California open carry black panther protest
(AP Photo/Walt Zeboski, File)
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California open carry black panther protest
In this May 2, 1967 file photo taken by Walt Zeboski, armed members of the Black Panthers Party stand in the corridor of the Capitol in Sacramento today, May 2, 1967. They were protesting a bill before an Assembly committee restricting the carrying of arms in public. (AP Photo/Walt Zeboski, File)

History has a funny way of coming back around. Both the Black Panthers and these [Michigan] protestors were exercising their First Amendment right to peaceably assemble. Both were exercising their Second Amendment right to bear arms — except only the Panthers were doing so in a way that matched the issue being protested. The Michigan demonstrators were using their rifles, apparently, to stop a pandemic.

Just to be clear: There may not be a vaccine or even a proven treatment for Covid-19 yet, but an AK-47 is not effective either.

Protesters with rifles watch outside the State Capitol in Lansing, Mich., Wednesday, April 15, 2020. Flag-waving, honking protesters drove past the Michigan Capitol on Wednesday to show their displeasure with Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s orders to keep people at home and businesses locked during the new coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak. (AP Photo/Paul Sancya)

So what was this demonstration really about? Exercising their Second Amendment rights? Making America Great Again? Reminding people whose country they believe it belongs to?

More importantly, why was America not more fearful of the displays? That’s not a rhetorical question, because it has an answer: Armed protest is a lot easier to swallow when it’s White and conservative.

– Mike Muse in Protesting With Firearms Looks Very Different Depending On Your Race

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  1. “Reminding people whose country they believe it belongs to?”

    As in the people, and not the wanna be overlords in government? Yes.

    • Haha, isn’t that beautiful? Methinks ol’ Mike might just be an imbecile in addition to being a little cowardly sheep.

  2. So what are you afraid of, Mike? The only reason you are less afraid is you don’t think the Michigan protesters are advocating violence for change. They just want government to leave them alone. Either that or you’re a racist.

    • I am quite certain that weapons laws are racist laws. White men have been on this continent for about 500 years. For the first 250 years or more, all gun laws and weapons laws were clearly aimed at black people. No white man was arrested for having a weapon, of any kind, unless he USED that weapon against someone he should not have. Gun laws today are the strictest where black populations are the densest. Many, if not most, white people fear a black man with a gun. God knows they fear white people with guns, but a darkie with a gun is 100 times worse. Just ask any liberal, progressive, democrat, or cop.

  3. “Armed protest is a lot easier to swallow when it’s White and conservative.”

    Well, based on violent crime data relating to the race of the perpetrator, statistically blacks commit substantially more violent crimes with firearms than whites.

    That might be a good reason why “Armed protest is a lot easier to swallow when it’s White and conservative.”

    If black conservatives were in the same protest group with the white conservatives, they would be just as accepted as the whites.

    Maybe the real determinant is the lack of violent conservative criminals and not race. After all, conservatives clean up the protest sites on their way out. Do leftists do the same?

  4. Yeah, it’s not like the Black Panthers were a communist insurgent group funded by the KGB or anything… Oh… wait…

    • Got any proof of this beyond J. Edgar and the FBI’s attempts to paint all of the 60s civil rights movement as commie fronts? the panthers were socialistas for sure, but that doesn’t show any linkage to the KGB or the Soviet state. I’d be a lot more worried about the meddling in the next election than conspiracy myths from the past…

      • … the KGB archives were opened after the wall fell. Turns out McCarthy did nothing wrong.

        • There’s a difference between “wasn’t wrong” and “did nothing wrong.”

          McCarthy was right about the communists, but did almost everything wrong, and as a consequence the Left has used his foolish authoritarian tactics to gaslight three generations of Americans. We’d have been better off without him.

        • I’m with Ing on this one.

          McCarthy was right but the way he went about it was wrong and in the end it was extremely counterproductive.

          I would say the same thing, generally speaking, about Barry Goldwater.

      • Way to go Comrade! You tell ’em!! ****but can you please tone down the ection-lay eddling-may talk?… we don’t want too many people to actually look in to that 😉 ****

        Eric Swalwell 2020

      • Scott, You should look up some interviews of KGB agents made after the collapse of the Soviet Union. McCarthy and Hoover were both very much correct. The kremlin did indeed infiltrate many aspects of American society.

