

    On second thought, no I wouldn’t. I would just send a demand letter for reimbursement of tuition and fees for the year as I pulled my kid out.

    • He is listed as Emeritus, which basically means he’s retired but gets to hang around. Typically given access to facilities, and some support but not technically an employee any more.

    • In reality, probably so he doesn’t lose medical coverage & they feel badly for him (obviously this is a mental breakdown situation, not a ‘protest,’ so that may actually be a reasonable move for an employer that cares about their employees’ well being)

    • If you put a trade mark on that today, you could retire by the 2020 elections. I’m serious as a 2×4 to the side of the head.

    • Tard indeed!

      He needs a good talking to by the coach, who will encourage him to do better next time by targeting that lump 3 feet above his gluteus maximus. This is a case of hysterics and not worthy of a real man. Only a sissy boy uses a firearm to inflict harm on themselves in such an impotent manner. A flesh wound like this, unless it is done with a powerful magnum round with a bullet that expands on impact or creates a hydrostatic shockwave in the tissues is seldom serious. It certainly will not result in rapid decline in blood pressure and blood loss sufficient to reduce body temperature to ambient levels and end a person’s life. This is an inept attempt to self flagellate and garner sympathy for the self inflicted suffering; kind of a drama queen move from the look of it.

      I knew a guy who shot himself in the foot to get out of Vietnam. It worked. He was sent to a hospital ship offshore, and when his wound healed he was sent to the field with the rest of his unit. This shooting is a weak imitation of that.

  6. He is still employed and has emeritus status? I never heard of that. Emeritus means he’s retired but keeps his title and often an office.

  7. I hope they throw the book at him and he does get convicted of all those charges. Also HAAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!! 😂🤣😂🤣😂😂😂

  8. Now this is a form of protest the left should really get behind and promote. That would really show all us nasty NRA supporting types how much more they know about gun safety than we do!

    • Great point RUSTY CHAINS , imagine the weird professor starting a trend. Free pistols for all nut jobs wanting to rid the world of themselves 🙂 🙂

  9. I am most upset that he deviated from the traditional form of protest which uses a can of gasoline and a match. Bent liberal flambe has such a nice ring!

  10. Is that Nutty Collage Professor or Nevada College Professor?

      • Sooner than that. November is going to rock their world. 2020 will just be the frosting on the cake. Now if RBG strokes out before that we really will se lunacy in the streets.

        • My guess is that the Demoncrats at least pick up a few seats in the House (probably lose a couple in the Senate) and that will be enough for them to further delude themselves into thinking they’re winning. Disappointed perhaps but further energized for 2020. That’s when the hammer drops and they all flee to Canada.

        • Ginsburg isn’t going anywhere, ever. She doesn’t know it, but she actually died in 2006. She is now the Supreme Court’s answer to the Cryptkeeper.

  11. Well…

    Was it at least a gun free zone? Did he go through a background check to procure it? I’m just trying to hit all their talking points here.

      • Glad somebody got the reference. Frankly though, if I hadn’t been spending more time than usual on Twitter lately it probably would have went right over my head. Always a shame when you’ve got a great joke and nobody has a clue what you’re laughing about.

  12. As an electrical engineer, I’ve sometimes reflected on how there seems to be something about my discipline that isn’t conducive to mental health – we seem to produce more than our fair share of cranks and crackpots.

    But I’d bet good money that the Sociology Department has us beat on that by a country mile.

    • As a holder of three engineering degrees myself, I have to say that while, yes, we get some weirdos in the School of Engineering, the Sociologists I’ve interacted with would support the assumption that, yes, they have us beat by the proverbial country mile.

    • As an engineer myself I’m not sure I agree with you. Nevertheless, the only prof I had an issue with re material presented was my sociology professor. He was a nice guy but very much anti-God and taught using Star Trek videos. Serious.

      I was very straightforward with him in class and told him how he was wrong. In fact I once gave him a five page paper about how his teachings were in error because I didn’t have time to visit him during office hours (I worked full time while going to school and raising a family). To his credit at least he gave me a 3.5.

