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“A man shot a gas pump with a World War II era rifle early Tuesday, causing the pump to explode in flames,” reports. “The fire was reported shortly after midnight at Mareks Auto Center at Routes 611 and 243 in Tobyhanna, Monroe Co. (PA). Police said their investigation revealed that John Alan Woods, 34, of Lindenhurst, N.Y., shot a gasoline pump from the second floor apartment above the store. Police said Woods used a World War II-era Russian military rifle with armor-piercing ammunition. The round hit the pump, causing it to burst into flames.”

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  1. Holy crap! I used to drive by this gas station at least twice a month during college!

    +2 to the Mosin… I doubt a SVT40, although the round was almost certainly a 7.62x54R. I’m not 100% convinced that it was AP, probably steel though.

    • also, it’s Route 6/11, not 611… 6 and 11 route into each other for a few miles, then branch back off into their own paths.

    • Inner Brady or not that is armor piercing. It used to be that an arrow point that made its way through lamellar armor was armor piercing. I wonder if armor piercing arrow heads were regulated? Imagine if a Babylonian child got a hold of an armor piercing arrow head and it just went off, killing an innocent bystander.

      I call for the banning of armor piercing arrowheads. They are evil. Especially if they are painted black.

  2. Yep… I’m thinking Mosin-Nagant with milsurp ammo. Remember that a lot of Eastern European military surplus has a soft steel core instead of lead. I know I’ve thrown sparks at an indoor range with mine (hey, I specifically asked if it was ok, and they said yes).

  3. The genius who wrote the piece was probably referring to steel core ammo, which is readily available in spam cans. It’s not “armor piercing,” but it easily cuts through sheet metal. Well, what doesn’t?

    As to the rifle, who knows? 91/30, M44, M38, Simonov, Tokarev? There are plenty of options. Seeing as how the 91/30 is the cheapest and highly recommended for blowing up gas stations, I’ll go with that one.

  4. the shooter was not who they think it was…judging by the tire tracks it was by a person driving a lite green 1968 pontiac lemans with posi-traction suspension….i do believe you’ll find the sheriff in the next state over pulled that vehicle over the other day with a guy matching that discription and in that vehicle’s trunk was a plasma rifle in a 40watt range ……… i have too much time on my hands….


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