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In the recently-surfaced video above, MSNBC host Melissa Harris-Perry tells a group of college students that she hoped that Travyon Martin “whooped the shit” out of George Zimmerman. Even though anti-gunners like Harris-Perry lobby for more and more draconian laws to limit Americans’ ability to defend themselves – in the name of public safety no less – the antis have no respect for the rule of law . . .

Nor do they have any sense of decorum; Harris-Perry was sharing her desire for violence at Cornell’s Annual Martin Luther King, Jr. Commemorative Lecture.

Most of the time, the antis don’t let the mask slip. But when they do, to quote the late Warren Zevon, it ain’t that pretty at all.

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  1. Um…he did. That’s kinda why he got shot. I personally wish the kid hadn’t whooped the shit out of ol’ Zim, we would then have never heard of either of them.

      • I don’t know if it’s an accurate report or not. Quite frankly I could not care enough to dig. But I’ve heard that gz only fired the 1 round cause his pistol jammed.

        • There was an expended case in the chamber. The gun failed to cycle and eject the spent casing, most likely because Martin was holding the muzzle of the gun when Zimmerman shot him, preventing the slide from cycling properly.

        • @ John Butler
          I recall the same as well. As often as you see how close and personal DGUs are via videos, ect, I personally would gravitate to a revolver or even derringer. not that I have any credentials either, and if you are fending off something, usually you are using your strong side arm. Seems to me a case for also carrying on your weak side, or at least, having a backup gun on your weak side.

  2. Perry seems to forget the case is settled. Perry is clearly anti-American as she is against her own Constitution. Maybe she consider surrendering her citizenship?

  3. Violence herp derp stand your ground herp derp white privilege derp male privilege herp hetero privilege… Subtitles SJW BS.

    • lovely. As often as she used the word bodies, ect, so much for no-violent protesting. Which brings me back to this old gem:

      I came into this world kicking, screaming and covered in another persons blood, and am perfectly happy to go out the same way.

  4. Well, it’s a matter of Public Record who “whooped” who in the Zimmerman-Martin encounter. Melissa Harris-Perry missed that memo I guess.

    • “The man can’t stay ot of trouble to save his life.”

      The night he met Trayvon he most certainly did save his own life.

        • He was doing what the police like to recommend folks do–volunteer for a neighborhood watch program. He was apparently rather a civic-minded fellow, I understand he also did some kind of volunteer work “mentoring” kids at some point. Kind of hard to “stay out of trouble” when some thug jumps you.

        • Agreed ….which is why if you want to “stay out of trouble” don’t go following thugs…..thugs don’t like to be followed. He was initally doing neighboorhood watch but even if police recommend it, I’m not gonna go following a “thug” down a dark street.

        • Wow, I’m sure glad you’re not on my neighborhood watch……I hope no one else has entrust you with their neighborhood’s safety.

        • Sure “VV ind”…Thats the point of neighborhood watch right….to follow around thugs and get yourself assaulted… I don’t think so. The guy got frustrated by all the crime not getting solved so he made a stupid decision. That dumb decision resulted in him getting assaulted and having to use his firearm to defend himself. Having to use his firearm to defend himself has ruined his life. That is not the purpose of neighborhood watch. Nice trolling though.

        • “That is not the purpose of neighborhood watch.” What is the purpose of the neighborhood watch?

        • According to

          “The aim of neighbourhood watch includes educating residents of a community on security and safety and achieving safe and secure neighbourhoods. However, when a criminal activity is suspected, members are encouraged to report to authorities, and not to intervene.”

        • Seems that Zimmerman acted exactly by the book. He followed the suspect and reported him. Zimmerman did not intervene or confront the suspect. By the book.

        • No. I don’t think following is by the “book”. I actually think it is kind of stupid and leads to the results he got.

  5. I couldn’t care less about Zimmerman, Martin, or Perry…

    But, what was that about white people turning black and heterosexuals turning homosexual?

    Whiskey tango foxtrot?

  6. As I understand it, TM was indeed beating the crap out of GZ. That’s why he got shot. Harris-Perry is the same lowlife that mocked Mitt Romney’s infant granddaughter on the air too. But what do you expect from leftists in general, and MSNBC in particular. Pretty telling that one of the leading lights at an alleged “news outlet” still doesn’t know that SYG had nothing to do with GZ’s defense and acquittal.

  7. It hasn’t occurred to Harris-Perry and others like her that, had Zimmerman not been armed, Martin would now be sitting in prison, convicted of assault or murder.

