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3-Gun Nation is a show that follows the top competitors in the United States as they make their way towards the 3-Gun national championship in Las Vegas, NV. It wasn’t a particularly interesting or exciting show, but it was a firearms related sports show that was picked up by NBC and for that (if nothing else) I liked it and watched whenever it was on. Apparently, following the shooting in Connecticut, NBC sports has decided to put an “indefinite moratorium” on shooting related shows. By the way, this is the same NBC Sports that sponsors the “New Products” section at SHOT Show. Update from 3GN after the jump . . .

In response to the tragedy in Newtown, Conn., the NBC Sports Network has placed an indefinite moratorium on the broadcasting of any gun-related outdoor programming.

With the network’s decision, “3-Gun Nation” will no longer be airing on NBC Sports Network, effective immediately.

Stay tuned for more information regarding the new home for “3-Gun Nation” coming soon.

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    • Their crap sucks anyway. Leno is gone so screwem’. I emailed them that I would be placing a moratorium on their garbage.

  1. Are they going to eliminate all programs with guns? Dramas and the like. Or is showing people shooting at targets bad but showing people shooting at people in their programs is acceptable. I’m so glad I ditched my cable a long time ago.

      • This.

        Like Angelina Jolie being an honorary representative of the UN. Or Daniel representative of the UN. Or Daniel Craig. These people make their living off of dying.

        NBC is simply Al Jazeera.

    • There’s really not much on the NBC schedule that has guns involved. Before you asked this question I checked their lineup and I only found:

      Grimm (it’s a cop show, so lots of drawn guns, bad guys getting shot)
      Law & Order: SVU (I don’t watch it; I know it’s primarily lawyers, but maybe a little gunplay?)
      Revolution (post-apocalyptic, but there are some guns floating around, especially the bad guys)

      That’s really it, out of about 35 regularly scheduled shows. The rest are sitcoms or dramas like Community, Parks & Recreation, and Chicago Fire.

      • I don’t watch nbc so I had to look them up at TV Guide. Chicago Fire has gang shootings and other misuse of firearms in its episodes. I wonder if they’ll yank it or continue to split hairs?

        • I debated including Chicago Fire on my “shows with guns” list, yeah. But I do watch it, and to my recollection there’s only been one story arc that had to do with gang gun violence, and it was just a piece of a single episode, so I didn’t think it rated inclusion.

  2. Who wants to head a petition saying NBC should no longer air any nascar or indy car races due to all the tragic deaths of thousands of young children killed in automobile accidents? It is so tragic and someone has to do something about all these car related deaths.

    • No thanks, I’m far too busy with less futile pursuits, like standing in my front yard shaking my fists at the sky or yelling at the Cardinals on TV on Sunday afternoons.

  3. I wondered about that after today’s rerun of “Guns and Gear” was replaced with a fishing show. Nothing on the Guns and Gear website about a moratorium.

    • But what about all of thoes innocent fish?

      I demand we ban lures with high capacity hooks. More than one hook is unfair for the fish. Oh and we also nee to ban thoes closed lures that dont unwind and tangle up as easily because they give fishers an advantage.


  4. If they only knew how much blood they have on their hands for helping to turn elementary schools into “criminal protection zones”.

  5. My grandpa was part of the greatest generation. Sadly, I feel like I’m living in what can be described as the pussified generation.

    • We could be the new greatest generation. We face global economic, intellectual, and industrial competition the likes of which our grandfathers never saw. The rest of the world has rebuilt from WWII decimation and cold war recession and caught up while we rested a little too comfortably on the laurels of past generations. If we could manage to “ball up” and compete then we could earn the moniker for ourselves.

      (america, f*ck yeah.)

  6. All of NBC’s 20 regular viewers won’t notice the programming shift. They’ll be bringing other high ‘quality shows’ to replace it, such as, “Happy Fluffy Teddy Bear”.

  7. It’s time for this crap to stop. I’m really sick of the hypocrisy. How many networks show violence, drugs, sex, etc and we are banning any show involving firearms? What the hell is wrong with people? The values are being flushed down the toilet and the country is demonizing the Constitution. This country is turning into a nation of ignorant people and that should end now.

    • You say the networks show violence, drugs, sex, etc.? And because of a few sleezy gun shows are cancelled you say our “Values” are being flushed? A country of ignorant people? Gee, I wonder why?

      Seems like you could turn off the TV and solve all the problems at once.

  8. Most TV programming glorifies criminal culture, psychos living among us, sex offenders, and people who cook meth…

    The Law and Order franchise
    The Wire
    The Sopranos
    Boardwalk Empire
    Sons of Anarchy
    The CSI franchise
    Breaking Bad

    I mean hell… they probably canceled 3-gun nation because there were no crackheads licking blood splatters off of a rape victim, and ratings suffered.

    • Boardwalk Empire isn’t exactly fit for that category (glorifying criminals among us) because it’s more of a “documentary” (I know it’s not accurate, but the gist of a lot of things in it are fairly close). Regardless of your views on it, that was the reality of the 20’s.

      • lol. I confess I don’t actually have a TV. I got rid of it when I realized instead of finding something good to watch I was channel surfing looking for the “least crap” thing to watch.

        Once you ditch the tube you end up with a lot of “free time” and you end up cultivating new skills and reading Robert’s blog every few minutes….

  9. Then it is time to fight fire with fire. It is time to boycott NBC and others who are anti-gun. Time to boycott not just news organizations but also their advertising sponsors. Those ad sponsors need to receive notice by gun owners that their products and services will not be purchased and will be canceled because of their political support against guns and liberty.