        However, those extremist groups were just a side show, a distraction. The real action was in academia. Ever wonder why colleges became leftist indoctrination camps? Why Hollywood became the new Pravda? Communist infiltration. There’s several former KGB you can look up who describe this operation and what an extremely resounding success it was. If communism hadn’t been such a terribly inefficient system, the Soviets would be winning the Cold War right now as home grown leftist insurgencies wrecked the nation.

      • Beer + wine + liquor = alcohol

        Liberal + progressive + socialist = communist

        On bread, een cookeeng, no deeferánce!

    • Your hero Reagan was all too eager to pass gun control blocking open carry. Because blacks with guns. He was also a Democrat turned Republican, like your current hero. You know who is better at passing gun control then Democrats? The Republicans and NRA. An “inconvenient truth” for both of you.

      • “He was also a Democrat turned Republican”

        He was a democrat until 1962, and the last 42yrs of his life he was a Republican…
        IF you’re going to spew rhetoric, at least know WTF you’re talking about…


        • Geez I voted dem…in 1972. I didn’t like Nixon who was wanting ” peace with honor”. He got neither. I didn’t get drafted(19 was my #!). A helluva lot of people voted for FDR. Mistake? I was 18. The ONLY time I voted dim…

        • How about closing the system of registered voters? You number the boxes on the day of the election.

          Or at least audit the registered voter lists correlating with IRS and Social Security to verify the person has lodged a tax return or cashed a welfare check in the last year.

        • No chief. The mistake would be voting for a dem. I’ve never done that. But I know people that have voted dem and then saw their mistake and came over to the gop.

      • Some of you revisionists historians don’t really know much about history beyond what you see on YouTube.

        Reagan was very much a real conservative and far more pro gun then any of his contemporaries . Yep. It’s true. The thing is, at the time America was actually quite anti gun as a whole, and still fairly left wing due to left over new deal era voters and the 60s hippy generation. The modern resurgence in 2A support didn’t really start until the 90s, and didn’t really get going until the 00s. Reagan was a far superior choice at the time then anyone else in government. Similar to Trump, right now.

        • Until the EIGHTYs the US was largely agnostic. They had no position on guns. You are incorrect stating was anti.

    • You mean the FBI? They are the ones that got them the guns. They tried to get the Panthers to become violent so they could be shut down.

    • I’m a white American. From Detroit actually. But I live in Belarus/Byelorussia as a holder of an equivalent of a green card. 56% of households carry firearms, including fully automatic assault rifles. Highest percentage of gun ownership in Europe.a huge number of people carry in everyday life. Yet there is almost no crime. If a bunch of Turks, or Tatars showed up in Minsk and demanded power, the public would be shocked, the general attitude would be “this is our country, you are lucky you get to live here, how dare you try to tell us how it will be governed or who will have power”, which is what any rational people would do. In the UAE, where the MAJORITY of the population is non-arabs, who have no rights wether they are born there or not, it would be even worse. It’s natural for a people to feel threatened if the sovereignty of their nation gets questioned.

      • Now I’m curious. Are you able to carry as a foreigner, and is there a licensing teir for sporting, pistols, shotguns, or the full auto?

      • Are Turk- and Tatar-descended citizens of Belarus considered on the basis of their ethnicity to be ineligible to run for office?

  5. It’s more of a difference in what the protest’s focus is. Folks would be at the very least equally nervous about an armed Clan protest, at least as much as they were about the Panthers. Not seeing the obvious lack of equanimity caused by an inherent self bias disposed to your own ill founded beliefs in your article Mr. Muse, is delusion of self.

    Seek mental help, seriously.

  6. Just the sight of a gun , to a anti gunner will scare the poo out of them. It doesn’t matter what color the holder of said gun is… all guns are bad to the anti’s.
    Even guns themselves come in different colors. I personally like the way the Henry’s look. The brass accents look cool.

    • Try again.

      Anti gunners are not anti gun. They are anti personal responsibility and empowerment. How do I know? When is the last time you seen a so called anti gunner shit themselves when a cop walks by with is sidearm holstered? When is the last time you heard a so called anti gunner say we need to disarm the military and police just like we disarm people who do not work for the government?

      You will start to notice they don’t hate guns. They might even own some. They hate the individual having the power to do what they want and fight those who want Karen up the society.

  7. I couldn’t care less about skin color. It’s only a difference in melanin content and immaterial. That being said, the difference between this article’s two photos that popped out at me wasn’t the “black vs. white”, but rather that the men in the 1967 protest are actually brandishing, while the men in the 2020 protest are at sling-arms and merely carrying.

