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Question: why are comments disabled for this video? Oh sorry, that’s obvious. You can’t argue with anti-gun agitprop because . . . violence! So, another question: who paid for this thing? Moms Demand Action has been getting a lot of ink since Shannon Watts decided to parlay her media savvy into a political career (of sorts). And MDA did ask sympathizers to forgo their cup of Joe last Saturday and send them a check instead. But no way has the artist formerly known as Million Mom March (heh) raised enough small donor cash to pay for this Hollywood-style commercial (directed by a Style Network promo producer). Also, what’s “gun reform”? And why would the Mom put a target on her kid and a bullet-resistant vest? What kind of monster is she?

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  1. Should of told all NOT to click on the linky…..

    Why give them more “views” than they deserve…..


    moms demand action……


    • “Should of told all NOT to click on the linky…..

      Why give them more “views” than they deserve…..”

      (Insert “Homer D’oh!” here)

      But who needs a ballistic vest for your school uni, when you’re the 1% of the 1% and you’ve got hired muscle backing your play?

      • Ugly video propaganda. If it wasn’t for the Sandy Hook tragedy, most people wouldn’t be picturing little white children in sleepy suburbs getting murdered. The uncomfortable truth is that it’s black / brown children in places like “GUN FREE” Chicago that are more likely getting murdered.

        But hey… you don’t see “MOMS DEMAND ACTION” volunteering at schools in the hood, helping to make them safer for those kids, eh?

        • “… you don’t see “MOMS DEMAND ACTION” volunteering at schools in the hood, helping to make them safer for those kids, eh?”
          I’d buy a ticket to see that.

      • I know the common one is FOAD, which stands for F*ck Off And Die

        I’m guessing FUAD is F*ck You And Die.

        Although I’ve never been a fan of abbreviating You to U.

  2. That’s a silly solution. Everybody knows that if you put body armor on your kid the other kids will just practice headshots (or buy some of those armor piercing hollow points they’re always talking about). What she needs to do is give her kid a gun, so he can kill the kids who represent a minuscule threat to his safety.

    Also, does anybody know where I can get the green t-shirt with the target on it? I want one.

    • I was digging on the MOLLE also, but it needs a few things: fixed-blade, EDC folder, grenades….

    • Seriously! I’m surprised that WASN’T a fashion trend when I was a kid. ‘Course, us ’80s kids were different- we wouldn’t have been satisfied with plate carriers, we’d want helmets too.
      Hell, I’d wear one to work, as soon as I could find me a nice MOLLE compatible drink-holder to put in the front.

  3. Someone should make one where the kid dresses normal, but walks out into a child proofed world. As annoyed adults clear a path for the little snot, we see that all sharp edges have been rounded, all cars are made of foam, people have to eat with nerf forks, etc..

    On second thought, better not to give them anymore ideas…

  4. By preventing us good guys from being able to properly protect our loved ones, they are, in fact, putting a target on the children.

    One thing about this video I agree about: SEND CONGRESS A MESSAGE. A message to get rid of Gun Free Zones. A message to repeal ignorant, knee-jerk reactionary legislation, so that every citizen can properly, and without any threat, exercise their natural, Constitutionally-protected right to keep and bear arms.

  5. A loving, happily, clueless mom dressing her darling little son in a little T shirt. With a target on it. The cute little sweatshirt jacket follows – also with a target. Over that, a child sized MOLLE vest with body armor, with a target. It looks kind of badass, actually. The school boy is concerned. He *knows* he’s a target when he goes to school. Of course, that’s horsesh!t. Any red – blooded boy would be stoked to wear MOLLE body armor – they have the same stuff in a zillion video games.

    No facts? Check.
    Really emotional? Check.
    No workable solutions? Check.
    Comments disabled? Check.
    Unrealistic? Check.

    Yep, it fits the standard anti-gun model nicely.

  6. How very ironic that the victimization seemingly so hated by these people is the goal they so fervently seek. Who thinks like this? Don’t want your kids to be victims? Fork out the cash to hire a dozen armed guards at their school. DON’T go out of your way to remove guns from the hands of good people, it only serves to pave the proverbial path to tragedy.

