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No, it’s not the finale of MythBusters – although that’s bound to be heading our way what with Adam and Jamie set to star in a spy series. SPOILER ALERT It’s the machine gun-flavored finale of Breaking Bad, where Walter takes out all his enemies with an autonomous machine gun. Suffice it to say, yeah science!

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    • Well, since this was filmed at the Chabot Gun Range in CALIFORNIA…

      Unfortunately I did a thorough search and found no M60 laying about.

      Yeah, Hollywood (well technically San Francisco 🙂 ) gets free reign to play with the good stuff here.

    • “Why did watching this make me so happy? But it did.”

      That’s the beauty of ‘Breaking Bad’.

      Even as you watch Walter White devolve into ‘Scarface’, you wanted him to win.

      This episode recap (that has that m-60 trunk-gun) wraps up ‘Breaking Bad’ rather well:

      Although episode 14 of season 5’s ‘Ozymandias’ was my most favorite ‘Breaking Bad’ episode of all…

      • Never saw the show. It’s been many years since I owned a TV, and I don’t miss it. But I often have no idea what people around me are talking about and there is occasionally a show that I would like.

        • You need no TV. Most shows like ‘Breaking Bad’ you can find streaming on places like Netflix. BB I watched on this ratty old laptop.

          I haven’t watched what you and I consider ‘TV’ for over over 15 years, only exceptions auto racing and (some) news. Unknowingly, I’m one of those ‘cord cutters’ I keep hearing about.

          ‘Breaking Bad’ was a rarity, a very high-quality drama. (Although I admit a weakness for ‘The Walking Dead).

          The days 25 years back (before the internet) when people plopped their ass on a couch and stared at a TV are long past.

          At least for those of us with lives.

      • I love how they came back to Walter building a freaking robot to save Jessie like he had suggested when stranded in the broken down RV.

        That is some top notch story telling!

  1. Nice, but I think at least one of the bad guys may have had time to hit the deck before getting hit by any bullets.

  2. So, the host mentions around the 1 minute mark that this is all built from stuff you can get in a local town. Where the heck is this town that you can pick up M60s? I am moving.

  3. Wow, that’s the range where I shoot PPC! They really should have sold tickets to that. Love BB.

  4. There ain’t no way in hell I would have stood where they did with that contraption flopping around like that.

    First time I think they under protected themselves.

  5. If there’s two people on TV I dislike most, it’s these two ass clowns. These two seem smart if you’re an idiot. Did everyone forget their cannon ball into the occupied house episode? Oh, ya, that one. Cringe worthy.

    • Well, your ignorance is showing. It was actually the M7 build team (Tory, Grant, and Kari) that did that.

  6. I haven’t seen anything on discovery in months except sharks and naked survivalists. Why don’t they run mythbuster reruns instead?

  7. I remember thinking that Walt got incredibly lucky if you were to consider the episode “in real life”…

    … BECAUSE, well .. let me digress a bit first. I believe the whole concept and the execution (1- USING a machine gun on a home-made platform/mount rigged to rise up out of a car trunk, shoot in a specific directional pattern in oscillation, at a specific height and width spread pattern, while not hitting anything below a certain point (to enable you and your chosen survivor to survive by getting on the ground) WHILE maintaining lethal-ness for *EVERYONE ELSE* in the room, is such a Possible-yet-near impossible- proposition- because….

    how could you guess the distance of the room you’d be in? the amount of people and where they’d disperse themselves? Just how far would the gun shoot and how could you guarantee you could get in the right position to park for this to work?

    It’s easy in the show but in real life that is all way more likely to cause you to fail the mission before you even , you know, start “the mission” and click the remote button.

    However, it’s great to see the Mythbusters do this but they didn’t actually do it right, there was a ton of things they either left out or chose to make much more easy-to-do than actually occurred in the show.

    Awesome to see but perhaps a bit of a bust as far as MythBusters go.

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