    • I Haz a Question,

      I think that plays a part. I would argue that it is total body language, demeanor, and context that is relevant. A hunter strolling through the forest with a shotgun or rifle held casually in hand as he/she walks along with relaxed body language and demeanor is not brandishing in my opinion.

      In terms of being in a capitol building or attending a rally, I strongly prefer that all handguns be in holsters and that all shotguns and rifles be in scabbards (the equivalent of a holster if you will) or casually slung over the person’s shoulder, preferably on their back.

    • “…but rather that the men in the 1967 protest are actually brandishing, while the men in the 2020 protest are at sling-arms and merely carrying.”

      There was an incident in Austin about 2 years back, where an idiot was carrying his AR at low ready in a restaurant…

      • Oh yeah? That would be no problem, at least in theory, there are no gun control laws concerning long guns in TX. I’d imagine some cops might wish to inquire as to his plans, tho! No matter how he was carrying it.

  8. According to the FBI statistics of 500,000 interracial crimes 400,000 are blacks committing crimes against whites and the 100,000 of whites committing crimes against blacks are comprised mostly of Hispanics. As the old saying goes “where there’s smoke, there’s fire.”

  9. Interesting. Look carefully at each photo; pick a subject from among the several depicted.

    Can you tell if the subject is registered as a Democrat or Republican? Whether or not he is a member of (or sympathizes with) an organization that advocates the violent overthrow of our constitutional government? Whether he has any prior convictions for violent offenses? Whether he is trained-to-arms?

    Hard to tell, for sure. Unless one is basing one’s conclusions on probabilities associated with race, ethnicity, fashion-statement.

    Really hard to discount the extent to which our impressions, and advocacy for policy, are based so strongly on racial prejudice. Haven’t we been trying to loosen our grip on this propensity for 60 years now?

    What are the implications for gun-control policy? Should we keep struggling to reduce our urge to pursue prejudice-based policies? Or, return to our historical and natural instincts? Are all men created equal? Or, are some animals more equal than others?

    • “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.”
      – Comrade Napoleon

      I find it relevant that the Pigs use Boxer’s death to further their propaganda (kinda like the anti-2A’s using every death that fits their narrative to further their propaganda)…

      …“No one believes more firmly than Comrade Napoleon that all animals are equal. He would be only too happy to let you make your decisions for yourselves. But sometimes you might make the wrong decisions, comrades, and then where should we be?”
      -From the hand of Orwell to the mouths of the DNC

      Orwell was a brilliant observer of human nature….and animals.

  10. Personally I think whoever is wearing the clown mask is a fuckin moron. Some people just use our cause as an excuse to act like a jackass.
    Just like those idiots awhile back that did the march in the TN capital building wearing hijabs and carrying AKs.

    Dress, look, and act like a professional damn American. George Washington isn’t going to fist bump you for dressing like a jester or a hessian.

    • Agreed. In a political protest it would help to think about the effect of how you present yourself. Look neat and orderly, wear face masks just as advised by public health professionals. Do not bunch up. Wear whatever your typical work clothes would be, neat and clean like you were headed out to your daily job. Be that a suit and tie or overalls or whatever.

      Only with slung long guns and strong side holstered handguns.

      The goal there is to protest overreach and incompetent orders by the governor while showing everyone we gun owners are just normal, regular, peaceable and law abiding folks. Not a rabble.

    • “professional American”

      I’m trying to parse that. Can I get paid just for being American?

  11. It’s the “ORDER” in what the Governor is prohibiting that would chap my hide if I lived there. That, and the parts of it that make no sense at all.

    First, leadership by a politician should not include threats. An “Executive Order” telling people how to behave is inherently a threat. Real leadership is about inspiring people to act in a particular way. When you must threaten them to do what you want, you have already failed as a leader.

    Second, how in the hell is a good walk spoiled (playing golf) going to spread the virus? The grouping is small, it is easy to maintain anti-social distancing, you are out in open and sunny air where a virus is least able to survive. It would be a different story if it was a stadium deal, thousands tightly packed into bleachers at a ball game, but that is not golf.

    I don’t like golf, seems a waste of land that could be better used for treed spaces, camping, hunting, shooting ranges, fishing ponds and lakes, etc. But banning it is a foolish overreaction having no benefit for disease prevention.

    Comparing these protestors to the original Black Panthers is just plain ignorant. Vastly different groups with vastly different intentions. They do not compare well at all, nor do the issues of the two eras make any sense together.

