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It’s nice to see that more people are noticing the threats of violence against peaceful people that are a regular feature of the Moms Demand Action Facebook page. Charles C. W. Cooke at has noted them, too. I would have been happy to have him use  my photograph (with attribution), but perhaps because MDA misappropriated it, he never contacted me. He does a good job of covering the issue, including threats to “SWAT” open carriers, but I would have been happy to give him more background . . .


Reacting to a photograph of a man standing at a checkout with a handgun holstered upon his hip, mom-who-demands-action Joyce Ward asks, “Why weren’t the police called immediately?” And “why,” Ward continues, “wasn’t he shot by the police for having a weapon”? Fellow poster Lisa McLogan Shaheen has a similar inquiry, wondering, “Why hasn’t someone called 911 so the cops can gun him down?” Others go a little further, proposing that they might help their cause along if they were actively to bring about an altercation. “Every time I see someone with a gun in a store I will call 911,” Jennifer Decker vows, “they’ll get tired of that right quick!!!” Even that plan is too limited for Ann Marie. “Just call the police every time you see someone with one,” she counsels, “the police will get sick of it eventually or have a run in with one of these clowns and then things will change.”

I am that person in the checkout line they are discussing, so the threats are of more than academic interest to me. Here’s the original story in which it was featured. To understand why the people making these threats are doing so, I have found this article by Sarah Thompson, M.D. to be informative. For those of you who do not wish to read the whole article, she discusses  projection, denial, reaction formation, and rage.

I commented at the site, and offered them the photograph, as long as they used attribution and a link.

©2014 by Dean Weingarten: Permission to share is granted when this notice is included.
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  1. Good read. Just as an fyi, the link to jpfo is dead for me. Would like to read that article if possible.

  2. So perhaps we need a law enforcement officer to offer an appropriate rebuttal to the mad moms.
    I mean they need to know that a false report is a crime. So much for logic though.

    • In Michigan, 911 operators are trained to ask questions when “man with a gun” is called in, and to inform he caller that a person going about their business conspicuously open carrying is not breaking any laws.
      Since 911 calls do record voice and data on incoming calls, that activity could backfire on those women quickly.

    • Dan, here’s the response you want from an AZ Lawman. Under Arizona law, the man in this picture has violated no laws. Unless the store had a posted sight prohibiting weapons. Now, since the photo seems to insinuate that there is no such signage posted, then he’s good. Sadly we do get the occasional “man with gun call” for a guy/gal who is carrying openly. The 911 operators do ask very specific questions about what the person is doing with the gun etc. We respond & assess the situation, sometimes we don’t even contact the person who is armed if we can see there’s no issue afoot. If a caller makes it out to be an active shooter & it’s just some dude shopping, then the caller will be charged with false reporting of an emergency if they are known. Those horse crap calls endanger everyone around since we gauge our response on the information known at the time. Obviously we have no way to know it’s BS until we get there. I have personally charged several people with false rept. of a emerg when they do it out of malice. The out of stater who is ignorant of AZ law gets an education when they report things like this, but do so out of genuine concern & don’t lie about the circumstances. That’s the factual legal answer.

      Now my personal perspective:

      I tell people who ask about open vs. concealed carry that discretion is the better path. We have very loose CCW laws here & CCW avoids the lunatic, alarmist social media tirades that this article is talking about. Can they carry openly, sure—but there are those will FTFO and that is better avoided. Why give the libiots more fodder to decry guns in general and attract unwanted negative attention? If they don’t know, it won’t hurt them. Ignorance is bliss for non gun types.

      • Of course you’re missing MDA’s entire hysterical point, which is “there ought to be a law against it!”

      • JB, a well written and articulate opinion about the application of common sense in the open vs. concealed carry debate. As I opined in another discussion, just because open carry is legal doesn’t make it smart. Dean informed us in that same discussion that prefers open carry not for defensive purposes but as a form of political speech (and apparently he also prefers to dress like he is on safari while doing his grocery shopping).

        The more I learn about the open carry obsessed in this forum, the more I view open carry laws in a positive light since those of us who apply common sense and carry concealed for defensive purposes are provided with a means to readily identify armed individuals who likely have very little or no common sense.