    • Well done. Now you’ve figured out the agenda. As for reasons? They’re useful idiots. The agenda has been pawned off on emotional creatures who cannot possibly imagine the end game.

  7. An article came out in the news this week where “Moms for gun control” are going after Video Game makers to bully them into pulling “real” guns. They bullied CT Rep. Brenden Sharkey (It probably didn’t take much). A link in the article is to a “Report” from “MOMS” about guns in video games. The clincher is that Brenden acknowledges that there is “little connection” between violence and video games.

    “Sharkey, a Democrat, who penned a letter to the heads of these above video game companies, acknowledged that research has shown little connection between violent video games and actual gun violence in America.”

    • They officially stepped in it now – they’re taking on the tech industry. If the cash stream is threatened, they will crush MDA like the cockroach it is.

    • I can kind of see their point. Some games license brand names from gun manufacturers for that added realism. So instead of a generic AR variant, you get a LaRue OBR 5.56. Obviously they could just stop buying those games, but anti-gunners don’t think too far.

  8. if you’re gunna put targets all over your kids maybe you should at least put SAPI’s in the plate carrier, geez mom don’t you even care.

    • Yeah. Report as misleading SPAM propaganda that infringes Constitutional Rights and demand YouTube take it down. Play dirty…it’s fun! (and doing this isn’t really playing dirty, it’s just playing the same way MDA is).
      Anyway “nuke ’em” with SPAM Flags. It is the next best thing to comments and likes/dislikes.

        • It is a way to protest the video and its content to YouTube, and it’s the best direct protest available. These people and their like want to take your Rights away and dictate to you what you can and cannot do. Oppose them at every opportunity, or kowtow to them…your choice. I have made mine.

      • With some of these videos another channel will host the video with comments and ratings so people can actually voice their disapproval, usually on youtube channels with “News” somewhere in the name. I guess no one has done it yet.

      • There you go. SPAM report is in.

        Issue reported: Violent or repulsive content > Youth violence
        Additional details: Promotes the use of children as targets and encourages violence in school.

        Hoping for a takedown…

  9. That’s exactly what mom’s out to do til they get a clue,it’s not the gun STUPID,what are you doing to put armed security in the schools,ah that would be NOTHING!

  10. I would have loved to have seen the dad or mother strapping on the vest and their preferred sidearm, then walking with their son to school and volunteering to be an armed guard for their most precious asset. Hell, as a brother, son, uncle and cousin I’d happily dedicate my day off to protecting one of my siblings, nieces, nephews or cousins.

    As for the video itself, I’ll gladly watch it just like I swallow my bile every time I watch a Piers Morgan video, because if I do not observe my opposition I am no better than the ignoramuses I am fighting. Know your enemy.

  11. Can we add about 10 seconds on the ad where the kid goes into the school with a close up of the gun free zone?

  12. I really liked things better when the only thing that moms demanded was their man’s paycheck.

    Those were the good old days.

    • Yea… Moms demanding action. I thought these moms were desperate and looking for…. looking for… action. You are telling me they are Anti gun? I thought they were just some time of weirdo porn group.

    • You mean mom’s demand action is an anti-gun group?? I thought they were just mom’s who were desperate and wanted action. Here all this time I just thought they were some weirdo p0rn group.

  13. Reading “Mothers demand Action”, gives me that tingle in my man parts. And as bonus you should contact the best at screwing other people (Congress). Who could make this up? Life is Funny!!!

  14. I’m in the biz, and that may be the dumbest f**king ad I’ve ever seen. And I’ve seen some dumb f**king ads.

  15. So I just got the idea to start a website called “” in reply to the website “” I strolled over the and found that is already taken and a facebook page has already been established for one:

    Nice. That’s all I can say. Hopefully they will have that .org website up soon too.

