Multiple people reported shot in incident in a Colorado Walmart store.
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Multiple people were shot on Wednesday inside a Walmart in a Denver suburb, local police said. Police in Thornton, Colorado, did not release any information on the number of victims and it was not clear if an assailant had been taken into custody, taken his own life or been slain by officers.”

Little is clear as to the status of the shooter or shooters at this point, but the Denver Post is reporting that an arrest has been made.

More as details become available.

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    • But…but…we must rekindle the legislative embers of the Vegas Mass Shooting before they die out completely…

    • And every other mass market/big box store. And in particular Amazon.

      If not for chicom consumer goods driving down the CPI in the mid 90s Bill Clinton would have never been reelected.

    • Joetoast,

      “Wal Mart, where America can support Chinese Communism. What a joke”

      The Walton family who founded Wal Mart, whose fortune totals $145.3 billion (according to Forbes magazine, as of August 19, 2017), would beg to differ that their business is a joke.

    • Actually someone was shot in Europe today. There’s about to be a whole lot more shooting, too. In Spain, very soon.

      • Prove it.

        Because one rare incident there does not count for incidents that happen here everyday.

        Europe is doing a fine job making sure nut-bars with a chip on their shoulder aren’t armed to the teeth.

        Most guns used in tragic incidents all the world were traced to here in this country and your NRA and rascist klan-master robert farrago deny it happen and would rather blame “strict laws”.

        • Why do “WE” have to provide the proof and YOU don’t? A bit one-sided methinks.

          Are the victims in NYC any less dead because they were run over by a car instead of being shot? The injured are certainly going to have life changing injuries. It’s pure physics. A person getting hit by a 3500-4000 lb car is going to experience an impact that makes a .50 BMG look minuscule in comparison.

        • “Most guns used in tragic incidents all the world were traced to here in this country.”

          Translation: “America: Home of the AK-47!”

        • Australia has had many public shootings, they just haven’t shot enough people to reach the status of mass public shootings….the idea that Australian gun laws have stopped mass shootings is a lie….look up major crimes in Australia, then explain how their gun laws stopped the various gunmen, with guns, from shooting large numbers of people…there are close to a dozen of them….these are all post ban, so again, Australia has had shootings, but bad shooting on the part of the shooter, a lack of desire to shoot more people than they did, and pure dumb luck, does not mean their gun control laws worked….

        • Some notable deficiencies concerning History for the Troll: CANADA never defeated the U.S.—it was the British in both cases. And if you think Canada is the bastion of freedom as claimed, a serious review of their gun-possession laws might be in order. NO semi-automatic rifles with greater than five (5) round detachable or interior magazines. NO pistols with greater than (I believe) ten (10) rounds. Restrictions on shotguns, lasers, pepper spray, knives, swords, nun-chucks, tasers (or similar), folding stocks, bullet-proof vests or clothing….
          AND they had even tried a National Weapons Registration program (repealed—it just did not work). —Not so much.
          So “Freedom in Canada”?

      • Because Canada is a free civilized country that has turned to complete hell.

        At-least canada has a leader that was elected by it’s people.

        While America has a Russian-owned puppet that traitors like you bow to everyday,

        Canada is even considered the new land of the free. And has beaten this country TWICE in both the American revolution and the war of 1812.

        Canada and the rest of the free world dont need weapons and don’t want them. They’ve not drinking the “guns save lives” kool-aid that nutjobs like you guzzle everyday.

        • It’s ‘its people’, not it’s. If you have to be a troll on a site you despise, at least learn your basic spelling skills.

        • You’re either a normal TTAG commentator, trying to inure the less patient & internet-savvy on TTAG by impersonating a 0.009 powerlevel troll (i.e. “cannon-fodder), or you’re an individual with an exceptional genetic condition which precluded you from being given any sort of mind-control koolaid or prepupation indoctrination.

          So by all means; I have over 9000 theoretical internet dollars on you being a fractional-witted larval leftist, do continue with your sperged SJW madlibs & copypasta to remove all doubt. I’m positive that any TTAGer would find it very difficult to emulate your fail-trolling without plugging massive amounts of dissociatives (administered concurrently with mild frontal cortex emulsification).

        • You aren’t too bad with the anti-gun trolling.

          You suck at political trolling.

          May I suggest you focus more on the guns and less on the politics?

          And may I also suggest you work a bit more on your insults because they could use some work too.

    • Tell me, have you ever used the screen name “concernedamerican” ? yes or no.

      And no response will be considered a “yes”.

        • American hating traitor? LMAO…..guess I shouldn’t have spent 22 years in the USAF. You’re a freaking moron! You wouldn’t know a a Patriotic American unless one walked up and spit in your liberal Troll face. Find a different country… don’t belong in this one tard.

      • Weak arguement.

        Sorry, But I love the freedom to speak my mind and express my views.

        Your “right” to kill and oppress us and spread your insane fascist views is not a right and stopped being a “right” when real true-blooded Americans like me started to suffer for it.

        I lost friends and loved ones to nutbars like you. I lost my high-school pen pal to a racist psychotic NRA member in MN who shot up a high-school 2005. I lost a family friend who was killed off for his country music CD’s.

        I’m sure you’ll be singing a different tune if you lost one of your loved ones to a “right to kill” supporter.

        Your emotions don’t validate mines or america’s right to live in a stable society free from fear and tyranny by psychotic nut-jobs like you that constantly encouraged by your racist american hating klan-master and his fake news website.

