Screen capture by Boch via YouTube / CWB Chicago.
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Carjackings have spiked across America’s big cities, especially those with Soros-funded prosecutors who don’t prosecute criminals. As a result, Philly’s dealing with nearly ten per day. Chicago criminals makes Philly’s look like amateurs. Young people think it’s an easy way to pick up a new ride without working too hard.

Sometimes, though, it doesn’t go off as planned.

Screen capture by Boch. Via Twitter

For instance, there have been several instances of good guys with carry licenses using their firearms to thwart carjackers, a number of them in Philadelphia alone. But sometimes, the bad guys earn their just desserts in other ways.

A dashcam in a large pickup truck captured a recent attempted carjacking in a major American city. In the video, a pair of thugs pile out after the driver of a sedan stops on an overpass ramp in an effort to force their target victim to stop.

Screen capture by Boch. Via Twitter.

Unfortunately for the bad guys, their little craptastic econobox car proved no match for the horsepower of a large pickup truck.

It surely looks as though the pickup truck driver escaped unharmed. Meanwhile, the carjackers likely walked home, assuming the police didn’t stop them and offer a ride.

Screen capture by Boch. Via Twitter

Another sort-of happy ending in Chicago

Once in a great while, the police actually catch carjackers in a ‘jacked ride. Like this take-down in Chicago capture on video.

From CWB Chicago:

Prosecutors on Friday charged a man with trying to kill a Chicago police officer who approached him while investigating an allegedly hijacked car in the Loop this week. Two other men in the vehicle with Edgardo Perez face lesser felony charges.

Perez, 24, was in the car’s front passenger seat as Noel Centeno, 20, drove and Jesse Sanchez, 21, sat in the rear driver’s-side passenger seat, Assistant State’s Attorney James Murphy said during bond hearings for the men.

A CPD surveillance camera captured the events as they unfolded at the intersection of Lower Wacker Drive and Columbus Drive at 8:48 p.m. Wednesday.

Murphy said a bodyworn camera on an officer who approached the car’s passenger side recorded the officer ordering its occupants to show their hands. The CPD surveillance camera recorded Perez firing a handgun toward the officer at close range, according to the allegations.

Edgardo Perez via Chicago Police Department.

Murphy said Perez was armed with a handgun that had an extended ammunition magazine and a laser sight. Police recovered one shell casing from the scene that they believe came from Perez’s gun.

“Defensive driving” takes on a whole new meaning in American cities these days thanks to get-out-of-jail-free Soros-funded prosecutors and revolving door criminal justice systems.

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      • Yep, hood looks like F250. I have a 2011 with a big ol’ cattle guard, my truck empty is still over 7k lbs.

        • My F-350 is a beast, but videos like this remind me of the side benefits. The 4×4 drivetrain would make it difficult for even a van full of miscreants to block me in. The fuel bill can be a whopper on some months, but it’s a price I’m willing to pay.

        • Another real advantage to driving a large vehicle like that is the field of view. You can see better all around you than a car driver can. You can see trouble coming and you can better pick an escape route.

        • It seems having a “cow catcher” on the front end of your family POV is going to become an important future investment. Taking aim with your car will be much easier, than taking aim with a gun while sitting in your car.

          No need to worry about rule #4. And no local DA prosecutions for using a gun.

          And you won’t have to worry so much about any radiator damage. So your car will still be drivable.

        • Even without the cow catcher, I bet running over the punks would do less damage to my car than pushing their POS down the road. And be more satisfying as well.

    • And that is why you don’t leave your car in neutral when you get out to carjack the guy behind you on the on ramp.

  1. I like the demolition derby approach. Though, I guess the driver didn’t know each jacker he hit was worth 10 points.

  2. That video begs the question: WTF did the shooter survive the shootout? I can’t abide when cops just start shooting indiscriminately, but the shooter should have gone down a helluva lot harder than he did. It’s admirable that they took the non-shooters into custody. Even better that they acted quickly to protect innocent onlookers. But the shooter should be at room temperature right now.

    • “I can’t abide when cops just start shooting indiscriminately”

      Stupid comment. You’re not allowed to kill suspects once they give up. They ended the event with no one getting killed. No cops will be charged with homicide, no BLM riots over cops murdering blacks.

      • At least two cops unloaded their mags, the holes in the car were amazing, how did they MISS the punk so many times? People need to let up on the high speed mag dump without aiming, and get two or three off that HIT the sumbitch, instead! By the time the asshole “surrendered”, he should have been dead several times over.

    • I’m not sure, but it kinda looks like that skinny kid may have been literally run over. Or, liberally run over? Some crushed bones in legs and pelvis would be a lifetime reminder that crime doesn’t pay well.