  16. Somewhere I have a picture of my cousins boy at about 10 wearing an armored vest, k-pot and festooned with a fixed blade, mag pouches, IFAK, side arm and AR-15. We called it his ‘back to school look’ as a bit of dark humor regarding a ridiculous news story about school violence. In poor taste perhaps but at least we were trying to be funny and shared it mostly only with each other. That garbage above is, well, garbage, created by sub-humans.

    The ride to school is still more dangerous than the school day, always has been, probably always will be.

  17. This Ad sets a new low bar for MDA. But when you think about it, what they are really demanding is to be able to dictate to everyone else what Rights they can exercise and to what extent. This is the mantra of the Progressive Socialists (formerly known as Democrats). Get used to it or get ready to resist mightily. The fact that comments and likes/dislikes are disabled is just a demonstration that these people will brook no disagreement with their point of view. At their core they are totalitarians and intend to decide everything for everyone all the time. The only question is, “What are we, who want the Constitutional Republic restored, going to allow?”

  18. Is this another Bloomberg sponsored gun grabbing propaganda advertisement? Remember, it’s all about the children

  19. I see a mom being proactive about her kid’s safety. I can relate to that. She’s probably a little over the top with the plate carrier, but I can relate to that, too. If she owns body armor for her kid, she probably owns and carries a gun for self defense. She probably put a small med kit in his backpack and taught him how to use it. She knows if the SHTF on his way to school, the odds won’t be good, but at least she’s giving him a chance. She’s taking some personal responsibility for her family’s safety. And that gives her a measure of reassurance and confidence. Good for her.

    But I guess Moms Demand Action sees it differently somehow…

    • There’s an element of discernment in viewing a glass of water as half-full or half-empty. You might want to apply that discernment to see that William Burke is right…this Ad is nothing but cynical propaganda…

    • Proactive mom? It’s sheer propaganda. As an FYI, a plate carrier requires plates to be carried in order to provide any protection. What that kid had was an inch of fabric hanging off his shoulders that is in no way any more bulletproof than his T-shirt. They bought a $30 condor vest and thought it looked “military” enough to catch some attention, and for added attention they taped on a bullseye. I guess it was too much to ask for moms to fold up some cardboard to at least make it look like it had plates. Then again research is tricky, especially with how mysterious google happens to be. You could also use a refresher on the basics of message delivery, those bullseyes painted the purpose in an inescapable way.

      You’re also adding quite a bit that isn’t in the message out of nowhere. Next time pay attention to the message and don’t try to make things up that aren’t there. Your imagination and denial of the actual message makes your “analysis” irrelevant.

    • Of course this is CLEARLY propaganda… No doubt about it.

      The point I tried to make through my reinterpretation (however poorly) is that this MDA anti-gun fantasy actually has the mom taking some personal accountability for her family’s safety. MDA finds that concept horrifying and distorts it in the fantasy by having her put the (empty!) vest on her kid. That’s crazy! But then, ANY attempt to defend ourselves is crazy, right? Well, no, actually.

      If this were a more realistic depiction instead of anti-gun propaganda, it might have shown her taking classes to get a concealed carry license. MDA would be no less horrified, I’m sure.

  20. If you can’t enable comments on your propaganda then your position probably isn’t very popular.

  21. I hate it when these videos don’t allow comments. It leaves me with a burning desire to correct some fools. Also, that kids shirt was pretty cool. I’d want one in black.

  22. Anybody else notice that in their logo, the “dot” of the exclamation point looks like a red dot sight? Ironic…

  23. I’m envisioning my own ad right now —

    Opens up like this one, recreates this exact scene, although it only takes about 30 seconds until the kid’s walking down the street …

    Then shows the kid walking towards the school, passing the “Gun Free Zone” sign, which the camera stops on …

    Then shows a montage of news clips about mass shootings, and at the end of each one, a giant “GUN FREE ZONE” stamp is slapped over the screen … perhaps clips of:

    (1) Newtown
    (2) Aurora
    (3) Binghamton
    (4) Virginia Tech
    (5) Westroads Mall
    (6) Columbine
    (7) Thurston HS
    (8) Luby’s Cafeteria

    and then a plea for Congress to get rid of gun-free zones.

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