  3. Yep. Just some more of that “love”, “tolerance”, and “understanding” from the self-anointed “Progressives” (READ: REgressives) that they’re always prattling on about. They are the most hypocritical people on the face of the planet. Pure and genuine sub-Human filth not even fit to thieve MY oxygen. The whole damned lot of them.

    • I know – they are converting our oxygen to CO2. What an amazing waste. A weekend BBQ is a much better use of such resources.

      • Neighborhood BBQ’s are all well and good. But remember, there are more than a few REgressives that would also love to out-right murder you (and your family and friends) for that, too, mind you. PETA, anyone?

  4. “Every time I see someone with a gun in a store I will call 911,” Jennifer Decker vows, “they’ll get tired of that right quick!!!” Even that plan is too limited for Ann Marie. “Just call the police every time you see someone with one,” she counsels, “the police will get sick of it eventually or have a run in with one of these clowns and then things will change.”

    Since it is legal and cops don’t determine the law, I don’t think the above will have the desired results they are seeking. Cops may get tired of it – yea. But many cops also open carry off duty in plain clothes. More than likely – responding officers instead of running to the emotionally traumatized mom demanding action, they might mosey over and pick up some chalupa’s from the local taco bell on the way over while having a cell phone chat with the parents – followed by finally arriving at the grocery store to find a permit holder legally open carrying – followed by a u-turn and return to the squad car to finish some chalupas, mumbling about over-reactions.

    • And I’m sure at least a few of them would get picked up on charges of abusing the 9-1-1 emergency system and making false police reports, too. Not that this will be reported by the lamestream legacy so-called “news” media, of course; and in their dedicated silence on the wrong-doings of their little pets like Mrs. Watts and her gaggle of dawdling sheep, be an accessory to and culpable for such abuses by choosing no to report on them so light can be shed on the issue and have such insane ideas killed on the vine.

      • I wouldn’t be so sure that the demanding moms who get arrested for false 911 calls would be ignored by the media. They love their martyrdom as much as anything.

    • I agree that they would get tired of it but NOT the way they want, especially around my area. After they get several calls and waste their time investigating a bunch of nothing they will start taking their time. If police start taking their time because they don’t know if it a real threat or not then the likelihood of a carrying citizen dealing with a real bad guy becomes more likely furthering the gun rights cause.
      That being said I do worry about people who open carry. If the rabid antigunner see them in a area without cameras then they could say the carrier pointed the gun at them and they can give an accurate description of the weapon then it will be a case of he said/she said.

    • Maybe we should call 911 and report “suspicious armed persons” every time we see Mommy Dearest Shannon with her armed bodyguards?

  5. I remember when I was a kid you could get fined and even arrested for calling the police for bogus reasons…. Has that changed at all or are these people that ignorant?

  6. The violent projection is strong in anti’s.

    On a side note, I’m guessing these demanding mommies would have a blood vessel pop when they called the police in AZ (where Dean’s picture was taken) about an open carrier and the answer would most likely be, “So?”

  7. The desire to utilize the police as a weapon to kill people you don’t like is just as psychotic as wanting to use any less sophisticated weapon to kill someone you don’t like.

    Attemting to do so is the same as attempted murder. Succeeding to do so is murder. Planning to do so is criminal conspiracy. Yet charges are not brought to bear on these people, indicating the system is broken, and your self defense is up to you. So arm yourself, here is a political group out there publically conspiring to kill you.

      • Yes. Swatting people is ridiculously dangerous. It risks the victim’s life, their family, bystanders, pets, police, private and state property. People who do it should go to jail. They are psychotic.

    • Fantastic response Don!

      If we had real attorney generals in our nation, they would charge those people.

  8. ““the police will get sick of it eventually or have a run in with one of these clowns and then things will change.”

    Yes, things might change: the police dispatcher will stop dispatching officers to the location unless there is evidence of a crime.

    What is it they are hoping to achieve with this sort of tactic? At best it might get people to carry concealed instead. And while I’m all for concealed carry as opposed to open carry, I don’t see the difference from their standpoint except that they won’t know who is carrying. But I guess that’s… better?

    • “I don’t see the difference from their standpoint except that they won’t know who is carrying. But I guess that’s… better?”

      Yes, better from their POV because they will have achieved two things:

      (1) Made open carry socially unacceptable…step 1.