  12. And nothing is different about 1967 and 2020? I mean…. could there have been at least an attempt on the author’s part to address the absolute disparity of the two eras and movements?

    If one group is pushing old ladies in front of buses and another group is pushing old ladies from in front of buses, it is not fair or accurate to say both groups are pushing old ladies.

  13. Anybody that has read “Ballroom of the Skies” by John D. Macdonald might wonder if Our Fearless “smarter than average” Leader is now recommending injecting household cleaning products. If you haven’t read it, do so.
    Or you can just go back to your Candy Crush and I apologize for forcing you to wonder what I am talking about.

        • Like that woman and her husband who drank fish tank cleaner because “Trump told them it was a good idea.”

          Lo and behold… The woman is a batshit crazy feminazi who gave money to “teh resistanse” and probably poisoned her cuck husband.

        • “Funny how liberals hear things that were never said”

          See the linked NYT article. It isn’t labeled as opinion, but political memo. The entire point of the article is to ridicule Trump for the disinfectant comments. Could someone please show me where in this non-opinion “news” article that they actually quote what Trump said? Oh, that’s right. They never did. Why is that? Wouldn’t that be the one fact that matters the most?

        • Did you watch the press conference in full? Because I watch his briefings daily and that’s not what he said.

        • I was listening live and he never said “drink disinfectant.” Still, it was irresponsible because so many people are fucking idiots.

      • The last time I posted Trump speaking you said it was “out of context,” it was not. His context of his statement was there. Not only did he say it toward the first half of his press conference he said it again at the second half. There was no “out of context.”

        This time around Trump did not say to inject bleach. He asked if they could inject disinfectant inside to clean the lungs. Yes, he was also talking about UV light therapy prior to disinfectant.

        He said something very dumb. Then claimed he was being sarcastic when he was clearly not.

        After Trump embarrassed the country, and lied after, his following press conference was only 20 minutes before he walked out. He did not want to be questioned about his line of thinking. Now he has decided to stop doing the same press conferences he has been doing for weeks because he is ashamed and egotistical.

        You can go watch the entire press conference where he said what he said. It’s not out of context. People are simply taking the context and adding words he did not say.

        Stop trolling, Trump isn’t.

        • Um… you do know that there are procedures that inject fluid into the lungs? Right? That’s basically how your albuterol inhaler works. Asking if there was a way to deliver a “disinfectant” using the same principle is not stupid just a poor choice of words if Trump wasn’t a medical layman. … and yes, there is a procedure that involves inserting a UV light into the trachea via a flexible LED strip.

      • Didn’t the expert finish talking about bleach and Isopropyl alcohol on the surface of objects when Trump asked if disinfectants could be injected to kill the virus?

        You do not inject bleach into the lungs to kill a virus. He didn’t use the word bleach, but the context of the conversation had mentioned bleach and alcohol. Of course the media will not put out all the details, they will focus on the ones they like, just like Trump fanboys do.

        Trump is dumb. Obama is dumb. Bush did a lot of drugs, which made him dumb. A smart president would get shot in the face so his brain will turn to mush that way.

        Don’t defend Trump’s stupid talk. He was not paying attention when he formulated his on the mic inquiries. The result was great embarrassment to the nation. Even after he made Americans look stupid for electing such a man, he lied to them by saying, “It was just a prank, bro.”

        Trump took a large “L,” which is why he stopped with those press conferences. A grown man ran away from accountability. That’s your dear leader. The Supreme Leader must never be question about his faults because he is perfect.

        • Politicians in general are fairly ignorant and the higher the ranking the more dependent they are on advisers and briefing notes.

        • Whoa there Chief! Haven’t you ever had a conversation give you an idea and, although you used a similar term you had a completely different thought in mind? There are many kinds of “disinfectants” which is the actual word he used. I believe alcohol was also mentioned in the conversation. So why aren’t the incredibly stupid assholes that are drinking bleach or aquarium cleaner just getting drunk? Liquor stores are still open in most states. They’re making a political statement is why.

          The thing I don’t understand is why he later claimed it was sarcasm. Like everyone else, I didn’t get that at all. If anything, he should have just said “I had an idea and I spoke about it in front of a mostly hostile crowd. Probably should have waited and had a separate conversation with my team.”.

  14. It’s simple:
    Armed conservatives have 2 protest modes: We Want You to Listen to Us, and Kill Em All, and it’s easy to tell the difference.

    Armed liberals have a entire range of violence escalation, and you have no idea which one you’re going to get, moment to moment.