  8. She does realize that she IS the racist here, right? What with mocking Mittens’ own BLACK grandchild on-air and all.

    She also realize that there’s a very specific reason for the comparatively high turn-over of staff at her network, right? Y’know, because they can’t be trusted to act with integrity (not that that really applies to any network whatsoever but I digress), like the yammering putz that broke D.C. law on-air only to display his own hypocrisy and strengthen the arguments made against his philosophy?

    But, no, she’s part of the D.C. machine, you see. So, she automatically gets a pass.

    • Man you nailed that, she’s a total piece of garbage and she does all this in the very name of MARTIN LUTHER KING JR.?! Race baiting bottom feeders, worse than any catfish that for darn sure.

  9. got a buddy who wipes his a$$ with political correctness………..right after the Not guilty verdict was decided concerning George Zimmerman, he purchased a Kel Tec PF-9.

    Guess what he called his pocket gat?-

    Trayvon………… times it is also known as the TZ-9…….

    Yes I am laughing……..

    I swapped my pocket gun……….for his TZ-9.

  10. What Twilight Zone does this woman live in? The issue was resolved in court of law, now years, ago. May not agree with the verdict, may not like the verdict but it was a verdict of not guilty. Suck it up Melissa Harris-Perry and move on!

  11. If a normal person made that statement you might assume that she meant that she hoped that the shooting was justified and that GZ didn’t get away with murder. But considering the tampon earrings and asking the US attorney general to quack like a duck, I think that she meant that she hoped TM beat him up because GZ fatally shot him. Kind of putting the cart before the horse. MH-P isn’t exactly a deep thinker.

  12. I only wish Zimmerman would have encountered a real man on that night. he deserved an ass whoopin for being a vigilante. I can’t believe that so many of you simple minded people would be ok with a grown man with a gun following, chasing, and confronting a kid then killing him for the feeling that he needed to defend himself from what he thought was a kidnapper or molester. Zimmerman has been in the news regularly ever since for making foolish decisions. I carry everyday to protect myself, not to chase people around and act like a police officer. If it were me instead of Trevon, the end result would have been much different. If any of yoy have kids and think that Zimmerman was justified, then you should be ashamed of yourselves.

      • “I only wish Zimmerman would have encountered a real man on that night.” “Agreed. It makes me ashamed to be pro gun when I see how many racist idiots our side has.” — Has it occurred to you two that a “real man” would not have been on a journey to rob people? (remember, Obama’s son had multiple stolen items in his possession?). Perhaps a “real man” would not have been staking out his next robbery, either? So, yes, you are right – Had GZ met a real man, nothing would have happened.

      • You guys didn’t actually follow the case, did you? Your accusations fly in the face of essentially every fact.

    • ‘…following, chasing, and confronting…’

      As I recall the cell phone records showed that Treyvon was nearly to his father’s house before he turned and followed Zimmerman. At least that’s the way the jury saw it. I think you’ve got it backwards, it was Martin who followed and confronted Zimmerman. His girlfriend even gave up why – he thought Zimmerman was gay.

      • I believe that Trevon did turn back to see why Zimmerman was following him. But the confrontation occurred after 911 operator told Zimmerman not to follow Trevon because the police were on the way and all they needed was a description. Zimmerman responded with something to the effect of, they always getting away, and he followed Trevon anyway. I’m just expressing the fact that if poor decisions were not made and/or Zimmerman would have heeded to the 911 operators advising him to not follow the boy, then none of this would have happened. Zimmerman is only reinforcing the fact that he doesn’t make the best decisions because we keep seeing him on the news getting arrested because of his poor judgment.

        • I won’t defend Zimmerman for his actions after his acquittal, but as for that night, his claim was that he did turn around when the 911 operator told him to. That claim has not been proven false. I saw an interview with one of the jurors who claimed that for him the real exonerating factor was the the cell phone data proved that Treyvon turned away from his father’s house and followed Zimmerman. I saw Treyvon’s girlfriend on Piers Morgan claim that Treyvon was going to ‘whoopass’ because he thought Zimmerman was gay. (Funny how nobody seemed interested in putting her on TV after that.) Mas Ayoob did a story on the case where he revealed that it wasn’t tea and Skittles but Treyvon had made lean and the tea was actually a watermelon flavored drink, which was just too racist for the media to report.

          Then there’s the fact that the police and the DA believed Zimmerman’s story and he was only prosecuted because of outside political pressure. He was then acquitted and even Eric Holder has now had to admit there’s no case against him. Add it all up and it seems to me the most likely scenario is that Zimmerman did nothing wrong that night.

        • Be advised that a 911 operator has zero authority to tell anyone what public streets they can and cannot walk on. Acting like that is a big deal is just stupid. On top of which, insofar as I heard, Z DID turn around and head back to his vehicle, and was ambushed by M on the way.