      • He was lucky dude with the pistol didn’t open up, he would have been the first target on my list. I would have run his ass over too, just because I didn’t want to take fire from behind trying to get away. Guy may have been flat out too shocked (or perhaps he did get hit, just didn’t see it) to really open fire.

        Could have also been a fake gun too.

        • Yeah, if you gotta ding up the front of your truck, might as well get the right side as well, scrape those punks through the guard rail to rain down on traffic below, sell the video for the big bucks.

  3. I was really hoping for 4 of them to take the asphalt temperature challenge, the only way Chicago will ever NOT be Mos Eisley is if they start removing that segment of the population.

    We can either continue idolizing and emboldening criminals as a society or we can get creative!

      • John Correia of active self protection on youtube has a long list list; asphalt temperature challenge, room temperature challenge, etc, etc, etc. He has some issues, and some hypocrisy, but it’s generally a very educational channel to watch for real world footage of attacks.

  4. You had an excellent chance to nip this sh!t in the bud, i.e. the first few times it was attempted the perps should’ve just disappeared or be left lying in their own juices for half a day so the wanna-be’s had a graphic example of bad decisions to observe.

  5. Rest assured the driver being pushed needed a roadside diaper change.

    Love seeing the police swarm the other dirtbag vehicle…too bad the occupants were not taken out.

  6. Edgardo’s photo should be marked via City Morgue not CPD.

    I wonder how long it will take for Kim Foxx to release him on “bail reform”? After all, carjacking is a “victimless crime” that vehicle is “only” property…that’s why we’re supposed to have insurance…isn’t it? The firearm discharge was a malfunction…not intentional…sue the manufacturer for marketing a defective firearm. The CPD Officer was not hit…so No Harm – No Foul rules should apply.

  7. The pickup truck driver did the right thing, he was basically ambushed. Had he started backing up he likely would have run into someone thus stopping him and allowing the car jackers to overrun/swarm him and it looks like at least one of them had a handgun. The best chance (most times) to survive an ambush is to fight through the ambush, and that’s what the pickup truck driver did by driving forward and pushing the car along until he was clear and could leave the immediate area. I’ll bet he’s glad he had that pickup, he needed the horsepower.

  8. CPD version:

    “… bodyworn camera on an officer who approached the car’s passenger side recorded the officer ordering its occupants to show their hands. The CPD surveillance camera recorded Perez firing a handgun toward the officer at close range, according to the allegations.”

    BLM version:

    “… bodyworn camera on an officer who approached the car’s passenger side recorded the officer drawing his gun and threatening to shoot the occupants. The CPD surveillance camera recorded Perez putting his hands up in surrender toward the officer at close range, according to the allegations.” What? Perez isn’t black? Ok, never mind.

    • .40 cal Booger said, “What? Perez isn’t black?”

      Perez is not “white” or “Anglo”, so he qualifies as a ‘person of color’. He has the option of sheltering under the BLM umbrella.

      • Hes not a ‘person of color’ to the BLM movement, he’s “not black” to the BLM movement. In the BLM movement ‘‘person of color’ means black, in their radical Marxist agenda. Others who are not black are welcomed by them to participate in their marches and on the public stage because they use that to their advantage to give the appearance of a united front across all races, but they are not accepted “under the BLM umbrella”

        • I wonder what the BLM leadership would say about the NAACP’s historical definition of “black”. The NAACP allegedly considers 1/8 African-Negro bloodline as sufficient to be considered for inclusion in their membership.

        • @I Haz A Question

          The NAACP and BLM are at odds with each other, have been for some time now. They have denounced BLM several times, for example this > > and the NAACP opposes the BLM radical Marxist agenda and them ‘quietly’ endorsing active violence against non-blacks. Another splitting point between the NAACP and BLM is despite the BLM rhetoric in trying to sometimes favorably color the public perception of them by having white or hispanic people in their midst in public gatherings and photo ops in practice they flat out say death of a black life is more significant than another where the NAACP adopts the stance that no death of a black life is more significant than another. Lots of difference between the two, and they do not see eye-to-eye on most things. BLM sees the NAACP as the ‘elders’ and ‘old guard’ of the civil rights movement and advocates for their replacement with the BLM radical Marxists agenda – the NAACP sees BLM as damaging to the civil rights movement and a violent danger to society as a whole.

  9. I want a law that allows a citizen to take any actions they want on a violent felon until the cops show up. SO if the truck had backed over the two guys then pushed the car off the overpass…bummer for them.

    • Intentionally pushing the car off the overpass would be reckless endangerment of people beneath the underpass. You have no way of knowing who or what is down there, could be a young mother taking her brood to day care. Or, maybe Al Sharpton on his way to a race bating rally.