      (2) Step 2 can begin…outlaw concealed carry since “OMG-NOW WE DON’T KNOW WHO IS CARRYING!”

      This whole bit is a designed tactic. They are not “responding” to anything; they are conspiring to have civilian ownership banned across the board, and they are patient enough to play the game one step at a time.

      • Strong are you in the Force. Nail on the head you have hit.

        In a similar vein…

        * Nobody needs a gun as big and scary as a .44 Magnum
        * Nobody needs a gun as easily concealable as a NAA Sidewinder

        * Cheap guns need to be outlawed (e.g. “Saturday Night Special”)
        * Expensive guns need to be outlawed (e.g. Tracking Point)

        * Guns are too noisy
        * Suppressors are used by assassins

        * Bullets might go through bad guy and hit bystander
        * Hollow points are bad because of the wounds they create

        * People who own guns should get training and practice
        * We don’t want a gun range in our town because _______

        * Someone might get hurt by poorly aimed gun
        * These guns are too accurate and used by snipers

        * No one needs a gun with an easily changed magazine
        * Revolvers are bad; you can fire repeatedly through a jacket pocket

        * Children should be taught what to do when they see a gun
        * We don’t want children to learn gun safety (esp. from the NRA)

        * Children need protection in schools against bad guys with guns
        * There’s no such thing as a good guy with a gun

        * Women need protection from violent men
        * If you own a gun as a woman, it is more likely to be used against you

        * We want women to be strong and empowered
        * Gun-rights groups have declared war on women

        * Indoor shooting ranges are bad because _________
        * Outdoor shooting ranges are bad because ________

        * The NRA is the most powerful lobby in the U.S.
        * The NRA only represents the extremist fringe

        * Concealed carriers might miss their target
        * Laser sights must be banned

        And the list goes on…ad nauseum.

        • It hurt my brain coming up with that list.

          Like having your car pointed in the wrong direction on the interstate while trying to drive it in reverse.

          Just not natural.

        • Its the way “progressives” think. And it’s not limited to guns. “Keep the government out of my bedroom”/”The government should pay for my contraceptives”. “A fetus is not human and does not feel pain”/”I aborted my baby because she was suffering”. And it’s not new : “AIDS will kill us all if we don’t empty all our pockets for research”/”AIDS is not easily transferred so let the HIV-positive kid play football for the school team, keep the bathhouses open and don’t even think about quarantines.” Liberalism is a mental defect.

      • JR, they are conspiring to eliminate _citizen_ gun ownership, not civilian.

        Don’t let the antis control the language of the debate.

    • Open carry lets more people see that carrying a firearm is possible and okay for them too. We’ve had many people take gun courses, purchase a gun, and start carrying after seeing an open carrier. When guns are concealed, it’s out of sight, out of mind. If the antis can get everyone concealing all of the time then they will have been successful at dramatically reducing the self-advertising value of OC for the RKBA. Hearing something here and there about guns and the right to keep and bear arms is one thing but actually seeing people do it day to day all around is something more powerful. For some it takes the RKBA from theory (they hear about it now and then) to reality (they see people doing it in regular settings).

    • Their goal, as is clearly stated more than once, is to murder firearms owners by way of the police through abuse of the emergency line.

      • Probably never happen, but I would love to see a prosecuting attorney charge all these broads on a conspiracy rap & get convictions. That would send a clear message..

        However, AZ falls under the 9th Circus Court & they are about as Libiot as it gets at the appellate level. Their convictions would be overturned.

        Their behavior is reprehensible! They are knowingly conspiring to use law enforcement to KILL an innocent citizen for? Offending their soccer mom sensibilities??!! WTF? Whichever jurisdiction this photo was taken should go after these idiots for criminal prosecution. Even a misdemeanor threatening & intimidating is better than nothing.

  9. Hey Weingarten, have you talked to your lawyer about this? MDA used your image illegally and many of their bloodthirsty members made personal death threats…

      • Death threats are illegal…
        All I know is that if this happened to me I would be seeking legal action ASAP. Weingarten said in the last article on this that he copyrights his stuff for this very reason.

        • I thought it was about the photo. Copyright violations are a civil matter rather than criminal. Having said that, I dunno about those nifty FBI warnings on movies.