    • Q, if your description of events was an accurate reflection of what had occurred that night then I too would be speaking out against George Zimmerman. In fact, when the story initially hit the media, I was thinking of what a horrible thing Zimmerman had done. However, it became clear throughout the trial that this was a case of self defense. The physical evidence and testimony bears witness to that unavoidable fact. When Zimmerman began walking down that sidewalk, his headlights on his truck alone lit the way. During the walk, his automatic headlight timer switched the lights off and Zimmerman was then walking in the dark because he found that his flashlight wasn’t working. The 911 caller advised him that they didn’t need him to proceed getting an address so he headed back towards his truck and that took him naturally back through the dark walkway. He was foolish to enter a pitch dark area without a working flashlight but he was not searching for the young man. He was only returning to his vehicle. Along the way back to his truck, he was attacked by Trayvon Martin. Zimmerman defended his own life during a brutal attack. It’s unfortunate that a young man lost his life, but, I am glad that Zimmerman did not lose his life or become seriously and permanently injured due to the poor choice to act in a criminal manner against another that Martin made. I saw the live trial in its entirety. I watched as media like HLN twisted (in real time) what happened in the trial minutes earlier to fit a false narrative. Q, you either have been lied to or simply want to believe the lies. Regardless, it doesn’t change the fact that Zimmerman was acting under proper and prudent self defense when he fired that shot and Martin was acting in a criminal way when he attacked Zimmerman, attempting to cause serious bodily harm or death. Martin is dead due to his own deadly and poor choices. There was only one criminal and one victim in this particular case. The victim was George Zimmerman and the criminal was Trayvon Martin.

      • I just listened to the recording of the 911 call again and the dispatcher asked if George was following Trayvon and George said yes. Prior to that he told the dispatcher that Trayvon was coming towards him bit then ran away towards an entrance. I didn’t make up this scenario. It was implied in the 911 call by George. The dispatcher also advised George to stay put at a designated area to wait for the police. Instead George asked that the police contact him via cell when they arrived to get his location. This was a very poor decision made my George that Trayvon ended up losing his life for.

        • I think that you maybe missing the point. Trayvon did not lose his life because George made a bad decision; he lost his life because he was a criminal and made many bad decisions, util his luck ran out.

        • @Q: You listened to a 911 recording whereas I watched the whole trial. Who do you think is going to have a better view of all of the evidence. Martin was engaged in a deadly criminal act. He was killed while in the process of committing a viscous assault which probably included laying in wait for the victim. Zimmerman did none of these things as he was defending himself from the attacker. They both had every right to walk around that neighborhood. Neither had the right to attack another, creating an unprovoked physical conflict. Only one of the two attacked someone and that was clearly Martin. If the outcome were reversed and Zimmerman died while Martin lived, he should’ve been prosecuted and found guilty of either voluntary manslaughter or murder. Instead of prison, the criminal went to the grave. End of story.

    • a “real man” wouldn’t have alerted the neighborhood watch guy by skulking around people’s houses. a “real man” would have gone directly home and called the police, instead of ambushing the neighborhood watch guy.

  13. Three facts hardly anyone point out:

    1) There is only one person who knows exactly what happened that night and that’s Zimmerman, unless he told the truth to his lawyers and/or others.

    2) We don’t know if all of what Zimmerman said was the truth, but we do know that there was little evidence to contradict what he did say.

    3) The purpose of the trial was to check to see if there was enough evidence to convict him of the charges.

    The purposes of the charges were likely political.

    What liberals and others who demonize Zimmerman do is project their hatred of guns on to Zimmerman and perhaps project white guilt onto Trayvon. For sure, they do not bother to watch the videos of the trial (or at least the closing arguments) and/or do not think critically at all about the case.

    • Yep. It is pointless, at this point, to argue with those blinded by their own hate. The left has become what they fought against. Hatred of others based on race. Bias based on race. Judging of others based on race. Intolerance based on race.

      But now the race that is judged, hated, showing intolerance with bias and closed mindedness is towards whites.

      Anyone that does not support the presumption of guilt of a white person(,or in Zimmerman case a “white hispanic”,) in their actions towards a minority figure is automatically rejected as being racist.

      What is truly bizarre as that it is mostly the white intellectuals that promote this racist and hateful meme, towards themselves.

      The more things change, the more they stay the same.

      • Don’t make the assumption that the Left has ever stood up against racism, discrimination or hate. On the contrary, those are the tools that the Left has always used to establish hegemony and to control the sheeple. Don’t fall for their propaganda.

