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In the Dallas area this week, a 16-month-old boy was being beaten and stabbed by his father while his mother was at work. During the attack, the father was yelling, “Jesus is coming!”

A neighbor heard this, grabbed his gun, and fired three shots, which ended the attack, according to police Captain Jesse Hunter. Although he received maximum medical attention, the child was tragically pronounced dead at the hospital. There had been no prior incidents at the apartment and no calls to Child Protective Services in the past.

In the video below, the killer, with a gunshot wound to his leg, is seen being dragged away by police while saying, “I want to see my mom.”

According, to Captain Jesse Hunter, this crime was “probably the worst in my 20 years.” Here is a brief news segment with an interview with him:

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  1. If his mother wants to see him after what he did to her grand baby maybe she’s as messed up as he is.

    If Jesus is coming, he’s gonna be pissed.

  2. Good thing I only carry a 5 shot wheelgun,or I’d be explaining why I had to shoot that guy 21 times,reload and shoot him 21 more times.

  3. Police rightly showed restraint in taking him into custody. Probably because they know this sicko (druggie?) will get due justice in General Population at the hoosegow.

    • Oh yeah. Even murderers, gang bangers, liars, thieves, drug dealers, etc typically do NOT respond well to those who hurt kids. Rape is actually relatively rare in prison, despite the pop-culture perception. But unless this dude checks in immediately he may very well have to have his asshole stitched back together. And even a brutal gang rape is too nice for him

      • rape is rare? That goes against the accounts of a few people Ive known who’ve gone to prison. May depend on the facility but theres also stats to back up more men are raped than women in USA and its entirely from prisons.

      • Rape is far from rare in prisons, hence the introduction of PREA, prison rape enforcement act, whilch all correctional and detention facilities must place into policy and report on.

  4. Having children has made stories like this twist my stomach in new and profound fashion. I don’t want to say what I’d like to do to people who harm defenseless children and I hope I never have to find out. But I have to imagine that taking a knife to someone’s child greatly increases one’s chances of being on the receiving end of interpersonal violence. Even premeditated violence.

    • The most demented cruel things I could ever imagine doing to anouther human being would have to be preceded by someone harming my wife or children.

      That broken animal should not morally be left alive right now. They put down animals for less and that man in this story is just a sick animal that needs destroyed. There’s no court needed to know what happened there.

  5. Well, I think this deserves a special kind of punishment for the father, and it only requires six shots!
    One to the crotch.
    One to each kneecap.
    One to the belly.
    One to the chest.
    One final round to the head.
    Here’s to the wheel guns!

  6. This reminds me of some of the horrible nightmares I had after my 1st child came along. I’ve been on the lookout for such sickos ever since. I knew my brain was producing those dreams for a good reason.

    Gun fire was too good for this sicko.

    I’m thinking of something from the medieval period that would’ve been more appropriate, but I have to admit it’s hard to carry concealed.

  7. pagan sacrifice to jesus not logical

  8. Sounds to me like schizophrenia. I thin this is bad, but that dud in Colorado was much much worse. He admits to strangling his wife, but claims to have done so in a rage when he found her strangling one daughter with the other already dead. No one believes him, but instead that he strangled all three. If he hadn’t killed his own daughters, why’d he “bury” them in an oil tank? He is one sick bastard, and he lied about the whole thing, leading cops on a wild goose chase to find them after he already knew they were dead.

  9. Jesus: (on phone) Hey Lou, it’s JC. Hey listen, I’m calling in a favor.
    Lucifer: okay, what for.
    Jesus: I got a child murderer.
    Lucifer: Okay, why you calling in this one in particular?
    Jesus: it was a father and his infant son.
    Lucifer: Say no more. Extra crispy with a side of “fuck you”, coming up.

  10. If I were one of those cops, I’d be praying for that POS to resist arrest. He’ll probably end-up in protective custody once he gets in to the joint, for exactly the reasons described above, so a little “stick-time” before he gets there is appropriate.

  11. POS.. neighbor should have blown his head off… it’s the safest part to shoot at without endangering the baby. Now this MF will still be around, being fed, breathing our oxygen and watching cable tv while his case drags on and on and on…. Is this a death penalty state?

  12. “Why does anyone need a gun?”

    “Because sometimes people do crap like this.”

    “But the kid died anyway.”

    “So, you want help to come too late for every kid that’s attacked?”

  13. I notice that Neighbor There Before The Cops neither shot people up before this horror, nor shot the kid, during or after. Only person shot was likely-schiophrenic dad. Only when he was *actually doing something horrible* that *had to be stopped by force, to be stopped.*

    Almost like peaceful, responsible gun owners have actual judgment.


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