    • In my 50 yrs. as an EE I must have been lucky to not run into more than one eccentric engineer. He was a PE highly regarded by the State of CA. He was memorable to me because he wore Italian suits and hiking boots, not expensive Italian clown shoes.

  13. That’s terrible! He missed his head. Maybe we can get a bunch of liberals to follow professor douche-bag’s example and also, “protest Trump,” as well. Wouldn’t that be great?!

  14. Ahhh……gotta love TTAG: If you can’t say something nice…….you came to the right place!

    This is obviously an extremely disturbed individual. The object of his delusion is largely irrelevant. It could just as easily been the cancellation of his favorite T.V. show or a perceived slight from his cat. He’s an obvious danger to himself and others; unable to cope satisfactorily with life’s vicissitudes.

    As with other crazies who go off, there is usually a long line of incidents and inquiries such that he was “known to police” and nobody did anything. We’ll probably learn the same about him. America needs crazies control, not gun control. Doing nothing about the crazies but mocking them means that action will default to gun control. There’s nothing funny about that.

    • ‘This is obviously an extremely disturbed individual.’

      There seems to be a lot of these extremely disturbed individuals on the left.

    • “There’s nothing funny about that.”

      I beg to differ. I think it’s extraordinarily funny. Not Lee Paige funny, but still pretty damn funny.

    • If this guy really does have suicidal depression, I feel some sympathy. Depression sucks. Mental illness is a terrible, torturous thing.

      Problem is, it’s increasingly difficult to tell the difference between a deranged leftist and someone who just needs help. Given the lunacy of our progressive horde (and the fact that he’s a sociology professor), I think it’s safest to assume he’s yet another leftist loon until proven otherwise.

      • Those with suicidal depression rarely have enough concern for others as to pay the janitor $100 to clean up their mess. So I’m guessing that’s not the right diagnosis.

        However, it looks like a textbook (although extreme) case of being progressively stupid.

        • I’m not so sure about that. I had a close relative commit suicide on the last day of a month. Before hid did that, he paid his rent for the next month, renewed his car registration, paid all his bills and left all of the related paperwork on the dining room table. I think his reasoning was that he didn’t want his family to deal with more sh*t than absolutely necessary.

          (I’d still prefer that he hadn’t done it but, people have their reasons.)

    • I guess after reading your comment he is going to decide to shoot himself in the other arm to affirm his point.

      You know in other countries people set themselves on fire to protest? They also blow themselves up or starve themselves to death.

    • Well, escuuuse me! But I have no ability to lock the moron up, or there would be a LOT of his friends sharing his cell. What I can do, though, is laugh at the stupid little prick. HAHA!!

  15. This goes to show that Coulter was right, Leftism is a mental illness. Let’s hope we wise up and begin isolating, evaluating and treating with meds anyone who espouses Leftist views as a “danger to themselves and others.” Then perhaps the sane half of the country can have meaningful public discourse once again like back in the days of William F Buckley vs Ron Paul, etc.

    I’m a dreamer, as you can see.

  16. I feel bad for him; we should all feel bad for him… Obviously, he lacked training. When he gets better (physically; not mentally – that’s a lost cause), he needs to take a shooting class. Perhaps even a YouTube video – he needs to learn to aim and shoot center mass. Perhaps better luck next time!

  17. Odd that a Libtard Professor would own a gun. Odd that there would be a libtard in that neck of the woods (outside of the city). Although Nevada voted blue in the last election, it is still considered the wild west to most of the rural community.

    • I was there for awhile. It is a blue state with some old people who like having guns. A lot of Californians moved there back in the recession and a lot of Mexicans make their way there. It’s a party state after all, so you know what kind of people it will bring in.

      • Oh, poo, Vegas is fun. Good food, great entertainment, nice weather (if you avoid the hot months), Paris, LV is more fun than Paris, France, if you can’t have a good time there you must be dead.