    • Good post. I watched the whole trial on a live feed with HLN playing live on a television. HLN twisted the events of the trial while it was happening and then continued to fabricate total untruths, along with the rest of MSM, throughout the evenings.

      The evidence not only didn’t contradict George Zimmerman’s story, what there was of it corroborated Zimmerman’s description of events. It’s not like this was a case of lack of evidence. There was evidence and all of it pointed to clear cut self defense.

  14. I can’t believe that so many of you simple minded people would be ok with a grown man with a gun following, chasing, and confronting a kid then killing him for the feeling that he needed to defend himself from what he thought was a kidnapper or molester. Yeah, poor Trayvon was just such a cute sweet little 10 year old ( per MSNBC) with a hoodie, skittles, and tea which he was going to donate to the homeless. That big bad pure white NRA Nazi Zimmerman ( even has a Nazi name) gunned him down in cold blood and then shouted Heil Hitler! Of course all the police and courts were secret Nazis from the dark side of the moon.

    • A few would be considered crude. But most of the responses are just a re-stating of basic facts.

      If Trayvon had not circled back to confront Zimmerman walking back to his truck, and then do a “ground and pound” on his head while on top of Zimmerman, Trayvon would still be alive and Zimmerman would still be living his life in obscurity.

      But the point has been made; facts, reason, logic and a jury of one’s peers means nothing to a liberal/progressive/statist if it does not support the meme that a minority figure was stalked and murdered by a racist white, even if the racist white has to be manufactured whole cloth from a “white hispanic”.

    • The vitriol bred and spewed out by the socialists in every encounter with a dissenter is OK for them (and it actually solidifies their base), but somehow we are supposed to show love to those that want to enslave us?

    • Really, “red meat “anti gunners? There are people there saying Zimmerman was shown to be racist.

      That IS based on proven FALSE views derived from MSNBC broadcasting ALTERED versions of the 911 tape to make it seem Zimmerman had just mentioned Martin was black proactively. in fact he may not have even noticed until the 911 operator asked zimerman what race, which is exactly what was removed from the doctored 911 tapes broadcast.

      There was one documented racist in the encounter: Trayvon Martin. Racist tweets against whites, racist statements to others, and racist language about Zimmerman by Martin whiel Martine was talking to his girlfriend.


  15. …she hoped that Trayvon Martin “whooped the shit” out of George Zimmerman.

    Dumb. Martin got shot because he was “whooping the shit” out of George Zimmerman. Race has nothing to do with it. If a white guy in a hoodie, with skittles and tea was “whooping the shit” out of George Zimmerman he probably would have shot that guy too. Violence is what caused this – promoting it with “[I hope] that Trayvon Martin whooped with shit out of…” is not the answer.

  16. I can’t believe how many dormant racists are here on this site. The south shall rise again, right? Reading all of these comments makes me question my decision to support gun rights. In fact, I plan to carry in case I come across some of YOU, who feel the need to follow me when I’m walking home, provoking me to think that you might be a sexual deviant who feels that while you have the right to follow me when I did absolutely NOTHING to warrant your suspicion, I do not have the right to confront you without the threat of death.

    Do we all not have the right to walk our streets at night without the approval of some pro-carry CCW estranged individual who feels that us minorities deserve to pass his personal background check before we can walk home safely?

    Indeed, if Trayvon were the one doing the following, calling 911 and Zimmerman were to gun him down, you’d all be heralding him as a hero. What’s the term you use for that? “Thug deviant follows home an armed brother, watch this video about the harsh reality of why I carry!”

    Fact: We have no idea why Martin turned around and went after Zimmerman. “His girlfriend said it was because he thought he was gay.” So now you’re all taking statements like that as fact? I guess 90% of the times anything happened between any males between ages 15-22, that was violent in nature, was a direct result of one or the other possibly being “gay”. I mean it’s not like anyone uses that term in reference to some other type of behavior! All we know is, Zimmerman was following Martin and there is 0% evidence to support allegations that Martin was up to criminal behavior. None at all. No prior convictions, no stolen merchandise on his person, no witnesses claiming he intimidated them. NOTHING. Out of 100%, 0% of any facts suggest he was a criminal. All we know is Zimmerman was following him, and I’ll be honest, when someone follows me and doesn’t identify themselves, I WORRY. Not everyone responds to worrying the same way but almost ALL of you support a person with a CCW “standing their ground.” Martin stands his ground and Zimmerman is dubbed a hero. It has nothing to do with circumstance- It has to do with the CCW permit in his name. If he did it with a hammer or a knife, you would unanimously rally against him (or maybe you wouldn’t since he’s not black and Martin was).