  10. A friend of mine is a cop for an Arizona municipality, where seeing someone open carry might be a bit unusual, but not terribly remarkable, either. He told me, if I understood him correctly, that he’ll get dispatched to “man with gun” calls periodically. He’ll ask dispatch if the person in question is brandishing or threatening people, and if not, tell dispatch to cancel the call.

    I don’t think most cops are eager to go pick fights with orderly and law-abiding armed citizens either.

  11. The fellow in the Ohio Wal Mart with the pellet gun got swatted by an obviously evil bastard that thinks just like these demanding mommies.

    They should have their mommy cards pulled and be subject to intense therapy.

      • If you call a straight-up fabricated story a “false report” sure. He also claimed to be a Marine, but was kicked out of boot after 7 weeks for lying on his enlistment. Basically, a pathological liar got a guy killed over a toy.

    • The couple who SWATted that young man knows what they did. They know in their hearts they were the direct cause of that guy’s death. I hope they nerve get a minute’s peace, never get a good night’s sleep, and I hope the guilt eventually kills them.
      Even better if they were brought up on conspiracy to commit murder charges.

    • He needs to be held liable, criminally and civilly, for his false police report that led to a man’s death.

      The police were reacting to false information, and saw a man holding a gun. The key takeaway there for people carrying is to keep the gun holstered, strapped over the shoulders with hands off. You may end up dealing with an overly aggressive officer responding to similarly false information, but you are far less likely to get shot before the issue can get resolved peacefully.

  12. Mr. Weingarten the link for Dr. Thompson’s article does not work. You added a \ to end of the link.

  13. Some of the Mothers of Hysteria are openly boasting of their intention to commit crimes on their facebook page. They even state their goal is to have police officers shoot and kill law abiding citizens. If I were a “fence sitter” that would have an impact on my opinion.

    They are, after all, a pack of Hysterical Mothers so this sort of behavior is to be expected. More importantly, their behavior is counterproductive. Best of all, as their loses mount (despite Shannon’s Sugar Daddy’s money), their extremism will increase.

  14. Maybe they should learn the law? I find their statements no different than saying “why is that black man allowed in the store?” or “if we call the cops every time we see a Muslim they’ll quit coming here”. I think some German folk back in the day had similar responses to things they didn’t like as well.

  15. It would be interesting to know if those whom are enablers of MDA, such as Bloomberg and the MSM are aware of the threats being made by the “members” of MDA on their facebook page. I for one am hoping that PDs across the nation catch on to the dangerous swatting game (for both the carrier and the responding officers) being unnecessarily played by these folks and eventually bring one or more up on charges.

  16. If that picture is of you, is there any reason you can’t contact Facebook, notify them that people are posting threats and have them either shut down MDA as a hate site or have them send you all info on people who have threatened you?

    • Seems like MDA and Everytown should be proactive and disavow the SWATTING recommendations by its members. They are putting innocent citizens and children at risk, like the collateral damage done in the Walmart SWATTING incident, the woman with her kids who died in a panic.

      We know Moms Demands Action, both the national and regional chapter sites actively monitor their own sites and quickly remove dissenting opinions, even reasonable dialogue by pro-gun folk, and we know they quickly ban those same dissenters.

      we also know they monitor TTAG and otge sites, in order to cokplain about comments they call sexist, or “gun bullies”. Scraping this photo from Dean’s article is more proof.

      So why the silence, Shannon? Mr Bloomberg? You are a media magnate, who has vowed to spend $50 Milion to defeat the NRA. Surely you cant pretend ignorance. We know Joe Noceras assistant at his NYT anti-gun column “moderates” comments there, as she has written abiut doing so, and worked for the NY Chapter of MDA, as the number 3 person, advocating collaboration on messaging and activism.

      Surel Mr Bloomberg has lawyers who can advixe him that failure to speak out, to disavow such blatantly dangerous and incendiary behaviour, is the equivalent of giving an informal nod of approval. Is this how far MAIG, MDA, and Everytown have sunk, to promote violence upon law abidibg citizens?


  17. Someone should inform these ladies about the deadly force triangle…

    Intent, ability, opportunity.

    • I have heard that the Dems are planning to lay low until after the mid-terms before going to back to business as usual.