        • If you like a liberal county & your a liberal than no problem, but the people of the North want no part of them….course we’d love to build the wall down there too.

  18. We should hold this up as a shining example of the failure of gun control laws. the litany of felony charges against him is an obvious illustration that laws don’t stop stupid people from doing stupid things.

  19. Yes, swallowing poison to kill your enemy. Stick a fork in it, we’re done here. Seriously, I’m frightened, how many more of them are out there and how long before one of them figures out which end the bullets come out of? We are in serious, real time danger from these people. They will either turn on us with demented violence or use such pathalogical violence to destroy the very essence of our way of life. Think Patriot Act II, as written by a progressive dominated Congress…If they can’t win, they are prepared to tear it all down. We can’t let them do that. We need to get the dogs out of the manger. Foxtrot-Kilo-Alpha 30.

  20. There was an artist who had someone shoot him in the arm back in the early 70’s. The nutsack professor should have claimed he was doing performance art like that dude, the NEA would be handing him wads of money right now.

  21. Well, well, well….Let’s hope this type of thing spreads like wildfire thru the libtard ranks. If they shoot themselves, problem solved!

  22. Just when I imagined the the left was finally doing something worthwhile, I learned that the nutty professor really only shot himself in the arm…

    • “They don’t want anybody having guns because they think everybody is as crazy as they are.”

      I think a number of interviews and articles by the anti-gun mafia have actually made a similar statement.

  23. No! He won’t be fired! Because the Professor was just showing the world how easy it is for Democrat SJWs to purchase guns with Mental Illness…And I’ve said it before, The only class of “people/person” who should have their 2nd Amendment right’s taken away….Are those that identify as Democrats/SJWs/ANTIFA/Socialists/Liberal Progressives…These People all suffer from this New World order, 21st century mental healthcare illnesses know as “TDS= Trump Derangement Syndrome and LIBERALISM…” This is a Mental Healthcare crisis that should be taken seriously by the GOP and independent political groups…For THEIR protection, all THEIR Constitutional Rights should be suspended…Including THEIR 2nd Amendment due to the increased level of danger to the general public…All groups of this politcal ideology should be rounded up and placed into protective custody of a “special government mental healthcare facility” for people identifying as one of these political groups…Should be Held indefinitely, in secure custody until I cure is found…*(Just saying….)*

  24. This professor taught us all a valuable lesson about the Left’s argument that only THEY are intelligent and learned enough to make decisions for the REST of us. In capitalism someone can screw up their own life. In socialism a guy like this can screw up the lives of the rest of the population. One guy shooting himself in the arm is a funny/sad/stupid story. Under socialism a guy like this can line up the entire population to have them receive a bullet to the arm against their best interests and against their will if he alone so deems it. I hope the kids at this school learn the lesson early.

  25. It seems to me that shooting one’s self in protest is an act best done before an audience, both for the visual impact, and to mitigate against accidentally killing one’s self. To perform the act alone in a bathroom suggests a botched suicide, rapidly covered by an absurd story.

    Some suicides using a gun go for the heart, and missing into an arm seems very doable, especially if one isnt committed. Further, if this is an act of protest, would not a manifesto seem more likely than a personal note regarding the mess left behind?

    It will be interesting to see where this leads.

  26. There are a couple of things extra-strange about this story. A sociologist would have had the common sense to do this at a rally, in a classroom, or at least call a press conference. Yet he did the act in secret. Then when someone asked him “why” the only excuse he could think of is “Trump.” There very well could be a link between this act and the legalization of weed.


  28. Every time I think Liberals have reached the peak of stupidity and deranged behavior, they go a step further. And the real frightening thing is that these fools are becoming the majority voters in America because most of them live in the major urban population centers.

  29. The “professor” will get his wish. He has demonstrated mental illness that is a danger to himself and others, so he will be banned from possession of ALL firearms, even if he he not convicted of the federal and state felony charges.
    Gee, I feel safer now! I’ve never felt any desire to shoot myself or anybody else. I am prepared to defend myself and others from danger.

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