    Fact 2: Zimmerman was not a cop. He was not a LEO or even in the military. He wasn’t even a hired security guard. He had no authority to follow Martin without cause and no LEO asked him to. They asked for a description and said stop following him. By that point, he had already followed too closely.

    Seeing comments like this might be the very reason why I choose to carry. But not for people like Martin but rather self appointed vigilantes such as yourselves who feel that me not being white gives you justification to follow me around and gun me down if I get suspicious of your actions and take actions to defend myself.

    • I see that you have graduated from Sharpton University. Of the tons of facts about this case you have clearly chosen to ignore all. Congratulations! You are now presidential materiel!

      • Facing Reality, you should begin facing reality. You neglected to mention, if you had a son, would he look like Treyvon? Your diatribes need some level of infusion of facts. Those are the things which were introduced during the trial, under oath, provable, not the BS you are spewing. If you decide to shoot someone who is simply following you on a public street, you will go to prison forever, and you deserve it. There is a person in every confrontation who fires the first shot. Martin fired that shot when he broke Z’s nose in an ambush. I would have shot him right then. Martin was not only a violent criminal, he was a racist. Blindly defending him as though you have some secret source of the facts, makes you a racist. Unless you can show us some demonstrable facts to contradict those revealed during the trial.

    • ” I can’t believe how many dormant racists are here on this site” Did you not feel just a little stupid the second time you voted for Obama?

      • “Did you not feel just a little stupid the second time you voted for Obama?” — I’m sure you’re applying a logarithmic scale to our friend Facing Reality, for otherwise he would be off the scale…

        • “You are a pig.” — I’m not sure if you’re directing this comment to me or someone else as the comments seem to get out of order and messed up by the s/w. I recommend quoting at least part of the comment being addressed.

        • My apologies, Alexander, I certainly was not addressing you, and you’re right, I should have copied the pig’s crap post. Sorry.

    • lot’s of false logic in your post. let’s just address one: even if Zimmerman “followed” Trayvon (which is not supported by the evidence, BTW), being followed in public does not give one the right to assault the follower.

  17. HOLD YOUR EFFING PHONE SIDEWAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This is a basic intelligence test. If you see a video vertically oriented, you know the taker should be riding the short bus.


  18. Well, let’s see, which part sounds racist? Obama said that a known racist, thug and thief could have been his son. Melissa Harris was rooting for a known racist, thug and thief. Were those actions racist? Well, not according to the media because, we all know, blacks can’t be racists, thugs or thieves. Zimmerman profiled Martin – never mind that Zimmerman is hispanic, he was turned into a white nazi for this occasion. Now, what does profiling mean – he used his cognitive abilities to construct a high probability outcome from the facts that were in front of him. This is what human beings supposed to do – use their cognitive abilities. When one drives a car and sees a turn in the road or ice on the pavement, he takes appropriate action because his cognitive abilities (profiling) predict the likely outcome. One does not wait until he smashes into a tree to say that perhaps this would have been a good time to take appropriate actions beforehand. Of course, our socialist government wants to outlaw the use of cognitive abilities so that we would all be closer to sheep than to humans. The government is not concerned with profiling of blacks, or hispanics or of whites; it is concerned with profiling, e.g., humans using their brains – actions that could lead to humans being human and not sheeple. As to Zimmerman’s subsequent actions and behavior – if you want to make a point that he is not Einstein – no argument here; after all, he is an Obama supporter. However, Martin initiated the use of force, and that alone justifies self-defense. And as to racism, again, I only wish for Melissa what she deserves and seems to be asking; where the racism in that?

  19. Our mission here is to further gun rights. Clean your own house. If I don’t like the President’s policies I don’t go to his race.

    • He goes to his race. He is a racist, very clearly. Understanding and accepting that fact is essential before confronting his usurpation of authority and criminal involvement in assorted activities including fast and furious, Benghazi, and others, no doubt including some no one has heard of yet.

      • “He goes to his race. He is a racist, very clearly. Understanding and accepting that fact is essential before confronting his usurpation of authority and criminal involvement in assorted activities including fast and furious, Benghazi, and others, no doubt including some no one has heard of yet.” — Not only is he a racist, but he hates America to the core. His policies are designed to destroy and undermine every positive aspect of American culture, law and economy. This president has willfully done more damage to the US than bin Laden.

  20. How is this different from Imans radicalizing muslims with lies. Switch her with a man in a flowing beard and the word white with “the USA” and you’re done.

  21. Melissa Harris-Perry is such a loser with such a small-audience that the only time I ever hear about her is when TTAG or conservative news sites report on the moronic things she says.


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