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Wazzat? One box (25 rounds) of Hornady Critical Defense 9mm LUGER 115 gr FTX ammo to the first person who IDs the pic. UPDATE: We have a winner! TTAG commentator htown9 recognized the picture as the NERF Clear N-Strike Maverick REV-6. [Explanatory pics after the jump] Or he may have guessed it from the clues. The headline referred to Johnny Nash’s I Can See Clearly Now: “look straight ahead, nothing but blue sky.” Clear gun? Geddit? Barbie Girl: “life in plastic, it’s fantastic.” Ten pins down: strike. As in NERF Strike. If all that seems way too obscure and the pic inherently unidentifiable, rest assured that the next one will be equally absurd. Thanks to all who played.

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  1. Looks like the nickel casing from a Hornady Critical Defense 9mm LUGER 115 gr FTX ammo. The person taking the picture is wearing red and seen as a reflection.

  2. Looks like a closeup of someone who played too much CoD and decided to red-stripe their handgun. Clearly without enough headshots on their record.

  3. Those look like wear marks on someting painted red. I’m going to say it’s the top of a painted and worn ar-15 or ar-10 mag.

  4. Sorry the website went down.

    Here’s your clue: I’m a Barbie Girl. And re: the title of the contest, the actual words are “look straight ahead, nothing but . . .”

  5. The plastic (hence Barbie) sabot off a muzzleloading round (big puff of smoke that clears “look straight ahead, nothing but…”).

    Logical… yes??

  6. I have a deer rifle, but I do not have a NERF gun. Thus, I must ask a few questions: What are NERFs? Why would anyone need a special gun to shoot them? Are they dangerous? Are they difficut to field dress? Is there an open season for NERFs? Does NERF meat taste like chicken? Has anyone tried eating smurf and NERF? These are the questions that try mens’ souls.

    • I thought the went extinct about the time the last Nauga was slaughtered for it’s hide.

      But as to your rhetorical rumination on Smurfs, it reminds me of the question: “What you call sexual congress between two of the little blue people?”


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