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Press release:

RAUFOSS, Norway, Nov. 26, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Nammo has developed and qualified smart ammunition to offer a solution to the Anti-Defilade ammunition requirement from the US Army. During a successful Mk19 Crew Combat Systems demonstration at the NSA range/FtBenning, GA [not shown], Nammo’s Air Burst capability was the clear highlight for everyone present . . .

Smart and reliable; the Nammo 40mmx53 HV Air Burst round [not shown above] is the latest technology available for the Automatic Grenade Launcher (AGL) Mk19 system that provides users with capability to defeat targets in a urban warfare scenario.

Since the introduction of the Mk19’s and the associated ammunitions portfolio, Nammo’s 40mm Airburst solution adds a new dimension to it. Providing new or existing PPHE or HEDP 40mm ammunition with Air Burst capability. Nammo’s ammunition is modular, and will also enable the US Army to rework the M430 A1 inventory.

A successful live fire demonstration of Nammo’s 40mmx53 HV Air Burst capability was recently held at the NSA/Ft Benning range in Georgia, USA. The demonstration was attended by US Army, USMC and SOCOM. Existing 40mmx53 HV users could both see and test fire the ammunition to experience its extreme precision and reliable effect including the self-destruct function.

The demonstration [not shown] included a comprehensive series of successful firings in single shot and burst mode against static targets located at 350m and 500m.

“We wanted our customers to get a hands-on experience and to know what to expect from our products, the easy integration with Fire Control Systems, the minimal weapon modification, and how they perform in a tactical situation. I am pleased to say that our products performed as expected and we are very satisfied with the results. The response from the audience was extremely positive, confirming the demonstration to be a great success,” said Jan Hasslid, Marketing & Sales, Nammo.

The potential for all surface combat and training ammunition in the coming years has increased, not the least with regards  to the easy upgrade of Mk19’s which already is attracting a high level of interest. The 40mmx53 HV Air Burst ammunition is the next level for users who already have great experience with and confidence in the AGL systems like the Mk19 or the H&K GMG.

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      • Actually, with your NFA trust, you can buy a 40mm GL. There’s one right now at my LGS.The problem is, you just can’t get the fun ammo you really want. You can shoot some big frickin’ flare rounds though. So I’m told.

    • no, its a 25 mm system according to the good Colonel, by the way the interviewer in the video is a moron, proves what my mother used to tell me, if you have nothing intelligent to say, shut up and listen.

  1. The video is about the 25mm system. I would prefer 40mm, got a little experience with them! And love how Sanchez keeps saying it goes around an obstacle, even after the bird tells him it goes over. What a putz.

    • Civvies lost the whole balance of power race long ago. Fortunately we live in a country where the military answers to the civilian government and thru them the civvies.

      Or it will be fortunate, once again, in 2 years when barry is gone.

    • Nah, if these were ever used against civvies, the civvies would take them and use them against, uh, someone else. Anything the military has can be taken away from them, tanks, guns, artillery, ships. Even aircraft, as for example there were thousands of fighter and bomber pilots and crewmen who left the service last year, who would be perfectly capable of utilizing current aircraft. We honest citizens should never fear the military as an “us against them” scenario. We pay them and have a right to believe they are on our side. If not, look for the 2016 elections to be cancelled by the emperor.

      Interesting how the entire article references 40×53, when talking about 25mm. Does anything besides the Bradley use 25mm?

    • It costs buckets of dollars and it goes boom. And when it gets deployed to the real world they’ll find that it overheats, jams and the computer chips have factory defects in them.

      It’ll cost more buckets of money to get a weapon that’ll work. Sometimes.

      • I’ve read that this system had a very warm reception in the sandbox. Very useful in urban warfare, since instead of trying to guess where the BGs are on the other side of a wall/window, you shoot just past it and make tomato paste.

          • Perhaps you and your peeps should stop using innocent people as shields? Ever consider that? Of course not, you are far to busy supporting and defending rioters and looters to think.

      • 2 inch infantry mortar, cheaper system, fires a bigger cheaper round further, not so fashionable though, only draw back cant be fired through a distant window if that matters particularly. We all need simpler more reliable cheaper weapon systems in the west, Amazing how much damage untrained tribesman can do with cheap as chips RPG 7s and AKs.

      • “It’ll cost more buckets of money to get a weapon that’ll work. Sometimes.”

        You should clarify. Some may not realize that “sometimes” refers to “a weapon that’ll work”, and does not apply to “cost more buckets of money”, which will ALWAYS be true.

      • That clears it right up. Thanks.

        On a related note…

        “Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.”

        –Antoine de Saint-Exupery

    • Gun has laser range finder, can talk to exploding bullet. Can set exploding bullet to go boom +/- x meters from target.

      Guess: Laser range finder can calculate position as a function of time, and bullet just contains timer of when to go boom.

  2. So the video is for the XM25 while the press release is for the MK19. Which makes no sense cause the AIR Burst round is designed for the AGL, and can’t be programmed in the MK19. Air Burst grenades have been around for a while now with the MK47, which is supposed to replace the MK19.

  3. Speaking of eliminating enemy troops in defilade, you might want to read Eugene Sledge’s book “With The Old Breed” and what a simple 60mm mortar could do to Japanese troops sheltering behind a ridge.

    • 4 Deuce and 82mm are quite effective, too. Then again I have a soft spot for 8 inch howitzer, too. Call me old fashioned. I don’t mind.

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