        • Hmm…you are a real true-blooded American? That’s very problematic, a progressive gun prohibitionist should not be saying such bigoted things, go check your privilege 25 times right now.

        • Yeah, you’re SO fucking oppressed.

          Seriously, these kind of statements are flat out laughable. You don’t know a damn thing about being oppressed other than what you see on the squawk box.

          You’re basically a Month Python skit but without the creativity, humor or wit.

        • So you are blaming all firearm owners for these incidents. You might as well try blaming all car owners for the vehicular-homocide in NYC.

          What is your final solution? Rendition, enhanced interrogation (socialists have a thing for confessions and penance), and the survivors herded into the showers for delousing? And you want to be the capo who pours in the pesticide?

        • Little troll…. calling out the big bad fascists. Talk about your rights to speak. Forget about the rights to own guns. Same Constitution. And it was and still is the Fascists who want to disarm the people.

          Trolls gotta troll, no under the bridge these, they now live in mom’s basement, yelling for their Twinkies and red bull. Mom ain’t getting any younger get off your butts and quit making her walk up and down the steps to feed you sorry ass.

        • No, I’d just shoot them. It’s not rocket science. If somebody wrongs you, you hunt them down and make them wish they were never born. But then again, unlike you, I have testicular fortitude.

        • So, will you promise to come back to us once you’ve discovered logic, reasoning, causality and the Socratic Method?

          We’ll wait. It’ll blow your mind to actually start using it.

        • You’re apparently referring to the Red Lake High School shooting on the Ojibwe Indian reservation. There is no evidence that Jeff Weise, the shooter even knew of the NRA let alone being a member. There is an ample evidence that he was a suicide intended depressive who had been over medicated on prozac though.

          Your “high school pen pal” correspondent? Seriously?

        • “Sorry, But I love the freedom to speak my mind and express my views.”

          Then move to Canada.
          Oh, wait, they don’t really let you have that freedom, do they? (Again, Google is your friend.)

        • You’re so full of crap it’s coming out your ears. How about some sources other than your (claimed) vast intelligence and 10th grade classes.

        • What percentage of background passing gun owners do you think have commited a crime at all, let alone murder?

          The same question for licensed concealed carriers.

    • As a US citizen, and independent voter. Who wholeheartedly supports OUR US Constitutional-Bill of Rights, as written…Including the 2nd Amendment, which is an absolute…I have to say to YOU, “F***Off you Liberal Pro-agressive , Communist mouthpiece, TROLL!” Speak for yourself…I certainly don’t need the likes of you to determine what rights and liberties myself, or my family has! If you feel you have to many RIGHTS! Then I’m sure we could all take a collection to send you to Socialist Paradise in the People’s Republic of China…I here there hiring a The Foxconn Chinese Labor factory making I-Phone X for rich Americans! Bon Voyage!!! (PS: …And I’m NOT a Firearms owner! But a concerned US citizen helping to prevent the dissolution of American Freedoms!)

    • It doesn’t happen everyday here either (mass shootings).
      However, to claim that we are somehow unique in this is just wrong.
      Google is your friend.

    • And how many people were saved by guns today? Those stories don’t make it into the MSM. (Former deputy and police sergeant)

  1. It doesn’t matter what state its in. WalMart parking is a magnet for “incidents”. Nothing to see here folks. Move along. Move along

  2. This was on Drudge. Why is this even national news? This is a local issue, regional at best. The media is controlling and brain washing people into thinking the inanimate gun is the mastermind of all evil. When it’s really cargo trucks!

  3. If this had happened in the Walmart where Iive, I guarantee there’d of been no less than 25 Concealed Carriers present to handle the situation. Probably why there is never any shootings at my Walmart.

  4. Probably just gang violence, or some dip$#!t domestic violence incident with people who watch too much reality TV…And have way to much drama…But, not any more…

  5. Walmart? What about the so called walmart tunnels, that were in the news? Anyways, walmart is supposedly a no gun zone. As a trained concealed carrier, we carry concealed. That is all we are going to say. Keep concealed and stay safe!

    • “walmart is supposedly a no gun zone” – Have never seen signage to that effect in NH; is that some peculiarity of CO’s gun laws?

  6. I live about five miles from there. I’ve been in that WalMart many times, although it’s not the one where I regularly shop, as there are several closer. They have no posting banning carry on premises.

    He was arrested near by this morning:

    Current reporting is that the guy was an odd duck with financial problems. Of course, it hasn’t been 24 hours yet, so there’s rampant speculation.

  7. Old squadron buddy who lives in Denver area reported police took five hours clearing the store, before they allowed anyone back in. He sent me this little snippet:
    “In the Thursday press conference, Avila added that other people in the store with guns, who had been carrying them with concealed carry permits, slowed the process of finding a suspect.”

    Nothing from any of those detained, nor why police knew they were carrying firearms.

    • Apparently, they were seen on the surveillance video pulling their guns. Yet, amazingly (to critics of concealed carry), none of them shot innocent people by mistake or were themselves mistakenly shot. Every one of these trigger-happy would-be gunslingers apparently saw that they didn’t have a clear shot at an obvious bad guy and responsibly refrained from opening fire.

      How much did they delay the investigation?
      “Avila said it would be hard to quantify how much more quickly the investigation could have proceeded.”

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