    What do we have to lose in fighting their anti-gun ownership propaganda war? We stand to lose by not fighting. I think most gun owners and conservative macho men are puzzies. After what Bob Costas did, NFL games and NBC should have been boycotted. Yeah, I can hear the whining voices now “no way I’ll give up football” or XYZ TV show on NBC, etc. Movie theaters, shopping malls, and others that are anti-gun need to be boycotted.

    We are at war and our future gun rights and liberties are at stake. The forces against us are not just government and gun grabbers but all the institutions that are going to be focusing on changing the cultural beliefs slowly (or quickly) to create their NWO.

    Let the big gorillas to the gun rights community (and that includes TTAG) step forth and start naming all those firms, industries, and organizations that are directly and indirectly taking steps to take away our rights step by step. People need to choose who they stand with for one person cannot serve both sides. Choose.

    • make little signs to put on the doors of shopping malls next to the “no guns” signs:

      “In the past armed citizens simply ignored these anti-gun signs and went in anyway. We have decided as a group to remain far far away from this location. There is simply no threat of force for any criminal who would like to patronize this establishment”

  10. Boycott NBC? Why stop there? I dunno about youse guys, but I haven’t even owned a TV set since 1977. Amazing how much better informed you are if you read instead of having news chosen for you by people who actually hate your guts.

    • Coach lets be honest. You traded the mindless crap of TV for the mindless crap of the Web. This site being one of a handful worth anything. LOL

  11. NBC and ABC are the biggest gun ban lovers on Media. Not surprised. It show how stupid anti-gunners and BIG media are they think a picture of a gun will hurt someone.

  12. NBC Sports is a different channel than NBC. NBC Sports (used to be Versus) has shows such as:

    Hunting related (Whitetail revolution, Gunny it with Benny Spies, and many more)
    Guns and Gear

    Then there is fishing, racing, and others.

    If NBC is cancelling all gun related shows, there goes the majority of the outdoor shows (fishing including as some do both)

  13. won’t miss the shows ..however just goes to show the libral knee jerk lap dogs at work….whats next the old reruns of the rifleman???

  14. And after this, ‘major programming decision’ is NBC also going to cancel all programs that feature guns or shooting as part of the show, too? (Good-bye: Daniel, Pierce, Sylvester, Arnold, Matt, Markie-Mark, Bruce, and Mel.)

    I mean if they’re going to be cynical hypocrites then why not go all the way, and ban any program that shows or has anything to do with guns and shooting altogether.

    Such smug, ill-considered, and self-righteous hypocrisy! I don’t get it? Why should I and 250 million + other sane law-abiding Americans be punished because there are a few insane homicidal lunatics among us?

    When you consider: Harris, Klebold, Cho, Loughner, Holmes, and now Lanza the principal failure seems to with the American educational system, and NOT with, ‘guns’.

    All of these guys could – and, in my opinion, should – have been spotted while they were still in school; but, in addition to completely failing to teach these homicidal maniacs so much as even the rudiments of morality or social ethics, nobody was paying any real attention to their bizarre and withdrawn social behaviors.

    What America needs to do is stop spending so much time watching gun stores, and start paying more attention to both school curriculums, and what’s going on in school. In varying degree everyone of these, ‘loose cannons’ could have been spotted and their access to firearms curtailed.

    In fairness, though, I will say that Nancy Lanza’s complete failure to keep her guns locked up and out-of-reach of her acknowledged, ‘oddball son’ simply mystifies me?

  15. I didn’t realize NBC has any gun related programming other than crime shows.

    They didn’t even cover any of the Olympic Shooting sports on television that I could find. I had to go online for it. Which I think actually resulted in better coverage.

    • yup…NBC all those cop shows are going to have to go…..what did you say?..thoese are ok…oh I see so money still dose dictate…I see

  16. NBC: No Balls Corporation
    ABC: Another Balless Corporation
    CBS: Cotton Balled Suckasses!!
    There now we know what each one really is!!
    Glad I read a lot!!!

  17. In protest to their stupidity and the glorified culture of violence, I am going to stop watching all shows that glorify violence (of any kind), sex, and disrespect for human dignity. I think that covers just about all the network shows. Oh yeah, I don’t watch network or cable TV anyways for those reasons. The real problem is the culture of glorified violence and human indignification in our country. If we value our gun rights we need to ban together against these things that are taking our country down. That will show the anti-gun enthusiast the futility of their thinking (or lack there of).

  18. Direct TV is carrying Al-Jazeera, a terrorist coddling Islamic News Channel, while the Direct TV/Discover Networks banned two of the most popular firearm related shows, due to pressure from the Communists. Discover gets huge revenues via Satellite and cable TV, and if we start dropping our subscriptions they will get the message. My DTV bill is a hundred dollars a month—if one million DTV subscribers drop the service, thats a million dollars in lost revenue. Wanna bet they listen …….Think of all the ammo and even guns you could buy with the savings from dropping cable or satellite TV. Thats twelve hundred bucks a year for more toys, and if you exercise instead of watching the tube, you will improve your health and lose those extra pounds from the beer and watching big Todd on Gold Rush Alaska.

    Any feedback-????

    • It’s actually a Hundred Million in lost revenue.
      Keep in mind though, gross revenue for DTV in 2012 was 30BILLION … that’s $30,000,000,000
      A loss would of $100, 000,000 amount to .03% of gross revenue.
      I’m afraid they’d hardly notice.
      Still, if you did it right, get the NRA guys in to help you publicize it, the publicity would hurt them more than the financial loss.
      Just sayin’

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