    • Agreed. The point of these protests is to say “we have the means and opportunity to kill you and your family, don’t give us the motivation.”

      • Conservatives are cowards. They talk, and talk, then talk some more.

        The Democrats actually push back and risk their freedom. Although, they do it for leftism. At least they fight, you should respect that.

        Republicans live in a delusional state of mind where standing armies are preferred over liberty and justice. They worship the state as they happily wave their symbols. That’s why people are not scared of them, they know the Republican wanna be conservative won’t do shit to their favorite group of people. The only time the Republicans want to smash something is a Mexican, Muslim or Democrat.

        Stop lying already. You were tested and you failed. Virginia was your test. You lost 8 to 1.

        Now go back inside before we arrest you for not obeying unlawful orders, citizen. You don’t have a human right to be outside nor a right to travel.

        • Wrong chief nitwit. The state and United States Constitutional Rights are not the same. If Conservatives were talking cowards and worshipped the state they would not be protesting the state…would they?
          Your final line of democrap shows clearly who the coward is that needs the state to do their dirty work. Your head is so far up northam’s demented democrat behind you give his black face and infanticide and racist based gun control a pass. You gutless wonder.

        • Generally speaking I don’t think Conservatives are cowards. They tend to lack political savvy because that’s the nature of the way they think. Manipulating people is something they generally find undesirable.

          They also tend to be far more restrained. While they may be angry that anger is largely controlled in comparison to the Left. Part of that is natural, part of it is by design and part of it is a principled order of operations.

          Mistaking principles and/or kindness for weakness is unwise.

        • @Debbie W.

          The U.S. Constitution is what defines the conceptual existence of that particular nation state. Human rights “exist” without that piece of paper, without the state. Within that piece of paper there is an acknowledgement of human rights. The bulk of the document is how to run a nation state.

          When you wave a U.S. flag at a protest — exercising your human rights to do so — you are engaging in cognitive dissonance. It’s the state that’s infringing on your human rights despite the restrictions written into their rule book [constitution].

          It would be far better to “wave around” a gun like the Panthers did. Not smart in today’s society, but it follows the principle of individual freedom far better than waving the state’s symbol/flag while their enforces take your rights away right in front of you.

          How many Hong Kong protesters do you see flying China’s flag?

        • @strych9

          I am not mistaking kindness for weakness.

          I have been waiting for people to stop complying with unconstitutional rules — I will be waiting forevermore. Conservatives refuse to disobey and indulge in civil disobedience to the state. When the state gives out orders and threatens them Republicans shout, “Yes, sir! Sorry, sir!” I have seen it for at least 2 decades.

          This is why a two party system was created in the U.S.. One side is willing to fight the state, the other side is not. The establishment must keep those two from ever joining together to complete a task. They will social engineer strife between the two and stoke that rage when they start to get a little to comfortable.

          Republicans will not conserve the Republic for which it stands. If it was true they are patriots, they would have done it already. Republicans are the drunk man at the bar who gets in a MMA fighter’s face to threaten him with his black belt Kung Fu.

        • That smell of shit emanating from your pie hole is telling you to seek treatment for your oral diarrhea.

    • Who threw the first punch? The protestors or a few oppressive government ratbassturds? If you are intimidated by people carrying firearms well dry those tears. Perhaps protesters fear the nutcases who threw the first punch and feel better having a means to defend themselves? Until you see someone doing something illegal with a firearm you have no podium.

      On the other hand…There is no telling what a sneaky moment by moment liberal is going to do. Why they’ll sneak up and stab each other in the back if it advances the cause. What sleazy filth.

  15. Is “that” a typo and it was supposed to be than? Nonetheless using a 1967 protest photo as a basis for comparison to a 2020 protest is scrapping the bottom of the barrel for something to plaster on my screen.
    For a long time the 2A was not colorblind and if you were black there were laws specifically concocted to keep firearms out of your black hands. Thus the roots of Gun Control are in racism and those who continue to promote it are carrying on a racist based agenda.
    On the other hand around 1967 b.h. obama’s eventual mentor the lily white bill ayers was filling empty hippie heads with communist manure which found its way into the heads of blacks. Ayers is a real work of marxist art having designed a bomb that his girlfriend and 2 comrades were building and blew them into pieces. That bomb was intended for soldiiers stationed in NJ and would be at a dance with civilians. More info search Bill Ayers.
    The 2A is a right that sees no color. What it sees is the individual’s Content of Character. If a firearm or any inanimate object is illegally misused then you become what is known as a a criminal. There is no black or white about that. There is only good or bad.

