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  1. Ahhhh… Nerf guns. nostalgia at it’s prime. the only thing that could make this moment better would be some old Linkin Park and a quick play of Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker.

    • Nostalgia? Christ, I’m old. Although this is a perfect example of how the world has literally been NERF-coated for Gen-Y. In my day, it was BB gun fights (yes, eyes were lost), KISS, and Space Invaders.

      • nah, I evolved to airsoft when I was 10, and ametur explosives when I was twelve. This is, like, back when I was seven. Yeah, I feel like a kid in a retirement home on this site.

      • +100 Link for the Past = awesome. Not to mention endless SF2 battles… “FIRST PERSON TO 50 WINS!”

        I remember going to my friend’s house and having epic Nerf wars (he had several brothers + we invited the neighbors). There were Nerf guns, Nerf bow+arrow… hell, even Nerf swords for when we ran out of “ammo”. Hot summer days were water guns / water balloons.

        Everyone knew each other in the neighborhood and it was a safe place to grow up. Hope I can give my kids the same experience, but sadly, there’s not many kids in the area. Everyone’s either old with grown up kids or single yuppie types with zero kids.

      • Link to the Past may be the original and the first I played, but I still get more nostalgic of Ocarina of Time. Very very good game.

        • Link to the Past is most definitely NOT the original Legend of Zelda game…the original was Legend of Zelda.

          isn’t this a gun site? wtf are you all on about?! truth about guns is that all the kids on the site don’t know squat about nintendo games?

  2. As the resident family gun nut with nieces and nephews, the best time we have is force-on-force games with these nurf gun and I am very proud that the nieces in the family are so competative that they play to win. We had a blast over the 4th of July and at most family events….although we have all been banned from using them indoors because aparently hitting grandma in the head with a nurf dart is fround upon…LOL!

    If nothing else, its better than having the kids sitting inside like zombies playing video games or attached to their iphones checking facebook every few seconds.

    • heh same here there’s nothing like a little nerf fight with the nieces and nephews. Its a lot less painful then piantball. We’re also banned from playing in the house good thing we have the out doors. You know kids outside that place with that big bright ball lives in the sky.

    • In my household, shooting grandma with Nerf = loss of chocolate chip cookie rations. An unspeakable act, and war crime to be sure.

  3. Actually, I find the Vortex Vigilon, the Disc throwing repeating handgun equivalent of the Maverick to be superior in many ways. If I wasnt so heavily invested in nerf darts and magazines, id make the switch over to the discs without hesitation. In indoor confines, the discs shoot straighter, go farther, and hit harder. Outdoors, they are a little more susceptible to wind, but outdoor, both darts and discs suck pretty bad.

  4. Have you ever picked up a Nerf gun, squirt gun, etc. and noticed after a few seconds that you’ve got your finger off the trigger and you’re controlling the muzzle?

    • +1

      I know, right? Heck, I find myself doing that with my DeWalt cordless drill at work!

      Although, amusingly, my nieces and nephew have taken to mimicking me: it’s so cute seeing a bunch of munchkins with proper trigger discipline and muzzle control!

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