  10. Double stack 45 comes to mind.
    A lot of perforated thugs make a great deterrent to future carjackings.
    Plus the gene pool gets smaller.
    A win win as I see it.

    • Personally, any a*hole that tries this on me is getting the business end of a Ruger Redhawk shoved up his nose. 180 grains of JHP will make an awesome design on the pavement.

      • I’ve told this story before.
        Picked up a hitchhiker, on down the highway he needs to take a piss, ” Pull down this road” ,he says, “no go futher” he bent over and started reaching in his backpack and I seen a knife handle, he came up the same time he heard click click. I said (my wife was sitting in the middle of us) ” Honey lean over cause when this goes off its gonna splatter brains all over .”
        then the begging started,” Please dont shoot me, blah blah blah”.
        What a hoot.

        • avatar Geoff "A day without an apparently brain-damaged mentally-ill demented troll is like a day of warm sunshine" PR

          “…Honey lean over cause when this goes off its gonna splatter brains all over .”

          A proper “Attitude Adjustment”, If I ever heard of one… 😉

  11. It should be citizens confronting these pieces of s*. Time for some good old fashioned vigilantism.

    • Country Boy,

      Ooooh! You sir win the Intertubez for excellent comment of the day!

      I laughed out loud. Well played sir, well played indeed!

  12. When driving into areas of greater population density where car jackings have a much higher probability of occurring:

    This has inspired me to keep a suitable handgun resting on my center console ready for immediate self-defense use–without having to get a seat belt and garments out of the way to draw from my hip. I am thinking maybe .44 Special and 200 grain hardcast lead bullets for significant penetration through glass windshields and sheet metal door panels.

    The advantage of a revolver in that situation is that its double-action trigger pull is inherently safe when resting on a center console and outside of a holster which covers the trigger guard.

    • “Resting on a center console” seems risky not only in situations described in this article, but even more routine scenarios (sudden braking for a car, child, or deer; potholed roads).

      What about mounting a decent but affordable Kydex holster to the console, side of your seat, underside of the dash, etc.?

      • Different Perspective,

        Oh, of course. I have seen that and totally forgot about that approach. I will see if I can find a suitable place to mount a holster. Thank you for the suggestion/reminder.

        • My pleasure! You could place Velcro in multiple locations until you find one that works (or for different situations). You could even screw / glue a length of webbing to the interior so that you could clip your carry holster there while driving (for both accessibility and comfort / safety).

    • I’ve bolted a cheap but effective Uncle Mike’s holster on the inside of the console near my right leg. Keeps the firearm secure but handy for access. Other options include a holster that hangs from the steering column. I find both are only really practical in a full size pick up.

  13. A large enough motor vehicle is usually a far more effective weapon in these incidents than a gun.

  14. Perez, Centeno, Sanchez – These fine upstanding gentlemen (the 3 stooges) likely are legal immigrants from Poland, Ireland, or Sweden (or Afghanistan)?

    • (snicker)

      Yes, Sanchez is a fine (and common) Irish name going back several centuries.

      I do have to correct you, though: Perez is a common German name, not Polish.


    • avatar Geoff "A day without an apparently brain-damaged mentally-ill demented troll is like a day of warm sunshine" PR

      The video cut off before “Thank you, God!” 🙁

  15. A pick up truck of some description should be TOE for most POG and those that have a realistic view of the world. Sometimes shit really does happen and gear and supplies have to be moved. A PK is usually the best option for most citizens.

    • Gadsden Flag,

      I enjoy hearing your perspective and suggestions even if I don’t always agree with them. I have to say that I do not understand your comment above because I don’t know what two of your acronyms mean. What is “TOE” and “PK”? And I assume that “POG” stands for “People of the Gun”, correct?

      Friendly suggestion: avoid using acronyms as much as possible since a lot of people will not know what the acronyms mean.

        • I even tried looking them up on an acronym dictionary.

          At any rate, how am I supposed to know what they mean if no one has ever told me?

          And then there is the whole thing where people “fat finger” what they are typing or their phone “corrects” what they are typing and they might not even type the correct letters for their acronym.

          As I stated, avoid acronyms as much as possible if you want to communicate effectively.

        • OK! That leaves the original message nonsensical, and how does “PK” translate to “pickup”?

  16. Dumpster-fire cities jammed with garbage humans.
    Eff that. You animals can eat each other.
    Take that green-haired, marbled-fat dacian with you.

  17. The article says the dashcam is from a major American city. That’s doubtful. If you look at the rear tag on the thug’s car, it is longer than the standard size used in the US. Do we know where it was actually from?
    The fact that the thug driver had the brake on most of the time is hilarious.

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