  16. These days the police will treat everyone the same. No more privilege for certain colors and genders. The only people that have privilege are those that work for the government.

  17. “Reminding people whose country they believe it belongs to?”

    WTF does that sentence even mean? I know what he *thinks* it means…but that isn’t what it says. What it says is that he’s a dishonest, race-pandering cretin who can’t construct a simple sentence.

    Sometimes I think there really should be a permit to use the written word in public. I mean, I believe in the First Amendment, but…

  18. I still don’t get the fashion statement of a Hawaiian shirt under a PC.

    A friend of mine has sent me “boogboi” videos on this and I just don’t get it. At all.

      • Supposedly it’s something like this.

        Boogaloo is a term to avoid mods on some platforms. Once that was caught on to it became Big Luau and that’s where the shirt thing comes from.

        That makes some sense for internet memes and other tomfoolery… but to actually buy such a shirt and wear it under a PC? Tactical Magnum P.I. makes no sense to me IRL.

        • Regardless of the jokes online, if I see you dressed like that I know you are a joke.

          That man will not fight to the death for human rights. He is a LARPer, a straight internet meme cosplayer. What generation X would refer to as a mall ninja/cop or a tacticool operator.

      • You logic is illogical. What you base your one ball of wax logic on is what is known as congressional RINOs. Everyone else fears injury by nature but not death. On the other hand liberals fear both. You straddle the fence at times but in the end the accolades go to the democrat party. The party who should be coughing up monetary reparations for its long history of racist atrocities…Atrocities you give a pass to like you gave a pass to northam. Sometimes intelligence stands in the way of common sense. Ring a bell?

        • Wait… Didn’t Democrats try to attack the government and die trying? Didn’t some guy shoot up an I.C.E. building then got shot dead by police? Didn’t a former military man try to smash the patriarchy by trying to shoot two cops at his daughter’s school then got shot dead?

          If the Democrats were so scared why did they cause a civil war? Why did they turn people against each other and armed one side?

          Modern Republicans are cowards and they behave like the Democrats of old. You call them RINO, that’s how bad the party has become. It’s no longer a principled diverse group, it’s a bunch of Democrats pretending to support liberty and justice for all.

          One thing I find respectable from a Democrat party member is their will to fight the state. This was once the Republican mindset, but now Republicans love their men and women in uniform, they love the corporate state.

          A genuine conservative would have not shut down the economy and voted for a communist loving bailout. They would have fought against the government taking over the free market. They would spit on central planning. They would refuse a check with Trump’s name on it. They could not be bought, they could not be bribed.

          Today’s new Republican says the Democrat party left them. That’s why they walked away… Where did the old Republicans walk to when the Republican party became the new Democrat party? Where did they go when the Republican party voted in a billionaire Democrat from New York?

    • As best I can tell:

      Operators in theater have a somewhat casual dress code when they aren’t operating operationally. This extends to Aloha Friday, which tends to involve Hawaiian Shirts. Then some off-duty operators got called into action with only enough time to grab a plate carrier, and the media ran photos of the colorful scene.

      This led shitposting LARPers to adopt the style, which led to tactical clothing companies offering their version of the shirt, which made it more palatable to the wanna-be boogbois, and thus the style was cast in stone for proponents of the Big Luau.

      Of course, if you aren’t pairing your hawaiian shirt with Rhodesian nut huggers….are you really ready to party?

      also, post pics of meth’s toes or GTFO.

  19. I read the article. No where does Mr. Muse mention black Firearms instructor Rick Rector. And his work in Detroit training over 1000 women in that city. Nor does he talk about the black, and racially integrated open carry protests that have occured in the michigan. AND that TTAG has reported on.

    Mike Muse is just another Liberal gun grabber, trying to use “white Liberal guilt” to grab guns.

  20. Muse, you are a racist, plain and simple. If you were an informed individual instead of a racist since you must see everything in black and white you would know that the armed protesters were protesting that gun shops were labeled as nonessential and closed. Those armed folks were standing up for the second amendment you ignorant racist!!

  21. Oh, there are plenty of people crapping their pants about these armed protests. Muse is just conveniently ignoring them, because they’re his buddies in the mainstream media.

  22. …Wow.
    Three paragraphs of pure race baiting and virtue signaling, with no practical mention of actual historical context?
    Mr Muse’s day job must be writing teleprompt for CNN.

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