      But since there is no way in Hell they will control the House and very likely they will lose the Senate, something tells me we are going into a quiet spell on attacking the 2A.

      That makes sense to me, as I doubt Bloomie wants to just flush his cash down the toilet. He’ll start spending when he thinks he can accomplish something.

      Flat-Face has probably been busy penning yearning sonnets to you than get online.

  18. Dean, I have previously made fun of your safari hat and I apologize. But I think it is worth considering that the way you are dressed is as provocative to an anti-gunner as a hot pants are to a lecher. They love to hate people who dress like Higgins from Magnum P.I.

    Maybe next time, dress like Magnum. Hate bounces off Hawaiian shirts.

  19. I don’t like kids and I think most parents are unfit in more than one way to raise children and some may even endanger their children with their negligence and general selfishness, therefore every time I see someone with a child in public I will call child protective services and the police. I will even make up a story if I have to in order to teach those unfit parents a lesson. They’ll get the message real quick when their kids are taken away and they have to pay out the wazoo when they’re in legal trouble! /sarcasm

    I think they need to amend MDA to reflect their members better. PWNBTDAG: people with nothing better to do against guns. Also seems odd those are the people that benefit most from gun ownership, such as the elderly and physically weaker women that want to protect grandchildren/children in their care.

    Yet they call us “gun bullies” as they try to bully us into their way of thinking with death threats carried out by law enforcement, or “the good guys”. How despicable they want to use the good guys to do their evil dirty work.

  20. What is it with these OC attention whores and their goofy hats? Reminds me of Kory Watkins:

    Could it be that people who aren’t able to pick up on social norms in their hat selection aren’t able to pick up on social norms with guns either? Hey, if you want to carry a gun, great. But if you think carrying an AK to the supermarket won’t throw people into a panic, then your hat selection dysfunction is bleeding into your reality dysfunction. Or you’re an attention whore whoring for attention. Or both.

    Anyway, you’re not doing us any favors, weird hat guys [acting weirdly with guns in public].

      • I just grabbed the link from a google image search for Kory Watkins. Didn’t bother to read it, but it probably makes Kory Watkins thrilled to be vilified on all sides. Attention whores only use issues like gun rights to further their primary agenda, which is getting attention for themselves. I guess that’s why he and the OP are also members of the “HEY EVERYONE LOOK AT ME!!!!11!!1oneoneoneshiftone” hat club.

      • “Mom’s Demanding Swatting….”

        …Over bended knee with a ping-Pong paddle…?

        “…Bad, bad Shannon…”

        Cripes, I bet Dirk just had an aneurysm.

    • OMG. Are you joking or are you seriously trying to propose that hat choices now endanger gun rights? If something so simple as a hat were able to affect the right to keep and bear arms then any constitutional protections would be practically worthless. It’s a right, not a collective privilege. The only reason that we have any unconstitutional gun control laws today is because the People foolishly allowed it. Dean’s choice in lids isn’t really a factor.

  21. Oh yeah, these “Moms Demand Action” are all SO concerned about the safety of their children, and of the children of other people in the store, that they’ll support/condone a police shooting of this non-criminal, which would put any bystanders in jeopardy of being hit by the police (because we know what good shots they are!)…yeah, totally logical.

  22. I agree.. whoever wore that hat is obviously crazy.

    Oh wait – theyre complaining about the gun?


  23. I was surprised to read about the turn of events with the Wal-Mart shooting, that the synched store video and 911 audio tapes paint a very different picture than was first reported. But then I thought about it for a minute and shazzam, it all makes perfect sense. This is what liberals love more than anything….to send the government out to do their dirty work while they remain, or are perceived as “passive” bystanders….but they’re not bystanders, passive, innocent or otherwise. They are the poster children for passive/aggressive personalities and mental dysfunction. Most of these liberals are a shameless breed. They’re the ends justify the means, types.

    But technology has caught up, and has now caught one of them in their trully vindictive, and most despicable form. This sick puppy did the equivalent of shouting “Fire!” in a crowded theater(when there was no fire) and is absolutely responsible for all of the damage, mayhem, and deaths that resulted from it. This Ritchie dood needs to prepare for the very real possibility of being charged and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

    And they call us insane.

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